Hardside Pop up Camper Trailer

Hard side pop up camper trailers, also referred to as hybrid pop up campers, are the less popular versions of soft side pop up campers.

They have a hand crank or hydraulic lift that raises the top of the camper. Unlike most pop up campers which have canvas sides, these have sides made of materials such as fiberglass.

Such pop up campers provide more comfort and they are more durable than the regular pop up camper trailers. They offer a better shelter against rain, storms and sun. While hard side pop up camper trailers have a lot of benefits, they are often almost as expensive as any other towable travel trailer. This is why most people rather have a canvas sided pop up camper.

Most hard side pop up campers offer a lot of space compared to their size, and a comfortable living area for your travels. They are sturdy vehicles, they have fiberglass sides, wood floor, tubular steel frame, fiberglass roof, and a completely enclosed living area.

In such a camper you won't feel like you are sleeping in a tent, which might happen when sleeping in tent trailers. Hard side pop up campers resemble a small but comfortable room.

One of the best known brands for hard side pop up camper trailers is Chalet RV, Aliner , and Forest River. All of these companies have different models of such campers, with various facilities and upgrading options.

Forest River

Forest River is an RV company founded in 1996 by Peter Liegl. He dedicated his career to build campers that offer people a wonderful camping experience. His camper trailers are his legacy, and they do offer the maximum comfort for any type of trip, long or short.

Even relatively small hard side pop up camper made by Forest River offer a lot of comfort. Some of the facilities are inner dinettes, 3 burner stoves, microwave, cabinet, sink, refrigerator, water heater and gas grill. The general features of the Forest River hard side pop up campers include some of the following:

deeper sinks hot water package (with water filter, water heater and water pump)

  • kitchen faucet
  • stereo CD player
  • toilet
  • electric brakes
  • larger window
  • outdoor speaker
  • outdoor grill
  • interior floor light
  • heated mattresses

  • Fresh Water Capacity 26 gals
  • Sleeps Up To 4
  • Tire Size 13

2012 Forest River Rockwood Hardside A124 RV (WS)

Chalet RV

Chalet RV is one of the best known companies that manufacture mainly hard side pop up campers. Their campers are not only durable, but they also offer safety and a comfortable camping experience. They are ultra lightweight, easily to be towed by almost any car.

The best feature of the Chalet RV hard side pop up campers is that they are very easy to set up. They can be raised in just 30 seconds. Their easy lift system is what makes Chalet RV hard side pop up campers so convenient for any traveler or camper. Chalet RR makes the largest folding camper trailer with solid sides on the market.

Chalet RV LTW hard side pop up camper

This model of hard sided pop up campers made by Chalet RV is the lightest one and the most affordable one of their trailers. It's weight makes it possible to use almost any car to tow it. The hard sided trailer has a coated frame which is rust resistant. This model comes with the following facilities (and more):

  • refrigerator
  • electric brakes
  • fan and vent system
  • outdoor shower
  • water heater
  • awning
  • furnace
  • easy set up lift system
  • cabinets
  • insulated floor


  • Exterior Length 12'9"
  • Exterior Width 81¾"
  • Exterior Length w/Front Storage Box 14'6" I
  • Inside Length 105½"
  • Inside Width 76"
  • Travel Height
  • Height When Set Up 112½"
  • Inside Height at Peak 88"
  • Axle Dry Weight (lbs) 895
  • Hitch Dry Weight (lbs) 95
  • Total Dry Weight (lbs) 990
  • Load Capacity (lbs) 1010 GVWR (lbs) 2000
  • Tire Size/RV Rated Radial 13"
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal) 17
  • Hitch Ball Height 18"
  • Hitch Ball Size 2"

Chalet RV Arrowhead hard side pop up camper

This is another model from Chalet RV, with even more facilities than the previous model. It has large windows for a bright inner space, bathroom and dinette. It is also less heavy than standard travel trailers, and it is easily towable.

It has a high wall option that includes a large freezer and tall counter-tops. It has an easy lift system like most other Chalet pop up campers, which saves time with setting it up. Here are some more features of the Arrowhead model:

  • refrigerator and freezer
  • furnace
  • fan and vent
  • electric brakes
  • electric water pump
  • large water tank
  • rust resistant frame
  • bike rack
  • insulated floor


  • Exterior Length 15'6"
  • Exterior Width 81¾"
  • Inside Length 132"
  • Inside Width 76"
  • Height When Set Up 119"
  • Axle Dry Weight (lbs) 1126
  • Hitch Dry Weight (lbs) 154
  • Total Dry Weight (lbs) 1380
  • Load Capacity (lbs) 1620 GVWR (lbs) 3000
  • Tire Size/RV Rated Radial 13"
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal) 17
  • Hitch Ball Height 19"
  • Hitch Ball Height (Trail Boss) 23"
  • Hitch Ball Size 2"


Aliner hard side pop up campers have an innovative design and high quality construction. Aliner campers make camping easier, keeping the level of comfort and in the same time offering the chance to enjoy nature.

Flagstaff Hard Side pop up camper from Forest River (2011 model T12DD)

This pop up camper made by Forest River is the lightest from the Flagstaff series, therefore it is the most easy to tow. You won't need an SUV to be able to tow this car.

It comes with a dinette, cabinet, sink, 3 burner stove, furnace, water heater and more. Other models such as the 2011 Flagstaff Hard Side T12RB model comes with even more facilities such as rear flip-up bed and gas grill.


  • Length 17'1"
  • Hitch Weight 273 lbs
  • Dry Weight 1,846 lbs
  • Gross Weight 3,082 lbs
  • Cargo Weight 1,217 lbs
  • Axle Weight 1,573 lbs

You can set these campers up in about 90 seconds, and you don't even have to unhook them from the vehicle. Aliner has many models of hard side pop up campers, made for all the tastes and desires. Their most popular hard side pop up camper is the Classic one.

Aliner Classic

This is the original design of Aliner, which made this company famous and got all the other models to develop. This versatile hard sided camper trailer with the pop up system is the favorite of travelers and campers for its perfect size and perfect weight. Its fiberglass exterior offers safety and protection against bad weather and comfort without being too expensive. Here are some of the most relevant features of this model:

  • outside shower
  • roof vent
  • 2 burner stove
  • microwave
  • water pump
  • 11 gallon freshwater tank
  • refrigerator
  • skylight


  • Length (feet) 15'
  • Width (inches) 78"
  • Road Height (inches) 57"
  • Weight (lbs) 1530 lbs.
  • Tires and Wheels 13" Aluminum
  • Gross Vehicle Weight 2000 lbs.

Aliner Alite

This small model has been created for people who don't want to carry around a big trailer, instead a very light small one which can be towed even by a motorbike. This is the smallest and lightest model of Alite. It is perfect if you want to save money and time, and you don’t want to sleep in a tent but in a dry, comfortable camper. Some of the facilities of the Aliner Alite include:

  • electric brakes
  • spare tire
  • roof vent
  • baggage door
  • fiberglass exterior


  • Length (feet) 9.5'
  • Width (inches) 60"
  • Road Height (inches) 36"
  • Weight (lbs) 610 lbs
  • Gross Vehicle Weight 1000 lbs.

Visitor's Story

Campers come with many special accessories that make living on the road enjoyable and fun.

Whether you travel to New Jersey or New Mexico, you will find yourself having a blast while meeting new friends and enjoyment.

The hardside pop up camper trailer is made in styles such as 5 wheelers and 2 wheelers. The truck pop up campers have hardsides as well.

The tent pop up camper such as a hardside pop up camper trailer is durable and sturdy.

The hardsides are made from different types of materials and make traveling to different climates and weather conditions easy on the hardside pop up camper trailer.

Flagstaff Hard Side Tent Camper Series T12RS, T12RB & T12DD

A van also allows people to travel and enjoy camping as well.

The perfect camping trip in a hardside pop up camper trailer is great weather and great friends. Unfortunately, you will have some rain and wind, but you camping will not be ruined, because there is always someone who has enough room for everyone or there are screen tents that can protect you from the weather.

The state of NM has some very popular attractions and campgrounds, if you ever get a chance to travel down there, you will enjoy it very much. If your hardside pop up camper trailer needs cleaning, they have area where you can wash it and shine it up if you want to. Keeping your camper clean before and after camping keeps it looking new and appealing. Keep the canvas clean and dry to protect the canvas from damage.

Hardside pop up camper trailer parts are easy enough to replace if you ever encounter a problem and need parts. The internet is a great place to find the parts and they are affordable for the most part. A dealer may get it faster, but the price is always the issue.

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