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The list of items that can be considered camping gear is almost endless so for this article we well be discussing mostly outdoor camping gear.

This category includes everything from awnings to stoves.

We have spent hours searching the finest internet stores for the highest quality and the lowest prices to find the best outdoor camping gear on the market.

For those who want to “rough it” or have a tight budget, there are a wide variety of tents available. You can get tents that are just big enough for two to sleep in or large tents with two or more rooms that are actually living space.

Pricing on tents goes from under $50.00 to several hundred depending on size, material and quality. Which you choose depends on your budget, how many people will use it and how often it will be used.

Grills or camp stoves are useful whatever kind of RV or tent you have. These come in all sizes from a camp stove for backpackers to huge grills that you can use to cook for a crowd.

Tables and chairs that fold up for easy storage are perfect for RV’ing. Besides tables for dining you can even get a table that serves both as a picnic table and grill stand.

You can get stadium chairs, director’s chairs, recliners, extra wide chairs and kid’s chairs. So everyone in your party can have comfortable seating outside as well as inside your motor home.

Portable steps make it easier to get in and out of your travel trailer or other RV. These steps fold up for easy storage and you can get rigs to help keep dirt out of your rig.

Awnings are almost a must for an RV, they shade your windows helping to keep the interior of your mobile home cool. There are awnings that roll out from the side of your motor coach, 5th wheeler or van camper, to create a shaded patio area.

You may also be interested in a patio room or screen room as they are sometimes called. You can dine without worrying about fighting off bugs.

Awning poles can get bent and the fabric can tear, so most camping gear stores on line or off sell awning replacement parts. Awnings can be rolled out or up either electronically or the can be manual depending on your preference and budget.

You can get awning clips that allow you to string lights around your patio area. You can have seasonal novelty lights like santas, pumpkins, bunnies and more.

If you want to bring your mountain bike, there are racks that you can mount on your motor home to hold the bikes while in transit. Skis can also be transported on racks.

Don’t forget a tie out system for your dog, since campgrounds require your dog to be on leash at all times.

Bug torches, candles, smokers, cup holders that clamp to almost any table or chair, the accessories to make your outdoor experience comfortable and fun.

You can also get rugs that cover your patio area, combined with a screen room provides you with a comfortable area for entertaining fellow camping families or for playing games and doing crafts with your kids.

For beach camping you may want umbrellas that clip to stadium chairs or chaise lounges to protect you from the sun. You could use the bike racks for hanging wet bathing suits and towels.

A collapsible trash bag holder, placed near your camper will make clean up of your patio easier, especially when you have had a large party or barbecue. If you can’t find the trash bag holder most department stores sell fold up laundry bags you can use.

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