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Are you and avid camper? May be it is time to learn basics about pop up camper shell?


Camper shells are slightly different recreational trailers than most of the other ones that people use all over the world to travel and go camping.

Actually these camper shells are not exactly trailers: they go on the top of a truck, so they are not towed behind but rather they slide on the top of the vehicle. This provides their stability and strengths.

A camper shell is also called a topper or cap because of its form and the way it is attached to the car. This shell is mounted on the top of the truck, offering a safe and comfortable place to sleep during travels and camping. Camper shells can be rigid or semi rigid with a pop up roof.


Camper shells have pros and cons as well. First of all, they are safer and more comfortable than soft sided pop up campers. They resist any type of weather even big storms, since they are mounted to the top of the truck and they are very stable. Camper shells are made of aluminum and fiberglass, and they keep out moist and cold.

They also have a pop up system which allows the car to travel comfortably. The top of the car is not too high this way, perfect for any kind of road and parking lot.

Camper shells are light weight, and compared to their weight they offer a lot of space and comfort. Most brands already have queen size beds, tables and other facilities inside. Large windows assure that there is enough light to make staying inside pleasant. They are also often used for storage.

The pop up camper shells have sides that can be rolled up, and some parts of these shells are made of a strong fabric. Pop up camper shells are easy to set up and they are just as easy to pack. The hard side camper shells are more durable but they are also heavier and require a stronger car.

Some of the most popular brands of camper shells are the following: FlipPac Shell, Lifetime Shell, Four Wheel and Northstar. Some brands are more compatible with certain cars, but this is specified in the description of the shell always.

Universal kit raises camper shell / truck cap providing walk in access. Can be purchased as partial kit or complete with electric actuators, cap to bed seals, all mounting hardware, brackets, bars, nuts and bolts, wiring, and switches. Or partial kits as needed

Four Wheel pop up camper shells

The pop up camper shells made by Four Wheels are special because of their flexible welded aluminum frame. This makes them lightweight, therefore suitable for almost any kind of truck, including very small ones.

Due to this reason the car won’t consume too much fuel. In the same time these pop up camper shells are very durable. Campers made by Four Wheel have a low profile, therefore they are more convenient than regular cab over campers. The pop up camper shells made by Four Wheel can be raised in only around 60 seconds, which saves time and effort for the user.

Four Wheel pop up camper shells have a flex-frame, double step floor design, waterproof vinyl side that resists any weather conditions, arctic pack insulating system for extreme cold weather and easy lift roof system.

Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper "Fleet" model

The Shell Model by Four Wheel Campers

This shell model pop up camper made by Four Wheel can be customized to fit your needs. It fits most trucks, therefore you don’t have to worry about having to change your car to suit this type of camper.

This model is light and gives the user a lot of options. It can be customized in many ways, also in the interior. The Shell Model by Four Wheel Campers has a welded aluminum frame, a queen size bed which slides out, empty inside for maximum customization, and large window for more light. It is the perfect choice for those who would like to decorate the inside of the camper themselves and add all the facilities that they require.

Fleet Model by Four Wheel

Another popular model made by this company is the Fleet Model.

This pop up camper shell is suitable for small and middle sized short bed trucks.

It is convenient because of its light weight and small size.

It is low profile; therefore it can easily fit most parking spaces.

Compared to the size of the camper it offers a lot of comfort, such as queen size slide out bed and couch, dining table, stove, ice box and fridge, and optional portable toilet.

This model is the popular because of its weight, which is only 735 lbs.

Flip Pac pop up camper shells

Flip Pac pop up camper shells are similar to a pop up camper, but they are more safe. They resemble a tent on a top of a car. They have a system similar to that of a pop up camper with a flip open design.

They are low profile and very light campers that offer a dry, safe and comfortable place to sleep at night.The Flip Pac campers have a lot of benefits. Even though they look small and quite low from the outside, you can stand up in them. They are very easy to open and close; the whole process only takes a few minutes.

Flip Pac pop up camper shells have a cozy bed and quite a lot of space inside. The sleeping area can be converted into a living area during the day. Here you can have a kitchen, storage space, water tanks, fridges and more. This type of pop up camper shell has windows that allow the light in and create a nice atmosphere. The Flip Pac models weight between 290 to 350lbs. There are more Flip Pac pop up camper shell models, ranging between 101"-78" length, 74"-64"width, and around 7' 6 center interior space.

AT Off-Road FlipPac Camper Shell - Innovative camper shell designed and constructed for Off-Road and Expedition travel.


Another famous company for pop up camper trailer shells is Northstar. Northstar campers offer pop up camper shells that can be mounted on trucks of all sizes. They are a company from USA manufacturing campers since 1955. Northstar has more pop up camper shell models that can be mounted on trucks.

Most models, such as the TC 650 2012 pop up camper comes with hot water, outside shower, glass stove, air conditioner, gray water holding tank, fire extinguisher, lockable storage area, fiberglass side doors and more. This pop up camper shell also has an extended cab so it fits perfectly on the truck and it stays stable. This model weighs 1,345 pounds, with an interior height of 6′ 11″ when open and 4′ 11″ when closed.

Visitor's Story

This is where some people have some fun with a pop up trailer shell. I friend of mine found a camper shell in Florida and decided to bring it back to Georgia where he lived and build a great looking tent pop up camper.

He drew up some plans with a little help from the internet, as far as some sizes and dimensions. He then started the yearlong project of building the most beautiful pop up camper you have ever seen.

He towed the pop up camper shell back to his hometown on a truck and tractor-trailer with his conversion van. Once he started, it was hard to pull him away. He was determined to be the best darn camper builder around. He started with the frame for the canvas top. However, added a screen tent to it for an added room with privacy flaps.

Then he worked on the inside and just ended up using oak and ceramic flooring. It was just beautiful when he finished it and presented as his own personal camper. A one of a kind he calls it. A pop up camper shell has many possibilities and my friend proved that you can build a great sophisticated tent popup camper from the shell.

Jim's "Nissan In" using Leer Cap

If you own a 2 wheeler or a 5 wheeler you can make many changes to the interior and make your camper a one of kind also. The best thing is you can actually brag about your great creation. Just take the pop up camper shell and make a pop up camper for your family. Travel the countryside in style and comfort.

Get a tent pop up camper and get out in the fresh air while the weather is still comfortable in many areas. Campgrounds provide many activities for the kids that they enjoy.

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