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All about models of Palomino pop-up camper trailers.

Palomino started its first steps in the business of pop-up camper trailers in 1968, at the time when the wave of “baby boomers” started discovering the beauty of nature, opening in the same time the whole new horizons for recreational industry.

It was the “child” of Mr. Vern Landey, former tent trailers distributor who felt that he can design and manufacture better and more “user friendly” models of pop-up camper trailers.

In 1975 Palomino introduced the “Fold-a-Wall” series of pop-up camper trailers representing the best of both words: strength and security of hard-wall construction combined with the flexibility of folding camper.

This great innovative solution strongly influenced the whole RV industry.

Over the time Palomino proved to be one of these few RV manufacturers that survived “on its own foot” the time, competition and changing environment in RV industry. Ability to adapt designs to rising expectations of customers, large selection of models (from small modestly equipped units to luxurious ones) combined with good quality helped Palomino to not only meet needs of broad spectrum of camping aficionados but also exceed their expectations….

Palomino’s headquarters and main manufacturing plant is located in the heart of Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana Amish community – known for hard working, integrity and high ethical values. No wonder that thanks to these “human assets” Palomino brand name (as the company claims) can be associated with these three words:

Craftsmanship, Quality & Confidence

Craftsmanship “translates” to innovative designs that not only function seamlessly but also offer elegance – a necessary “ingredients” of great camping experience.

Quality is a combined effect of using good engineering practices (“idiot’s proof” and “designed to last”), high quality materials, brand name furniture and appliances and very strict control process.

Confidence in Palomino pop-up camper trailers is assured by 24/7 roadside assistance programs, very well operating replacement parts department and Palomino’s financial backing by Forest River Inc. – a group lead by legendary pioneer of RV Industry - Peter Liegl. Forest River group have under its umbrella two other RV manufacturers – Rockwell and Viking while itself is owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, one of the world's largest holding companies. These are certainly very good credentials….

I guess after such introduction confidence “flies high”, so it is a great time to introduce you to Palomino’s line of pop-up camper trailers.

Called also Tent Campers, they offer many different floorplans, from small easy to tow units to spacious ones with slide-outs, with various levels of standard features and long list of options to meet the individual needs and provide comfort and fun.

Palomino Pop Up Camper Trailer: P - Series (Pony)

These are low cost, compact, low weight and small size models. Affordable, family friendly and easy to tow by a typical family car, Palomino Pony pop-up camper trailers are designed for those starting their RV adventure….

Model Length open/closed/height  GVWR unloaded weight
280LTD 16’8”/11’10”/4’4” 2,245 lbs 1,489 lbs
2200LTD 20’2”/13’10”/4’4” 2,156 lbs 1,489 lbs

Watch the presentation of Palomino's pop up camper at All Seasons RV in Streetsboro, Ohio...

Palomino Pop Up Camper Trailer: Palomino Series

These are lightweight, easy to tow trailers loaded with most popular features including: 3-burner cooktop, clothes bar, kitchen faucet w/electric water pump (under-floor water tank), outside gas grill, patio light, 25 AMP Converter w/ Battery Charger …etc.
The models 4127 and 6149 have slide-out dinettes.
Models 4124 and 6149 include port-a-potti and shower.

Model Length open/closed/height  GVWR unloaded weight
4100 20’2”/13’10”/4’4” 2,250 lbs 1,801 lbs
4101 20’2”/13’10”/4’4” 2,177lbs 1,660 lbs
4102 20’2”/15’10”/4’8” 2,999lbs 1,953 lbs
4120 23’10”/15’10”/4’8” 2,999lbs 2,050 lbs
4123 23’10”/17’10”/4’8” 2,999lbs 2,053 lbs
4124 23’10”/15’10”/4’8” 2,999lbs 2,111 lbs
4125 23’10”/15’10”/4’8” 2,999lbs 1,985 lbs
4127 23’10”/17’10”/4’8” 2,999lbs 1,851 lbs
6149 24’4”/19’10”/4’8” 3,623lbs 2,709 lbs

Palomino Pop Up Camper Trailer: Traverse Series

This is new series of higher-end pop-up camper trailers ranging from 13ft to 19ft (travel length) and 2,250 lbs to 3,600 lbs GVWR. The beautiful names taking from Mother Nature confirm not only new design strategy but also “new thinking” (isn’t it more charming to spend the weekend under the roof of Yosemite rather than some “ABC-123” one?

They are designed to provide full vacationing comfort in roomy and well furnished interiors. Electric lift system, roll-over galleys and self-storing bed poles make the setting up process a “pleasure”….(short one, because it does not take much time to finish the job).

Standard features include: 20,000BTU furnace, 35 Amps converter w/Battery Charger, AM/FM/CD player w/outside speakers, awning, 3-way fridge, electric brakes, electric lift, hanging storage pantry, heated mattresses, outside gas grill kitchen faucet w/electric pump….to mention most important ones.

Denali and Sequoia models include port-a-potti and shower. Denali and Grand-Teton models include slide-out dinette.

Model Length open/closed/heightGVWRunloaded weight
Rainier 16’8”/12’0”/4’4” 2,223 lbs 1,594 lbs
Glacier-Bay 17’0”/13’4”/4’8” 2,254 lbs 1,773 lbs
Yosemite 19’7”/14’6”/4’8” 3,138 lbs 1,997 lbs
Acadia 20’2”/17’1”/4’8” 3,324 lbs 2,329 lbs
Saratoga 23’10”/16’7”/4’8” 3,337 lbs 2,120 lbs
Denali 22’8”/16’7”/4’8” 3,285 lbs 2,261 lbs
Sequoia 23’3”/19’2”/4’8” 3,551 lbs 2,830 lbs
Grand-Teton 24’6”/18’9”/5’5” 3,757 lbs 2,983 lbs

Click on the picture to watch this presentation of the 2010 Palomino Elite pop-up camper trailer by HarleyCamper

Palomino Pop Up Camper Trailer: Banshee Series

Banshee pop-up camper trailers are designed for off-road conditions. That includes reinforced structure, 15” tires, torsion independent suspension, electric brakes and features necessary to provide comfort in wilderness. For that reason these models are equipped with two LP gas bottles, gas water heater and hot shower, heated mattresses and large front deck for taking “stuff” on your trip…..

The standard features on top of mentioned above include awning, 25Amps Converter w/battery charger, 3-burner stove, outside gas grill, patio light etc….
Model B-3 includes slide-out dinette.

Model Length open/closed/heightGVWRunloaded weight
B-1 20’2”/18’8”/5’4” 3,615 lbs 2,432 lbs
B-2 23’10”/20’9”/5’4” 3,606 lbs 2,621 lbs
B-3 23’10”/20’8”/5’4” 3,677 lbs 2,919 lbs
BSV-1 20’2”/17’0”/5’4” 3,321 lbs 2,111 lbs
BSV-2 23’10”/18’5”/5’4” 3,248 lbs 2,407 lbs

All Palomino pop-up camper trailers are built on 3” or 4” tubular steel frame finished with E-Coat paint.

Exterior is finished with fiberglass surface (aluminum for LTD models), Folon fiberglass one-piece coated roof, five-pieces Sectionazed Omnova ® tent (some models with Sunbrella® Inserts).

Please note that sectionized tent allows for less expensive “damage control” in the case part of the tent has to be replaced.

They are equipped with torsion independent suspension (some models have an extra Easy-Lube® Axle).

Banshee and Palomino pop-up camper trailer series are equipped with spare tire, bracket and cover.

Long list of available options offers opportunity to customize your dream Palomino pop-up camper trailer.

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