Directory of Campgrounds USA

Directory of Campgrounds: Tent and RV Trailer Camping Parks USA

If you need to find a directory of campgrounds: tent and RV trailer camping parks USA, you might look at some of these popular pop up camper and motorhome trailer parks.

Besides catering to the motor home and recreational vehicle campers, some have areas where people dock mobile homes for the entire year.

If you find a good campground, you like to return yearly to stay and visit with friends.

Many campgrounds are considered a beach camp because they have beaches for swimming as well as areas to dock boats and other water vessels.

Many campgrounds have areas with hook ups and some areas without hook ups.

Discover Washington in this new interactive website designed specifically for the RV and tent camper showing viewers what they will find at each park prior to their camping adventure

USA Camps

Tent and RV Trailer Camping Parks Alabama (AL)

Alabama has many natural beauties and many lovely campgrounds where you can stay and enjoy Alabama's nature. The most famous are: Wind Creek State Park, Devils Fork State Park, Lake Guntersville State Park.

  • Wind Creek State Park covers an area of 1,445 acres along the shores of beautiful Lake Martin, southeast of Alexander City.
  • Devils Fork State Park is located on Lake Jocassee in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Lake Guntersville Sate Park is situated in Jackson and Marshall Counties and is the second large lake in the TVA system.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Alaska (AK)

Thanks to its magnificent regions and natural wonders, Alaska is very attractive for many campers offering them great campgrounds all around Alaska such as: Bertha Creek or Chugach State Park.

  • Bertha Creek is located 61,5 miles south of Anchorage along the Seward highway.
  • Chugach State Park is situated eight miles south of Haines on Mud Bay Road.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Connecticut (CT)

Due to the presence of lakes, forests, beautiful waterfalls and rivers Connecticut is an excellent place to explore and innumerable campgrounds such as Brialle RV and Tent Park, Nickerson Park Family Campground, Cozy Hills Campground and many other will give you more fun and enjoyment.

  • Brialle RV and Tent Campground is located in Ashford.
  • Nickerson Park Family Campground is perfectly placed in Chaplin.
  • Cozy Hills Campground is situated in Bantam.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Delaware (DE)

Delaware is a state where one can see a range of tourist spots, attractions and excellent campgrounds where you can find piece and comfort. Some of the popular campgrounds are: Lost Lands RV Park, Gulls Way Campground, Holly Lake Campsites.

  • Lost Lands RV Park is located near the beach resort area of Fenwick Island.
  • Gulls Way Campground is situated on lovely Pepper's Creek, a tributary of Indian River Bay.
  • Holly Lake Campsites is only 9 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Florida (FL)

Florida's uniqueness is reflected in its dense forests, bandy rivers and endless shores. Camping is maybe the best way to feel these natural beauties directly. In Florida there are many gorgeous campgrounds such as: Anastasia State Park, Fort Clinch State Park Campground, Torreya State Park.

  • Anastasia State Park is located just south of historic St. Augustine on Anastasia Island.
  • Fort Clinch State Park Campground is located north of the city of Fernandina Beach.
  • Torreya State Park is 13 miles north of Bristol.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Georgia (GA)

Being one of the famous states in US and the best travel vacation destination in the world, Georgia has a large number of fabulous campgrounds that provide you all kind of camping needs. These are: Creekwood Resort RV Campground, Clark Creek North Campground, Red Top Mountain State Park and Lodge Campground.

  • Creekwood resort RV Campground is located in the mountains of North Georgia.
  • Clark creek North Campground sits on the bank of Allatona Lake.
  • Red Top Mountain State Park and Lodge Campground is situated 45 minutes north of Atlanta near Cartersville.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Hawaii (HI)

When planning a camping, one should consider Hawaii as camping there is a unique way to explore Hawaii's attractions. Hawaii's most famous campgrounds are: Coqui Cabanas Campground, Namakanipaio Campground, Isaac Hale State Park.

  • Coqui Cabanas Campground is 16 miles from Hilo airport.
  • Namakanipaio Campground is 31 ½ miles south of Hilo.
  • Isaac Hale State Park is located 30 miles from Hilo town

Tent and RV Camping Parks Idaho (ID)

Idaho is very interesting state offering all kinds of different activities for everyone. Most campgrounds in Idaho are located along rivers, lakes or close to popular recreation areas like Black Rock Campground, Giant White Pine Campground, The Twin Falls.

  • Black Rock Campground is situated 20 miles from Idaho City on the North Fork Boise River.
  • Giant White Pine Campground is located in a mixed pine forest along the White Pine Scenic Byway.
  • The Twin Falls is located in South Central Idaho

Tent and RV Camping Parks Indiana (IN)

Indiana is a state of rich natural beauty and wonders, featuring a number of parks, forests, cultural and educational institutions. Many of Indiana's top campgrounds are near the state's attractions and activities. Lake Rudolph Campground and Resort, Hardin Ridge Recreation Area Campground and Turkey Run Campground are just a few of them.

  • Lake Rudolph Campground and Resort is near Patoka Lake.
  • Hardin Ridge Recreation Area Campground is located on the shores of Monroe Reservoir southeast of Bloomington.
  • Turkey Run Campground is nestled southwest of Crawfordsville.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Iowa (IA)

Iowa is definitely a place where you can experience many outdoor adventures and amazing natural wonders at numerous campgrounds such as Elk Rock State Park, Lake Mcbride State Park or Pike's Peak State Park.

  • Elk Rock State Park is located on Iowa's largest water body, Lake Red Rock.
  • Lake Mcbride State Park, the Iowa's largest state park, is situated in the wooded valleys of Mill and Jordan Creeks.
  • Pike's Peak State Park is placed south of McGregor.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Kansas (KS)

Besides captivating nature, Kansas is boasting picturesque RV Parks and campgrounds which offer a range of amenities. Some of them are: Wilson State Park, Damsite Fall River Lake Campground, Kanopolis Lake Campground.

  • Wilson State Park is located on the south side of Wilson Reservoir.
  • Damsite-Fall River Lake Campground is placed on Fall River, a tributary of the Verdigris River, in Greenwood County.
  • Kanopolis Lake campground is placed near Salina.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Kentucky (KY)

Maybe one of the best states for camping is Kentucky because it has beautiful mountains, rushing rivers, forests, and fantastic campgrounds. The most popular are: Buckhorn Lake Campground, Green River Lake, Rough River lake Campground.

  • Buckhorn Lake Campground is located in the Cumberland Plateau of eastern Kentucky.
  • Green River Lake is located approximately 40 miles east of the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site.
  • Rough River Lake Campground is situated within the cliffy area of western Kentucky's Pennyroyal region.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Louisiana (LA)

As many US states, Louisiana has a lot to offer. With abundant natural beauty and wide ranging opportunities to enjoy, Louisiana may boasts campgrounds offering fun for the whole family. Some of them are: Bayou Segnette State Park, Hodges Gardens State Park, New Orleans RV Campground.

  • Bayou Segnette State Park is only 30 minutes drive across the Mississippi River from New Orleans.
  • Hodges Gardens State Park is located in Sabine Parish.
  • New Orleans RV Campground is placed on France Road just 4 miles from downtown New Orleans.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Maine (ME)

Despite its small size, Maine hosts a wealth of natural beauty and has hundreds of excellent campgrounds like Hidden Springs Campground, Seawall Campground, Salty Acres Campground.

  • Hidden Springs Campground is very pleasant campground located near to the town of Millinocket near the North Maine Woods.
  • Seawall Campground is located in Acadia National Park on the western side of Mount Desert Island on the Maine coast.
  • Salty Acres Campground is situated outside the village of Kennebunkpor and near the elegant Goose Rock Beach.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Maryland (MD)

Maryland is very famous for its coast and also for its numerous campgrounds offering different opportunities for campers. Some of them are Camp Misty Mount, Elk Neck State Park, Green Ridge State Forest Campground.

  • Camp Misty Mount is located in the Catoctin Mountains.
  • Elk Neck State Park is placed on the peninsula formed by the North East and Elk Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Green Ridge State Forest Campground is located in eastern Allegany County, 8 miles east of Flintstone.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Massachusetts (MA)

For all those who is searching for some adventurous and exciting vacation Massachusetts' campgrounds are ideal option. Massachusetts is full of amazing campsites. Nickerson State Park, Pearl Hill State Park Campground, Pearl Hill State Park and Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort are some of many campgrounds.

  • Nickerson State Park, one of the most popular campgrounds in Massachusetts, is placed near Brewster.
  • Pearl Hill State Park is near West Townsend.
  • Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort is nestled deep in the woods between Boston Cape Code in Foxboro.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Michigan (MI)

Michigan is very popular destination as it abounds in lakes, rivers, and family friendly campgrounds thus offering camping fans the best comfort and environment. Some popular campgrounds are Avery Lake State Forest Campground, Brimley State Park, and Lime Island State Forest Campground.

  • Avery Lake State Forest Campground is a rustic campground located on secluded Avery Lake with boat launch and fishing opportunities.
  • Brimley State Park is situated along the beautiful shore of Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior.
  • Lime Island State Forest Campground is located in Chippewa County.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Minnesota (MN)

Minnesota is home to a number of fantastic lakes, waterfalls, and national parks. It is known as the "Land of 10000 Lakes". It's great campgrounds offer leisure activities perfect for all those who enjoy camping. The following are some of the popular RV campgrounds: Tomahawk Lodge, Hamilton's Fox Lake Campground, Trails RV Park campground.

  • Tomahawk Lodge is located in the south east shore of the beautiful Blackduck Lake.
  • Hamilton's Fox Lake Campground is situated near the scenic Fox Lake in the Buena Vista State Forest on the edge of the Continental Divide.
  • Trails RV Park Campground is placed 4 miles north of Walker.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Mississippi (MS)

Since Mississippi is a state covered in beautiful wilderness, the best way to experience the wilds is through camping. Numerous campgrounds in Mississippi give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the wonder of Mississippi. Here are some of the most visited campgrounds: Grenada Lake, Roosevelt State Park, Town creek Campground.

  • Grenada Lake is on the Yalobusha and Skuna Rivers.
  • Roosevelt State Park rests between Jackson and Meridian.
  • Town creek Campground is located on the beautiful Columbus Lake in the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway.

For the remaining states mentioned below please follow at the page:

Directory of Campgrounds in USA - cont.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Missouri (MO)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Montana (MT)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Nebraska (NE)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Nevada (NV)

Tent and RV Camping Parks New Hampshire (NH)

Tent and RV Camping Parks New Jersey (NJ)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Ohio (OH)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Oklahoma (OK)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Oregon (OR)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Pennsylvania (PA)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Rhode Island (RI)

Tent and RV Camping Parks South Carolina (SC)

Tent and RV Camping Parks South Dakota (SD)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Tennessee (TN)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Texas (TX)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Utah (UT)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Vermont (VT)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Virginia (VA)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Washington (WA)

Tent and RV Camping Parks West Virginia (WV)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Wisconsin (WI)

Tent and RV Camping Parks Wyoming (WY)

Tent and RV Trailer Camping Parks Canada

If you love to camp, I'm sure you will find here some lovely camping parks.

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