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Do you know all pop up tent campers trailer brands?

Some people say that pop up tent camper trailers are just an upgrade from a tent.

However, these people are casually the ones that have never been camping with a tent and then with a tent trailer. Having such a camper is almost like sleeping in your own bed, warm and cozy at night, and during the day they are almost just as comfortable as being at home. This way a pop up tent campers trailer provides a lot of comfort, while giving you the chance to experience nature, sit by a campfire, and just enjoy all the joys of camping.

Even though a tent trailer looks simple and it is quite easy to handle, it hides a lot of space and all kinds of facilities inside. Most models have air conditioning, a cooking stove, a heater, a microwave, a refrigerator, a satellite TV, and even bath area. All of these can come in very hand while you are camping, but in the same time they also create a comfortable living area no matter where you are in the world. This is why a lot of people believe that it is more sensible to have a tent trailer than a motor-home: it is not only much cheaper and more easy to use, but it provides almost the same comfort as any motor-home would. Most camping spaces also have internet, therefore you can also browse the web while you are camping with a pop up tent camper trailer.

If you buy a pop up tent camper trailer, it will represent a big change in your life. Camping will be suddenly much easier and more comfortable than before. When you have a tent trailer, you can go camping every weekend. Most people who don't spend a lot of time outdoors and in nature do it so because they miss the comforts of home, a warm place to sleep and all the other facilities that they are used to day by day. Getting away for the weekend is a part of a healthy life: after a long week of working you deserve to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the green. A tent trailer will make escaping all the stress easier: you can just get in the car, and go camping with the whole family.

Pop up tent camper trailers are quite affordable: in fact these are some of the cheapest and best RVs that you can find. They are also efficient, you don't need a lot of fuel to drive them around.

The most popular pop up camper trailer manufacturers are:


Jayco (Eagle) pop-up camper


Presentation of the Rockwood pop-up camper


Presentation of the Flagstaff pop-up camper


1979 Coleman Gettysburg tent pop-up camper


Palomino pop-up camper


These are all the oldest brands that created the very first pop up tent trailers. They have more models of tent trailers available in different floor plans. Before you decide which brand to purchase, make sure you make a detailed research.

There aren't any major differences between these tent trailer brands, but there are a few minor ones: Jayco has a patentable lift system that will make the set up of the pop up much easier. Palomino and Coleman are family trailers, with pop ups that have king sized beds so the whole family can enjoy camping together. Some newer and more innovative brands are like Sylvansport, that manufacture more expensive but also more convenient pop up tent trailers, that are smaller, lighter and easier to carry.

Thanks to the pop up system, tent trailers are easy to tow with almost any car, easy to store and also handy when you are actually on a camping site. They are much smaller than most motor-homes, and they don't requite so much space. Since they can be easily set up and then packed away, you can go around to any place you want with them, without the bother of looking for a place to sleep.

Pop up tent trailers have a roof that can be raised and then lowered again, until the whole trailer resembles a big flat box. If you want to raise the top of the pop up camper trailer, you only have to simply release the top latches and then crane the top up. Some tent trailers also have an electric lift system, which makes it possible to lift the top in just a minute.

After you level the trailer you can put the screen tent up. It only takes you a short time to be able to enjoy camping with a set up pop up camper trailer. Once the trailer is connected to electricity, you can enjoy a cold beer, listen to music, and relax.

A tent trailer can be raised from a few minutes up to about 10 minutes. The time also can vary according to the manufacturer and the model you own. Some other facilities such as the awning and the bath area requires a bit more time to set up. However, usually this can be done later, after you looked around the campsite and made your family a lovely dinner cooked on the campfire. Most camp sites have showers and bathrooms, so you might not need to set up the outdoor shower at all.

All in all, pop up tent camper trailers are easy to use and set up, and they make camping a whole new experience for the entire family.

Visitor's Story

A pop up tent campers trailer is the next best thing to being at home. They can have accessories for convenience.

Some of these are air conditioning, heating, stove, and refrigerator, outside bath area, generator, satellite TV and microwaves. Now take a close look at that, all the comforts of home.
You will have to agree that this makes more sense than having a big RV motor home. Well, this is a choice and with all the different styles you can choose which way is suitable for you.

A pop up camper is a unique way to go on vacation. You will want to travel or go camping every weekend when the weathers good. You won’t want to stay home.

My camper Coleman pop tent up is a thrill to have for traveling and vacationing with. We travel and spend nights and even weeks in state camp grounds meeting people and enjoying different lifestyles. A pop up tent campers trailer can be very affordable for almost everyone. Take the kids and get outdoors, have fun and travel. This is what all the hard work we do is for. So we can get away and relax in the great outdoors.

A pop tent camper can be made to feel like home outdoors with a few extra accessories. My 2009 Coleman pop up camper is definitely a healthy and enjoyable part of our life. Insurance is affordable and traveling is the biggest expense you will see. The state camp grounds are very affordable to stay at for however you choose.

Because a pop up tent campers trailer can fit on a much smaller camp site, you made want to share a big campsite with friends or family. My brother Bill and his wife have been with us many times. We just get one big campsite and put their RV motor home and my Coleman pop up camper, along with my son’s truck camper all on one lot. We share the expense cutting the cost even more.

Even when you’re camping you can search the web. A lot of campgrounds have some form of internet connection available. I believe before long technology will allow us to be anywhere and connect to the internet. There may be areas of interest that can be reached from your camper, or you made want to take the camper with you, this can be done because of the easy set up and take down. But this also makes a truck pop-up camper a little more convenient, it can go with you with no work at all.

For setting up a tent pop-up camper, you release the top latches and crane the top up. You will want to level the trailer. Then if you have a screen tent, you can put this up, plug in to the electrical and you’re ready to start enjoying your time outdoors.

The refrigerator does not take long to be cold enough to food your food in and the stove is always ready to go.

Now if you have the outside bath area, that will take a little bit more time to hook up, but that doesn’t have to be done right away, and if the campground has a bath facility, you may not set it up at all. So you can see a pop up camper tent trailer is very easy to set up, making it an uncomplicated way to camp out.

BTW Have you ever wondered what Illinois, Indiana and Iowa have in common? Well I can honestly say they do have some great state campgrounds. In my pop up tent campers trailer, I travel the United States with my wife and my son, who has his own truck camper.

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