RV Motor Home Cabinets for Sale

With so limited space finding right RV motor home cabinets for sale is crucial

With living space so compressed in an RV, every inch of space is used.

Storage is at a premium so cabinets are everywhere.

There are cabinets over the fold outs, under the sofas and dinettes and beds.

Some dinette tables have cabinets as a base.

Of course the number and placement of cabinets depends on the type and size of your motor home.

My camper van will have less cabinet space than a large 5th wheeler. Our friends Jack and Nan have more cabinet space in their luxury motor coach than many people have in their homes. They even have a linen closet.

We know a couple who converted the toy hauler that once housed their 4 wheeler into a huge closet/storage area. The only cabinets in their mobile home were in the kitchen area and under their bed.

There are a few websites that sell RV cabinets, however we got the cabinets for our van at an auction page on Ebay. Even with shipping from Colorado to Maine we paid 20% less than the average retail price.

You need to be cautious when shopping the auction pages. Know the retail price of the cabinets you are interested in purchasing. Set a maximum amount you are willing to spend and stick to it.

Don’t get caught in a bidding frenzy, you don’t have to win this bid. You can always pay retail if necessary. Bidding just for the thrill of winning could cost you more than the retail price of the cabinets.

Shop smart. Make sure the cabinets you are looking at will fit the space allotted for them. Does the wood match your existing cabinets in type and color and scale?

If you are shopping online looking for cabinetry remember that few sellers maintain an inventory and what you see there today may not be available tomorrow and the reverse - what you can’t find now may show up in a few days.

You could score big savings if you don’t need the cabinets for your recreational vehicle right away.


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