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Pop Up Trailer Supplies - Find here indoor and outdoor supplies for you camper

When it comes to pop up camper supplies, it is relevant to choose manufacturers who are known for their high quality products.

The best brands for pop up camper supplies are Coleman, Dometic, Camco and Adco.

However, there are many other suppliers as well who provide good quality pop up camper supplies for cheaper prices.

The Canvas Replacement or RV Supplies also offer plenty of accessories and other products for pop up campers that can be quite handy. When it comes to the best pop up camper supply brands and suppliers, it really depends on what you are looking for. If you need a stove there are many great options and possibilities, but if you need a pop up camper cover for instance it is essential to choose the best.

Indoor pop up camper supplies

Indoor pop up camper supplies are portable and small sized products that add to your comfort while camping.

Portable toilets for pop up campers

Since most pop up campers don't have a toilet, it is nice to have a portable and easy to use toilet that is always at your convenience. Portable toilets are small but heavy duty. They can be used many times, so you don't have to worry about going to the bathroom while you are camping.

Most portable toilets have a strong pump for flushing, a vent cap, side valve and other convenient functions for all the user of the toilet. In the same time they also assure no water spilling and keep the odors inside the tank. They have a comfortable seat and cover that can be removed. There are various models, most of them can be used for about 20-30 flushes.

The best portable toilets are made by Coleman. The Coleman portable flush toilet is easy to carry and also easy to clean. It has freshwater tank capacity of 3.2 gallons. It has a double-sealed drain valve which assures no leaking and no odors coming out of the toilet, therefore it is perfect for any trips with a pop up camper.

Air conditioners

Most pop up campers come without an air conditioner, but you can install one relatively easily to your camper. The best air conditioners for pop up campers are made by Dometic. They are small enough to be mounted on a pop up camper or on the windows.

One of the highest quality ones, the Dometic BriskAir air conditioner has at least 13.500 BTU, which is more than enough to keep your pop up camper cool. You can also get a heat/c ool version of it for even more comfort.

Cushion covers

Cushion covers can be easily replaced with new ones, made of long lasting and easy to clean fabrics.

The best and most affordable cushion covers can be found at Canvas Replacements. There you can also find mattress covers and dinette type cushion covers. They can be custom made according to your wishes, using durable polyester fabric with vinyl, to make the cushions even more long lasting. Usually you can choose from many colors and sizes as well. You can also get other similar supplies for your pop up campers from Canvas Replacement, such as curtains.


Bedding for pop up campers can be found at any large distributor, such as Wallmart. There isn't any bedding made especially for pop up campers, but you can find bedding made of durable materials at almost any RV store. When choosing bedding for pop up campers attention should be paid to the fabric of the bedding, it should be thermal but allow the body to breath underneath.

Kitchen supplies

Pop up campers are usually quite basic vehicles, with only the most necessary accessories inside. However, nowadays most pop up campers already come with a sink, unfolding benches and tables, electric lights, cabinets and basic kitchen utensils.

Other supplies that you can get to make your camping experience more fun is for instance a water heater or a camping stove. Great quality kitchen utensil are made by Coleman, where you can find everything you might need for a mini kitchen, such as cookware, coffee pots,dishes, camp kitchen accessories and more.

Water heater

Water heaters are essential when camping. If you want to be efficient, use the Atwood water heaters. Atwood water heaters are equipped with pressure and temperature relief valve, externally sealed combustion chamber, high temperature limit switch and thermostat.

Another good brand of water heaters and other kitchen appliances is General Electric. At Coleman you can also find portable water heaters that can be used both inside and outside the camper, they are able to heat up around 40 gallons of water. The Coleman portable water heater can be also recharged.

Camping stove

Camping stoves are ideal for pop up campers, they are easy to be carried and they can be easily used inside and outside as well. Most camping stoves work with Butane, White gas, Kerosene, Diesel #1, Auto Fuel Jet Fuel. A single burner stove is enough for two people to heat up food and have a warm dinner on the camping site. A small single burner stove can last up to around 6 hours if used on low heat.

Outdoor pop up camper supplies

Outdoor pop up camper supplies can be used on camping sites or in nature, they are ideal for a few hours of relaxing or even a longer period of time. They have been created to be very practical, to be easily packed and unpacked.

Pop up camper awning

An awning is necessary no matter where you go camping: it provides protection from sun and rain. Pop up camper awnings can easily be installed thanks to their folding system. Most awnings for pop up campers are between 7ft and 12 ft.

For pop up campers a great supplier of awnings is Campout. Their awnings are easy to set up, they have self storing arms and braces. Campout makes some of the strongest and most durable awnings, which will resist sun and rain as well. You can also find them in more colors, so they fits the color of your pop up camper. They can be found in more sizes.

Outside shower

Since most pop up campers don't have a shower inside because they are too small, you can buy an outside shower to enjoy comfort even when camping. Besides assuring a relaxing warm shower at the end of the day, they can also be used to wash tools, clean the camper and so on. Outside showers by Thetford can be easily used, they provide both cold and hot water.

Folding chairs and tables

Folding tables and chairs are perfect for pop up campers for several reasons: they can be easily stored, and you need only a few seconds to install them. They often have beverage holders which help you drink your beer comfortably. They can be used both inside and outside of the camper. RV Part Country has large collection of high quality folding chair and tables that can be used in a pop up camper.

Coleman is the best brand that offers very high quality, very convenient and easy to use folding tables, folding chairs and even folding kitchens, that can be unpacked and packed in a matter of minutes.

Pop up camper covers

Pop up camper covers can be used for storing the camper to protect it from dust, moisture and sun. Camper covers are available in more sizes, such as 8'-10', 10'-12', 12'-14', 14'-16', and 16'-18'. The best brand for pop up camper covers is Adco.

Standard pop up camper covers offer full protection for your pop up camper. They are made of a material that allows the camper to breathe underneath, while it is protected from humidity and other elements. The cover also offers UV protection, so in case you leave your camper in the sun it won't be damaged. The best fabric for covers is polypropylene combined with fabrics. The cover was also created to be able to release ice, mildew or mold from underneath the covers.

The covers can be attached wit buckles and straps, and tied down at the end and at the front of the pop up camper. Besides the high quality Adco covers you can also choose other ones such as the Tyvek pop up camper covers. If the area you travel in has more sun than rain, this cover is the ideal choice. It has been created to offer maximum protection against the sun.

The top panel of the cover is the strongest part to keep sun-rays off efficiently.

The fabric leaves the trailer breath underneath.

This particular brand has a cinching system for a more secure fit.

To reduce the wearing off and to make this cover more durable, the producers added vinyl corners to reinforce the sides and edges of the cover.

As long as the cover you buy is made of (at least partially) polypropylene you are making a good choice.

Pop up camper stairs

Stairs for pop up campers provide a comfortable and safe way of getting in an out of the pop up camper. They provide stability, being great especially for small children and the elderly. They usually come with hand rails.

When it comes to stairs for pop up campers Coleman is one of the best choices: it comes fully assembled, but it is easily transportable and easy to be stored. You simply have to unfold the step and attach the braces to it to make it stable.

Portable generator

Portable generators are the number one pop up camper supplies that you should have when you go camping. They are great to run appliances any time while traveling, such as TVs, kitchen appliances, stereos and air conditioners. A small generator has about 20 hour run time.

Electric Star is a great brand for portable generators. They have light and durable generators of high quality. Their generators can be easily handled thanks to the wheels and handles that they are equipped with.

Miscellaneous pop up camper supplies

Tire levelers

Tire levelers are very handy and they should be always with you when you travel with your pop up camper. For pop up campers BAL tire levelers are the best choice. They are small and lightweight, perfect to be carried along on a camping trip. They have light axles that you can carry in case of emergency. You can lift tires with these products in just a few minutes. Their benefits are their small size, the fact that they are easy to carry and in the same time they are heavy duty.

Lift system parts

Many manufacturers that offer pop up camper supplies also offer lift system parts. These are the essential parts of a pop up camper after all. You can choose from more types of lift systems according to the previous one you owned or the type you prefer. The best known lift systems are the C&R Universal Lift, the Palomino Lift System, the Heco Lift System, the Apache Lift System, the Coleman/Fleetwood Lift System, the Goshen Lift Sysstem, the L&W Lift System, the Starcraft Lift System, and the Forest River Lift System. Each manufacturer listed above offers parts for lift systems, such as spring arms, lift springs, kits, cables, lift posts, the winch, pulleys and so on.

Canvas replacements

Canvas replacements are also important pop up camper supplies, since the canvas of the camper can become worn out easily if it is used a lot. The highest standard canvas for pop up campers is made with vinyl, with mesh for the windows, and a durable material to keep moist and sun away. Coleman canvas replacements are of such high quality.

Visitor's Story

If you need pop up trailer supplies, you can visit your local hardware store, camper dealerships and online.

If you need supplies that require some searching, you can easily do a search for the specific supplies you need and find a dealer or online outlet to buy the part from without to much trouble.

Some of the supplies you might need for a 2001 or 2002 pop-up camper are extra taillights, tail light bulbs and such.

If you need supplies, you can look at online sites and make purchase that may save you money even after adding in shipping and handling. Popups are not expensive to buy for; you just need to shop around. If you find yourself camping and need some right away, you might try the local hardware store. These stores do sometimes carry parts and supplies we need.

I found a little hardwood store in Ohio last year that had pop-up supplies and was amazed that such a little store carried so many things. I guess being close to; a campground pays off for these small stores so they carry things all of us popups need. This make life easier when traveling, but that is not always the case.

I remember being in Oklahoma, a few years back and need a tail light bulb, and could not find one anywhere. Now I carry spares, and if someone needs one, I give it to them and as soon as I can, I replenish my supplies.

Pop up trailer supplies are in high demand all year long and I think stores near campgrounds are catching on to the idea of having some supplies on hand for campers in case of an emergency. This makes things easier for all of us pop-up camper owners.

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