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My name is Matt, my wife and I are avid pop up campers.

My son who is 25 years old has also decided to carry on the camping tradition with his family.

Our travels take us all over the United States and to many different campgrounds.

We meet people from every lifestyle. This is where the adventure and culture learning styles come from.

We have met so many friends and see them throughout the year when visiting different areas.

My brother Bill and his wife have a RV motor home, which travels the world as he puts it, in style. Bill and I grew up camping with our parents at a very young age. We have both continued to camp with our families and share information and experiences with others.

I Have a Coleman tent pop up camper trailer, which I travel with everywhere. My son has a truck pop up camper, which he travels in with his wife and dog.

I have met Ron and his wife Chantal who camp in Virginia during various times of the year. They have decided to share their camping experiences with us on this site as well as many others. They have a great deal of experience with tent pop up camping and love to share the stories with everyone. They are great avid campers who are there anytime you need them.

Alan and Jane are from Washington and we met them a few years ago while camping in Texas. They have posted some of their wonderful stories here with us as well. They are a fun couple to sit around and talk with.

Their whole outlook on camping is refreshing and the stories that Alan can tell are just as amusing. They have a dog and a cat that travels with them and they are pretty good campers as well.

Happy Camping!


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