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Second hand and new camper vans are some of the most popular RVs. They are often called caravans or just campers...

Their popularity comes mainly for their capability to serve both as a way of transport and as a place to sleep and live in.

Most campervans offer a quite comfortable living area where you can do basic things such as cooking, sleep, washing and resting during the day. Sometimes camper vans are also called motorhomes.

There are more types of camper vans or caravans. Some of them have a pop up roof, which ensures that you have enough standing place in the vehicle but that the camper is not too big to drive around. Low profile campervans have a canvas roof which can be raised and lowered.

If you want to buy a new camper van, there are many models to choose from that have a lot of facilities. Most new camper vans come with a small kitchen, which has a stove, a grill and a refrigerator. Some models even come with microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances.

Caravans can also have air conditioning, water heater, portable toilet and even showers. With such facilities even a longer journey can be more comfortable. The electricity of a camper van is usually supplied by a battery, or by hooking up the camper at a campsite to the generator.

There are many manufactures of camper vans, so if you want to buy a new one, you have several choices. Caravans made by Volkswagen or Mercedes are quite popular, but there are many other RV manufacturers that make camper vans.

To decide which one to choose you simply should think about how big it should be and how sturdy. Some models are perfect for quick weekend getaways, while others are made for longer journeys when you need a place to cook and take showers.

VW Camper interior

If you are planning to buy a new camper van, there are several places where you can start looking. The best place to begin your search is online. Websites such as Roadtrek or Sportsmobile have new campervans for sale, but other RV stores such as Camping world, RV Wholesalers, Giant RV also have a lot of campers to choose from.

These websites are also great places to compare prices. Ebay is another site which you should check. There are many stores registered there that sell both new and used camper vans.

Local dealers and RV stores are also good places to look for new camper vans. Such stores usually have a catalog where you can see the different models of caravans that you can choose from. Buying new campers has a lot of benefits, first of all the fact that you will get warranty for the camper itself and also for many things inside the camper.

However, keep in mind that the latest models are very luxurious and also expensive. The most modern new camper vans can be as much as $100 000. If you travel a lot, such a campervan can be your travel home.

Visitor's Story.....

The new camper van or the second hand camper van makes another great way to camp. These campers have some nice features and accessories just like the pop up camper.

When traveling into the area of Hawaii, these campers work well for taking the ferry or boat across to the island campgrounds.

The 1980 used van camper differs from the 1981 as far as looks and design.

Either one still provides excellent possibilities for camping and traveling to many parks along the way.

Pulling a trailer behind a used camper van generally is easy enough to do with any size van camper.

I knew a family that has a van camper for camping in and at the campgrounds they would set up the screen room for added room for the kids and the family dog. I believe they had a 1980 Dodge van camper and they put a few miles on it and considered overhauling the engine to keep it in the family.

I suppose if you find something you really like and enjoy it would be the cheaper way to go in order to save some money. They found a place out of Georgia that had a rebuilt engine for a good price.

They said it was a good deal and the warranty was for so many miles. In any case, you can see with a camping van, you can still keep it around by just keeping it in good shape.

The new camper or the used camper van makes good sense for traveling in many different areas that might not be accessible with other camping trailers. People tend to view these types of campers as not really a camper, but they are unique and roomy. You can have all the same comforts with any van camper depending on your creativity.

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