Camping Beds

To have good camping experience you need good sleep, and good sleep means comfortable air bed , cot, mattress or foldaway…..

    Camping is a great activity, but you need to have a good sleep in order to enjoy to the maximum the benefits of being out in nature.

Losing sleep or waking up with a stiff back will make you think twice before you set up another camping experience.

But you can forget about all that by getting a particular camping bed.

They are specially made to make you sleep comfortable in your tent, without feeling the cold and hard ground.

These beds are manufactured out of impermeable materials, which are capable of keeping you warm and isolated, and they are easy to pack and transport. With all these great features, you have no reason you should avoid going camping anytime you want. There are several types of camping beds.

Let’s go through all of them and see what their benefits and features are.

Air Beds

         Air beds are easy to carry around. They will fit very easy in your backpack. So will have no problems bringing a comfortable bed with you, no matter how you choose to camp. They need to be inflated with air in order to be comfortable for you to sleep on them, but they usually come with a kit containing an air pump.

For transportation, you just need deflate it and pack it up tight. You can find single or double camping air beds, according to you needs. Coleman, for instance, is a very well-known air bed manufacturer. They make air beds out of PVC, with a resistant coil internal structure, which can support up to 270 kg. The beds also have double lock valves to make sure the air bed will not deflate during your sleep.

Other great air bed brands are Higear, Outwell or Intex.


            Camping cots are great because they are a durable and resistant camping beds, due to their metal frames that support the structure. But this aspect can turn to be a disadvantage too, as they are rather awkward to store and carry around and in a small tent they might not be the best solution.

On the other hand, camping cots are great when the weather outside is cold and rainy. Because of their metal legs, you sleep above the ground, not touching anything that is cold or wet. In the summer, this feature allows air to flow underneath, keeping you cool and comfortable. If you like a sleeping experience similar to a hammock, try the camping cots manufactured by Kamp-Rite, Coleman or Disc-o-Bed.


Comparing Coleman versus Ozark air mattresses...

           The mattresses used for camping beds are also inflatable mattresses. They need to be easy to carry around and easy to set up. An inflatable mattress can offer you these exceptional features. They look very much alike with air beds, since they both function on the same principle. Sturdy and insulation materials, which provide a safe and good night sleep are the key of manufacturing such mattresses. But you must keep an eye on the sharp objects in your tent as they can puncture and destroy the air mattress.

Good air mattresses are made by Intex, Coleman or Insta-Bed.

Foldaway Bed

        The design of the foldaway bed looks the same with the camping cots. They also have a metal frame body to support your body weight. They can be packed to reduce their dimension, but still the weight of the metal frame can be hard to carry in a backpack. But if you travel by car, after folding they are very easy to store. They are manufactured out of special materials that will support and distribute your body weight in an even manner, for a resting sleep.

So if you think this is the best option for you, you can try out the foldaway made by Higear, Kampa or Outwell.

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