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Despite the appearance of “solidity” of the RV market, the history of North-American RV Manufacturers points quite different picture.

Indeed one of the most important questions that every potential buyer of pop-up camper trailer should ask is: Who makes the pop-up campers of choice, how sound is the business model and for how long it will be still on the market.

Turns out that while Rockwood pop-up camper trailers business is not an exception from the rule, these days it is a very solid manufacturer that was able to turn page of the past “mishaps”.

Rockwood was founded in 1972 by Arthur Chapman in Goshen IN. Interestingly, it was a kind of continuity of the “family business” (or RV interests) as his grand-father Arthur Schrock founded operation of another RV giant – Starcraft.

But the future turned out to be not an easy path for Rockwood and its pop-up campers. The company frequently changed ownership. At one point under the leadership of Peter Liegl, Rockwood became part of Cobra Industries - one of the five largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles in North America. But then Peter Liegl was fired and soon after Cobra went belly-up filing for bankruptcy. This marked the beginning of the new era for Rockwood. In 1996 Pieter Liegl founded new company - Forest River, he bought crucial assets from Cobra (but none of liabilities) and revived Rockwood’s brand name in RV business. The rest is history – seemingly quite glorious.

Today Forest River is one of the largest and widely recognized privately owned RV manufacturers in US. Thanks to high quality products, large selection of models answering needs of broad class of buyers (from those looking for inexpensive models to those most demanding), Rockwood re-gained its past popularity and satisfied customers.

Rockwood Pop Up Camper Trailer - Take the tour of the folding camper to see how Rockwood takes care of the details - all neatly packaged into one incredibly functional unit. Every component works together to give you the best vacation times possible....
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Rockwood offers the following warranties to the original purchaser on tent campers: Limited lifetime lifter system warranty, 5 year roof warranty, 25 year floor warranty, 5 year frame warranty, and 5 year tent warranty.

Short presentation of Rockwood pop-up camper trailers:

Rockwood High Wall Series

This series represents large tent camper models (folding campers) in the same time offering the comfort close to that found in travel trailers. Standard amenities include large refrigerators, 3-burners range, microwave, deep double stainless sink, water heater, slide-out dinette, internal hard-wall shower/toilet compartment, AM/FM/CD Player, electric brakes, power lift system, outdoor gas grill with table....

Model Length open/closed/height GVWR unloaded weight
HW256  22’6/18’1”/68” 3,873 lbs 2,910 lbs
HW257  23’9/19’1”/68” 3,815 lbs 2,773 lbs
HW276  24’9/19’6”/68” 3,779 lbs 2,806 lbs
HW277  24’9/19’6”/68” 3,859 lbs 2,959 lbs
HW296  26’9/21’6”/68” 4,724 lbs 3,135 lbs
HW316TH  33’9/28’6”/68” 6,250 lbs 3,676 lbs

Notes: Model HW277 includes U-shape dinette

Rockwood Hard Side Series
These are some of the smallest units available from Rockwood. Although they belong to the class of folding campers, their do not make use of canvas for its living compartment but hard fiberglass walls.

They are build with easy to tow low profile and easy to set-up living space. Significant part of their GVWR is available for cargo. They are designed for 2 to 3 persons.

Once set-up to the camping position they look like a pyramid! Standard features include electric brakes, 3-speed fan, 10,000BTU heat Pump/AC, 3-way fridge, microwave, water purifier, 3-burner stove, AM/FM/CD Stereo, External Speakers and External Gas Grill. Depending on the floor-plan they have either flip-up bed or sofa-bed.

Model Length open/closed/height GVWR unloaded weight
A122  17’1/17’1”/60” 3,179 lbs  1,784 lbs
A122BH  18’2/18’2”/60” 3,277 lbs  1,921 lbs
A124  17’1/17’1”/60” 3,250 lbs  1,829 lbs
A126  17’1/17’1”/60” 3,205 lbs  1,803 lbs
A126TH  22’1/22’1”/60” 3,835 lbs  2,098 lbs
A128  17’1/17’1”/60” 3,082 lbs  1,846 lbs
A128S  18’1/18’1”/60” 3,152 lbs  1,916 lbs


  • Model A122BH includes 28x84” external deck storage
  • Model A124 includes internal shower
  • Model A126TH includes 57x84” external deck storage
  • Model A128S includes sliding storage

Rockwood Pop Up Camper Trailer: Walk-through tour of the 2011 Forest River Rockwood Freedom 2270 pop-up folding camper.
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Rockwood Premier Series
These are “intermediary-level” models equipped with 3-burner stoves, 3-speed fan, AM/FM/CD Stereo, electric brakes, external sliding storage (exception 1904 and 1907BH), Power lift system, external grill w/worktable, external speakers….

Model Length open/closed/height GVWR unloaded weight
1904 22’2/15’7”/57” 3,212 lbs 1,986 lbs
1907BH 20’2/17’3”/57” 3,283 lbs 1,996 lbs
2317G 23’9/19’1”/61” 3,358 lbs 2,445 lbs
2514G 23’9/19’1”/61” 3,303 lbs 2,406 lbs
2516G 23’9/19’1”/61” 3,292 lbs 2,473 lbs


  • Model 1907BH includes 28x84” external deck storage
  • Model 2317G includes slide-out dinette
  • Model 2514G includes slide-out dinette and bay-window
  • Model 2516G includes slide-out dinette and internal shower

Rockwood LTD/Freedom Series

This is the most “extended” series of Rockwood pop-up campers.

It offers models equipped with various standard features and various configurations giving room for individual choices based on balance between needs, wishes and cost.

Potential buyer will find here choice from small, modestly equipped units to larger (yet lightweight) comfortably equipped ones.

Model Length open/closed/height GVWR unloaded weight
1640LTD 17’0/12’2”/57” 2,151 lbs 1,347 lbs
1940LTD 20’2/14’2”/57” 2,274 lbs 1,493 lbs

Following Rockwood Freedom models include sliding storage, port-a-potti and outdoor gas grill w/worktable, and electric brakes as part of the standard equipment.

Model Length open/closed/height GVWR unloaded weight
1910 20’2/16’1”/57” 2,990 lbs 1,772 lbs
1920BH 20’2/16’4”/57” 3,022 lbs 1,809 lbs
1950 20’2/14’0”/57” 2,355 lbs 1,635 lbs
1970 20’2/14’2”/57” 2,669 lbs 1,638 lbs
1980 20’2/14’2”/57” 2,607 lbs 1,589 lbs
2270 22’6/16’1”/57” 3,024 lbs 1,892 lbs

In the following three models the internal shower and port-a-potti is optional.

Model Length open/closed/height GVWR unloaded weight
2280 22’6/16’1”/57” 3,077 lbs 1,986 lbs
2280BH 22’6/18’3”/57” 3,109 lbs 2,037 lbs
2318G 22’6/16’1”/57” 3,059 lbs 2,158 lbs

<em>The following model includes slide-out U-shape dinette and internal shower with port-a-potti cassette.</em>

Model Length open/closed/height GVWR unloaded weight
2560G 24’9/18’1”/57” 2,988 lbs 2,278 lbs
  • Model 1920BH includes 28x84” front deck storage
  • Model 1950 includes internal shower
  • Model 2280BHTH includes 24x84” external deck storage
  • Model 2318G includes slide-out dinette

Summarizing the line of Rockwood pop-up camper trailers one can say that they offer broad spectrum of models from modestly equipped and inexpensive for just two persons to larger units that can meet demands of most demanding RV-ers. Standard amenities and features are quite generous promising relaxing and enjoyable time when vacationing. Rockwood pays close attention even to little details that can improve your travel experience. Let’s face it – heated mattress pads are not commonly provided by RV manufacturers, Rockwood provides them as standard equipment in some models.

Depending on model, you can find all sizes of beds (double, queen and king size). User will also find as very useful an external sliding storage trunk, especially for last minute packing.

The front-decks (some expandable) can provide useful space for bikes, quads and any sort of cargo that can stay outside regardless of weather conditions.

Exterior of “box” made from Smooth Fiberglass Vacuum Bonded sheets guarantees elegance and high resistance to weather conditions.

Currently Rockwood operates several manufacturing plants in the Midwest and West Coastal area. Thanks to very rigorous manufacturing and internal control processes Rockwood offers generous warranties for the new pop-up camper trailers including: Limited lifetime warranty for lift system, 25 years floor warranty and 5 years frame, roof and tent warranty.

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