RV Awning Repair Instructions

Step by Step RV Awning Repair Instructions

One of the most common problems that occur with RV trailers is the breaking of the awning. The awning is a particular extension to the trailer, which you can use for more space whenever you want.

Simply you pull it out when you are outside the trailer, having a bit time of relaxation or simply enjoying the weather. It is what protects you from the sun or the rain. That is actually the reason why it is one of the parts which break so often.

RV Awning Repair Instructions

So in case you are facing this problem and you need RV awning repair instructions then here are some details about how you should prepare so that you can repair it. So the first thing that you need to do is to remove the very awning so that you can work on it.

All you need to do is just to take it off the side of the trailer and then to lay it out. Then you will need water, bleach and a sponge because you will need to clean the two sides of the holes. In case, all of that happened because of mildew and the cleaning did not help, then cut that area which is mildewed. In so doing, you are making it impossible for it to spread even more. Then leave it out to dry so that you can continue with repairing.

So if you have left it one hour, then you need to get a patch, which must be at least an inch larger than the hole in the awning. That must apply for each side.

Then you need to use glue and lay it out on the one side, then apply the patch to the hole. The next thing you need to do is to put glue to the under side of the awning as well. That is done in order to make sure that it is thoroughly secure and that it will not let any rain drops if it is raining. Then once again you let it for an hour to get dry and then you simply put it back to the trailer. Those were the RV trailer repair instructions that you need if you have experienced that kind of a problem.

Rv awning fabric repair cloth

How to Repair RV Awning Fabric

However, it is possible that you have problems with the fabric of the RV trailer awning. In case you are not planning to travel in the near future and you have the possibility to do that, then here are some RV trailer repair instructions for repairing the fabric. That is mostly because of hail.

Firstly, you should know exactly what type of an awning you have, the material which it is made out of. Then you need to find somewhere where you can purchase a patch of that same material. Also think about getting a specific tape, because this is the best way that you can make sure that you will not have to repair it again next time when you are traveling.

Once you have all of those things, you will need to use some chemical cleaner, again specified to the material you are using, so that you can clean it out of any atmospheric substances, which could prevent it from the right repair.

Then you need to put a board under the awning, at the place where it is damaged, arrange the material you bought in that way so that the hole is butted together. Then you need to repeat that same process but with the board on the upper side of the hole of the fabric and then put the needed material or tape on the underside. So those were the RV awning hail damage repair instructions which you can use for repairing the fabric of your awning.

RV awning spring

How to Adjust an RV Awning Spring

Also you might be looking for RV awning repair instructions in order to find information about how to adjust an RV awning spring.

Firstly, you need to get the tube of awning as low as possible. Then remove the two screws of the rear end of the support arms and put a ladder beneath the tube. Then get away the tension arm and turn the knob. After that remove the center parts of the arm and rotate the support arm to the left one time in order to make the spring tighter.

Then again replace the parts of the support where they were and attach them to awning bracket. Also get the tension arm in its place and the screw everything back. Then you need to do the same but to the rear support arm and remember that you need to turn it then to the right instead of to the left. How to Replace Awning Fabric on a RV Camper

On the other hand, you could need to change the awning fabric of a RV camper. If that is your case, then you should follow these RV trailer repair instructions.

Firstly, you need find out where the position of the cam handle will be, mark it and then drill out the rivets so that you can take away the torsion. Then take away the torsion assemblies and also the caps.

Then you should see the awning tube and the next thing you need to do is to slide the fabric off of it. Then unroll the fabric by turning the tube. You should proceed with this activity as long as it takes for the fabric to go off of the tube. After that the sharp edges of the tube must be filed down and a new fabric must be put in the tube. Of course, you need to do that really carefully.

Then center the fabric and tuck the cord ends. Put back the torsion assemblies rivet them back into their places. Then you will need somebody to help you in order to install the pin back. Then just put it in the proper tension by turning the spring in the indicated by the end cap direction. Lastly, repair the awning arm and the bolt. Now you are done with replacing the fabric of the awning of your RV camper.

How to Repair a Camper Awning Crossbar

Another problem that you could be having is the crossbar of the awning of the RV camper. Since they break so often, repairing them actually does not need anything special, just tools which are common in every home. So if you are going on a trip with a camper, make sure that you always have such tools in case the crossbar breaks. So the first thing you need to do is to wrap a tape around the crossbar when it breaks so that there are no damages.

Then you need a piece of PVC pipe or 1-by-1 slat of wood with 36 inches length. This could be removed after the trip is over. You should find the center of the splint and then mark it with something which will not go away over time. Then you need to put the splint to the broken crossbar and then tape them together with the duct tape.

You should wrap the tape tightly, putting force into it because otherwise it will not give you the stableness in order to finish your trip untroubled. In case you need to close the awning, then you should remove the tape and the splint. After that, when you have the possibility, visit a repairing shop for replacing the crossbar.

RV awning slider

How to Replace a Camper Awning Slider

You might also need RV awning repair instructions for replacing the camper awning slider. In case you are having such a problem, then here is what you should do about it. Use a power screwdriver and then the wrench on the lock nut in order to get the awning rod away.

Then unscrew the old slider, clean the place by using hot water, washer and a sponge. Then just leave it to get dry. Then put the new slider and arrange the holes of it to those of the camper. Then simply screw the slider to its place. Then push back the awning rod and also the attaching screw and tighten it. All you need to do after that is simply to add a dusting of the graphite lubricant to the slider.

RV Awning Repair Supplies

So apart from RV awning repair instructions you will need also supplies for it. Firstly, you will need a kit, consisting the needed RV awning repair parts in case you have a problem with the awning. The seller should know what kind of material your awning is and he should give you that one.

However, a lot of the sellers just offer a kit with a waterproof tape which is not what you need if you want to actually repair it, and not just mend it for a bit. So apart from the material, you will need waterproof glue, scissors, bleach, a sponge and a bucket in order to keep the water.

Such dealers are PPL motor homes, RV workshop, RV Wholesalers, King Richard co, Gorilla brand and a lot more. However, my favorite is the Gorilla brand because it really helped me out in the way I needed.

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