Camper Vans for Sale

These days there are so many camper vans for sale, so many manufacturers and models to choose from, that you have to be well prepared to make a right choice…

Buying a camper van doesn't require you to be rich or adventurous, in fact with a few helpful tips you can also be a proud owner of a camper trailer.

When you decide to buy a camper van, there are several things you should consider.

First of all, you should decide which manufacturer and which model you would prefer, how big the camper should be, how many people would use it, how luxurious you want it to be and of course the price of the camper van.

 Camper vans can vary a lot, and while some of them are made for a quick weekend trip with your family, others offer a luxury that competes with a 5 star hotel.

How to choose a camper van

When people decide to buy a camper van, the first thing they choose is the type, the manufacturer and the model of the camper. Depending on your purpose with such a van, you can buy pop up campers or tent trailers, but also other towable campers that serve perfectly while you are traveling.

When you decided what type of camper trailer to buy, you can choose the manufacturer. The most popular manufactures of travel trailers are Jayco, Coachman, Coleman, Viking, Starcraft and Fleetwood. Each of these companies has various models of campers in many sizes, therefore you always have a lot of options to choose from in the end.

Where to look for camper vans

There are many places where you can buy a camper van, depending on the fact whether you want to buy a new one of a used one. While there are some great offline stores that have high quality camper vans, there are also many online places which have a great selection.

Local dealers

A lot of people prefer to buy their campers from stores than from online. There are plenty of dealers in each state in the USA and many counties in Europe that have some of the most popular camper vans for sale. Most companies have websites where you can easily find your way to the dealers that are the closest to you. The benefits of buying from dealers is convenience.

Private sellers

If you want to save money, you should look for a private dealer. The best websites for private dealers are eBay and Amazon, where you can participate in bidding and find campers for very good prices. You can buy from private sellers also through newspapers and ads, which are great ways to find a camper van for an affordable price.

While you can save some money if you buy from a private seller, it involves more risks than buying from a dealer or a company directly. Often the price of a camper van for sale depends very much on the seller himself and not so much on the actual value of the camper.


There are many websites that offer sales on camping vans. The most popular ones are Rv Trader, Camping world, RV Wholesalers, Giant RV and Camper Land. All of these websites have an easy system that you can use in order to find the right model, the right manufacturer, and the right price.

Often you can also choose the location, time of making of the van and other options. These websites are easy to use and reliable, therefore you can use them comfortably. Most of them have both new and used camper vans for sale in good conditions. These websites are great if you are looking for a specific model which is not so easy to find. Many websites also have a map to their stores, and this way you can find the closest shop in your area in a much easier way.


Just like anything else, camper vans are also often on sale. If you have the chance to buy a camper trailer for a discount price, you can get great deals. While some shops have sales from time to time, you can get the best bargains on places such as eBay or through private sellers. Websites that have wholesales such as RV Wholesalers are also a good place for looking for better deals.

Useful tips

No matter where you look for your future camper, there are some things you should pay attention to. First of all, before you go and buy something determine the purpose of your camper. Will you use it every weekend or just a few times a year?

Do you want to travel far with it? How many people need to stay in the camper? Determining such things will make the buying process easier and you won't end up with something you don't really need. Especially private sellers are good in talking you into buying a camper that is not exactly what you want.

Before you close a deal or you buy anything, make sure you really buy what you want. Also make sure you check the camper for signs of usage especially if you buy a used camper. Certain campers have weak points that you should know about, for example pop up campers.

The canvas of campers gets worn easily and it often has holes and mildew. Moving parts are also very often damaged. Since camper vans have many folding tables, chairs and sofas, these are the first things that become damaged.

A lot of campers come with all kinds of facilities and appliances. These should be checked before you buy a camper, especially if it is a second hand one. Facilities such as air conditioners, showers, inside portable toilets and water heater systems can make the price of the camper go very high. This is why you should make sure that they are fully functional before you buy anything.

Visitor's Story.....

Camper vans for sale usually come with some nice accessories and even so, you can fix them up the way you like.

Once you see the nice deals available you probably will find yourself thinking about buying one for your future travels.

Many people have found used camper vans affordable and easy to take care of.

If you think the camping experience will not be the same as a pop up camper trailer, you might just surprise yourself.

I know many people who choose this way to travel and enjoy camping.

Campgrounds that might be booked for the larger lots, can always find a smaller site for a van camper. The parks have areas that can provide all the same things the bigger lots supply.

Maryland is a nice state to visit when camping with any type of camper. I think it was in 1989, I met a person who had brought a brand new camper van in 1988, the year before; he was so excited about the unit in 1989 still.

People are easy to please when they find something that meets their needs. When you think about camping the first thing that comes to mind is the pop up camper, but there are many different ways to go camping.

I am heading to Maine this winter and hope to see some nice scenery from the winter wonderland. I have heard that camping in the winter is just beautiful. I might be wishing I could find camper vans for sale if my little pop up gets to cold. I have to laugh about that one.

Either way, I am going and taking my pop up camper with me. It has a heater, so my wife and I should be just fine for a couple of days or maybe a few more.

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