The Benefits of Lightweight and Ultra Light Travel Trailers

Eco-friendly has deep meaning in RV World. Check benefits of latest generation of lightweight, economic, weather resistant EverGreen Ever-LiteTM travel trailers.

Trying to pick up a travel trailer that is cost-effective and reliable is quite a challenge for many people.

With so many different styles and preferences out there, it’s hard to understand what you should be looking for and what you should be avoiding.

So let’s try here to summarize the basic facts about lightweight travel trailers starting with two statements:

  • Lightweight travel trailers are becoming more popular because they offer versatility without pressuring your car with too much weight.

  • They are recognised as being great eco-friendly machines that can help cut down on the very problems that we are trying to get out of the habits of everybody.

... see it yourself....!


Since some time “Eco-friendly” is a word of the day. And it is not surprise that such concept came also into the RV world.  Most aficionados of weekends in nature are interested in spending time in “healthy” and unspoiled nature!

There are many benefits of using a green travel trailer! For example, it can help you:

1.    Current status – Waste and Decreasing Resale Value.
The majority of today’s RVs are made using substances and materials that are either not biodegradable (usually all kind of plastics) and materials that are susceptible to weather elements (wood that tends to rotten, steel that will be eaten by corrosion etc…). The bottom line is – they are not eco-friendly and tend to degrade over time and thus lower the value of the trailer down the line.

2.    Future:  Lightweight, Economic, Longer Life-time and Better Resale Value.

a)    New, composite materials (an example may be ComposiTekTM ) are much more durable than those used traditionally (wood, aluminium, steel…).  They resist most common weather-induced destructive processes like rot, corrosion and mildew.

b)    These new materials are not only lighter but they also offer a longer term benefit both financially and structurally as they are less likely to degrade at such a rapid rate if at all!

3.    Get There Faster! – Lightweight travel trailers are at least 20% lighter than their bigger brethren, so you can get there faster and use less fuel on the way. Better for your car, the environment, your wallet and everything else in-between!

4.    More Durable – Using materials which are more modern means they are going to be sturdier, combined with recyclable and sustainable additions to help fortify the trailer for those long drives and constant bumps and bangs.

5.    Keep it Clean – New composite materials (roof but also floor and sidewalls) are much easier to keep clean even using traditional cleaning poducts.

New generation of travel trailers: Evergreen Element! Isn't it also a beautiful design?

The technological progress including introduction of new eco-friendly, weather resistant and light materials as well as new manufacturing processes like for example vacuum-lamination contributed to the introduction of the new generation of travel trailers called  “EverGreen Ever-LiteTM “ .

Bottom Line: There are many reasons to turn to using a lightweight trailer. For example, they are cheaper to run and manage as the less they weigh and use, the less it is going to cost you. Despite being every bit as comfortable as the larger equivalents, they also don’t cost as much usually due to their smaller size.

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