RV Water and Waste Holding Tanks

Water and waste holding tanks are important parts of RVs, see how they are built, their specs, price and manufacturers...

The nice part of RV-ing is having your home-like environment with you whenever you go. 

Equipped and decorated according to your needs, preferences and taste RVs  are part of your enjoyment when on vacations.

But like each home,  an RV has also its not so pleasurable parts that from time to time may need maintenance and even replacement.

Water and waste holding tanks are vital “organs” of an RV so it may be good idea to get familiar with them. …

Plastic-Mart RV Holding Tanks

Parts and accessories

  • Plastic-Mart’s RV holding tanks are made out of tough durable plastic 
  • All-purpose fresh water tanks are also available and are made from FDA approved polyethylene resin
  • The tanks come with accessories such as spill weld fittings and inspection plates preinstalled and the customer has the option to specify where they want their accessories installed on the tank
  • All parts of the tank except the hose are already pre-installed however customers can also buy fittings separately in a kit.
  • There are 4 types of DIY part kits which include a combination of stainless steel screws plus washers and nuts, Access Plates, thru hull fittings and plugs


  • Plastic-Mart RV Holding Tank have walls that are varied in thickness from ¼ inch to 3/8 inch
  • The capacity of the tanks ranges from 1 gallon to 258 gallons with varying L x W x H measurements
  • The holding tanks weigh starting from 1.7 pounds for the 1 gallon tank and end at 140 pounds for the 258 gallons tank

Price range

  • The prices for the Plastic-Mart RV holding tanks start at 31.95 for the 1 gallon tank and go up to $789.95 for the 258 gallon tank

Where to buy

  • Plastic-Mart tanks can be bought directly from the company itself and made custom to order

Ameri-Kart RV Holding Tanks

Parts and accessories

  • Ameri-Kart RV holding tanks are designed come pre-installed with everything needed to start using them. 
  • The lids of the tanks are welded in then glued and edge-sealed.
  • All the Ameri-Kart tanks have 1 inch screw flanges on the outside all around to make installation easy 
  • Parts that can be purchased for Ameri-Kart tanks include Adapter Sleeves, flush vents, inlet fittings as well as outlet fittings


  • Ameri-Kart RV Holding Tank are either made by way of vacuum forming, blow molding and rotational manufacturing methods
  • The product specifications differ based on which manufacturing method is used
  • The roto manufactured holding tanks have a capacity that ranges from 6 gallons to 51+ gallons while the vacuum formed tanks capacity is 2 – 50+ gallons
  • Similarly, holding tanks made by rotational manufacturing measure from 19 inches to 75+ inches in length as compared to vacuum formed tanks that measure 17 inches to 91 inches
  • Ameri-Kart holding tanks are made from ABS plastic

Price range

  • The prices for the Ameri-Kart holding tanks are different depending which retailer you buy from
  • Tanks can cost from around $95.59 to $399.98

Where to buy:

Ameri-Kart tanks are available for purchase from multiple retailers including:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • RV Parts Outlet
  • AdventureRV.net
  • www.dyersonline.com

Tank Depot RV Holding Tanks

Parts and accessories

  • Tank Depot accessories include:
  • A pump out kit for removal of waste from inside the tank
  • Holding tank vent filter that holds activated carbon filtering material for odor control
  • Vacuum Relief Valve to prevent the holding tank from getting damaged from extreme suction by dockside pumps
  • Some tanks do not come with any fittings pre-installed so parts are delivered separate for buyer to install for themselves


  • Tank Depot holding tank sizes range from 3 gallons to 150 gallons
  • The  weight of the tanks ranges from 4 pounds for the smallest tank to 102 pound for the 150 gallon tank

Price range

  • The prices for Tank Depot Holding tanks start at $44.99 for the 3 gallon tank up to $580.99 for the 150 gallon tank

Where to buy

  • Tank Depot sells its holding tanks directly online or in any one of its  8 physical locations
  • Tank Depot also sells holding tanks for other brands like Ronco Plastics

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