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Where to look for the best pop-up camper insurance?

A new pop up camper can be a great fun for families but when buying or renting one you must be familiar with facts and options regarding insurance for your pop-up camper.

And when it comes to insurance for pop ups there are a lot of variables.

There are different types of pop up camper insurance.

Insurance for pop up campers is always a very wise decision. All basic insurances should cover two situations. The first is if the vehicle becomes damaged or stolen, you will be reimbursed. The second situation is financial liability protection in case of a crash or accident where someone else or their property is damaged. Different insurance companies may offer different solutions for these situations.

Basically, there are two types of pop up coverage – "All Perils" and "Named Perils".

The first one means that everything is covered with the exclusion of what provider has named on the list and the second one means that you have to name what dangers you want to cover, for example storm damage or theft. The more you name on the list the higher premium would be.

However, there are three types of loss protection – Replacement Cost or Total Lost Replacement (TLR),
Purchase Price Guarantee (PPG) and Actual Cash Value (ACV).

Replacement Cost or Total Lost Replacement pays a specific amount of money for a fixed time period where policy might be for a maximum of $100,000 for the first five years on a new vehicle.

Purchase Price Guarantee is very similar to the previous type of loss protection. The only difference is that the fixed amount is the amount paid for the vehicle. When the time period for this policy expires, it usually reverts to an Actual Cash Value.

Actual Cash Value is maybe the most common type of policy which pays a depreciate value. Since every pop up camper ages it loses value. This means that you would be paid the market value at that moment of its damage.

Beside these types of insurance there are also some other types such as Comprehensive, Collision, Vacation Liability, Full-timer Liability, Emergency Expense, Personal Contents, Medical Payments.

  • Comprehensive coverage means that your insurance company pays for the damage caused by an event such as fire, vandalism, or theft.
  • Collision coverage means that your insurance company pays the damage when you crash with another vehicle or object. For example, if you hit a car Collision coverage will apply.
  • Vacation Liability pays up to the specific amount for Bodily Injury and Property Damage for which you are responsible as a result of an accident that happened while the pop up camper is used as a temporary vacation residence.
  • Full-Timer Liability is required for people who use their pop up camper as a primary residence, 6 months or more during a year.
  • Emergency Expense – if the pop up camper becomes disabled due to damage or you can't stay in it due to loss, this coverage provide reimbursement for temporary living facilities, transportation expenses and the cost of returning the pop up camper.
  • Personal Contents coverage protects all your valuable stuff inside your pop up camper such as TV, Laptop computer, even your cookware or linens.
  • Medical Payments coverage pays for necessary medical care in case of an accident. This type of coverage can be used regardless who is at fault.

What are the pop up camper insurance costs?

Several factors affect the insurance cost of pop up campers. The most important factors include:
a)    number of previous accidents caused by the driver
b)    make and the model of the pop up camper,
c)    state where pop up camper is located
d)    value of the towing vehicle
e)    total cost of the pop up camper
f)    value of appliances included in the pop up camper.

Different insurance companies offer different options for insuring pop up campers

There are plenty of insurance companies, which are dealing with insuring campers.

They are offering comprehensive policies that protect camper owners.

The most famous insurance companies are RV America insurance, Good Sam RV Insurance and Progressive RV Insurance.

Each of these insurance companies provides several different options for pop up coverage. So all pop up camper owners may find pop up camper insurance they need at very reasonable price.

RV America Insurance offers a number of options for pop up camper owners such as 24/7 roadside coverage, accessories coverage, collision coverage, emergency expenses, fire, flood and theft, full timer coverage, high liability limits, liability coverage, low branch collision, personal items replacement, total loss replacement.

  • 24/7 roadside assistance includes towing, locksmith, breakdown, battery failure, flat tire, delivery of fuel, entrapment in snow, mud, water or sand.
  • Accessories coverage covers awnings, antennas, satellite dishes or any other attached accessories, which you added after you had bought your pop up camper.
  • Emergency expenses pay for the temporary living expenses such as hotels if you are involved in an accident while more than 50 miles from home.
  • Fire, flood and theft covers your pop up if it is damaged due to fire, flood or if your pop up is stolen.
  • Full-timer coverage provides insurance that includes personal liability coverage that pays for bodily injury and property damage caused by an accident.
  • High Liability Limits start with your liability coverage at $100,000 for each person, $300,000 per accident, and $50,000 in property damage.
  • Liability Coverage protects your passenger in the event of an accident.
  • Low branch collision covers damage to your pop up camper and attached items like awnings and A/C units.
  • Personal Items Replacement covers your personal stuff like clothing, tools, cameras. The policies start with $2,000 of coverage.
  • Total loss replacement is a great way to protect your pop up from depreciation.  For example, if your pop up gets damaged within its first five years (when purchased as the new one), this insurance will ensure that you get a new one.

Good Sam RV Insurance is a part of Good Sam club for RV owners and campers. They offer collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, personal liability, property damage liability, bodily injury liability, personal injury protection, medical payments, emergency roadside service, full-timer coverage. Good Sam saves pop up owners on average about $300 a year on insurance. That's why Good Sam RV Insurance is very popular insurance company as they offer many discounts and benefits for their members.

Progressive RV Insurance is an insurance company, which protects your pop up from the bottom to the top. The coverage this company offers include bodily injury and property damage liability, medical payments, comprehensive and collision options, roadside assistance, emergency expense, replacement cost of personal items, vacation liability, full-timer package. Progressive RV Insurance is interesting because they offer cheap RV Insurance rates. Furthermore, they offer great discounts.

These are top rated RV insurance companies, which may provide pop up owners with the coverage they need. From occasional to full-time users, everyone may find a policy that will perfectly match their needs.
Some people prefer renting a pop up camper than buying one and use it while on vacation.

When renting a camper it would be very wise idea to buy additional RV rental insurance, which covers the renter in case of damages to the camper or if the rented camper damages other vehicles or property. Such RV rental insurance may be bought from an RV rental agency for a reasonable daily fee, which depends on the rental agency and the model of pop up camper. RV Rental insurance policies can be bought to cover vehicle losses, accidents, damages, or personal injuries, lost or damaged personal effects involving an RV rental.

The top name in the RV rental insurance is MBA which has provided its services since 1978. MBA protects both renters and rental agencies.

MBA Insurance provides the renter with full coverage, including liability up to a million dollars, collision, and comprehensive. Then they cover renter for most road-related damages and liability but they don't cover the interior of the pop up camper. So the renters must be very careful with the furniture and the appliances inside the rented pop up.

Visitor's story....

If you need pop up camper insurance, you need to check with your state and your insurance company to find out what type of insurance you will need to provide complete coverage.

If you live in Ohio (OH) and you have a 2006 pop up trailer camper, you will want to have insurance for the camper through your local carrier. Your premium may be a bit higher than someone that lives in Oklahoma (OK) and has a 1978 popup trailer.

The insurance claims for pop up campers have been minimal and insurance companies can offer lower rates in most case. It will depend on your driving record and your existing policy. Sometimes insurance companies can offer a rider for your existing policy, which should cost you less money in the end.

Insurance for a pop up trailer covers the unit and interior accessories. The policy does not cover your personal belongings unless you request it on your policy.

Since your personal property is not covered, you might find an insurance agent that can provide some form of coverage in case you need to replace these things while on the road.

If you find that insurance costs prevent you from obtaining insurance on the pop up camper, try working with coverage that covers the camper itself and not all the accessories.

This might cause problems if something were to happen, but if you do not have some kind of insurance you could lose everything, not to mention fines for no insurance if your state mandates insurance.

Pop up camper insurance is labeled as recreational vehicles and although the claim rate is low, some insurance companies may be higher then others.

Shop around and receive some quotes online before making a final decision on any type of insurance for your camper.

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