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Now this guy I met had a pop up camper trailer Texas style and van conversion like one I have never seen before.

He then had a screen tent especially made that attached to the van and pop up tent camper with privacy flaps for alone time.

The 2 wheeler was parked one side of campsite and the van was parked on the other.

He was from Reno, NV, had experiences with blowing dessert sands, designed the entire screen outfit himself, and had a company make it for him.

He had thought about getting a five wheeler or a truck camper but decided on the van and the pop up camper trailer Texas style.

He was all decked out with a love seat and a TV stand with a footstool in the screen tent. This was the living area and the pop up and van were for dining and sleeping.

He had a card table for playing cards and outside dining when they felt like it. Pop up camper trailer Texas style was from Nebraska and said he had been traveling all over the country and has had people asking were they can find this type of setup.

When he explains that, he designed the whole thing they are just totally amazed. He sure does make friends wherever he goes because everyone wants to sit with him and enjoy the openness of his living area.

Pop up camper trailer Texas style and his family will be back next year at the same campground and I believe my wife and I will try to be there as well. He has many stories to tell about his experiences since he has been camping his whole life, just like me.

He and his family have become goods friends of ours and we look forward to seeing them again.

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