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Technically almost any type of bus can become a great bus camper in the hands of an expert company; you can also convert a school bus into comfortable bus camper.

Bus campers are the largest and most comfortable campers because of all the extra storage space and living space they offer.

While there are some manufacturers that make bus campers, often regular buses are also converted to create a bus camper.

Technically almost any type of bus can become a great bus camper in the hands of an expert company.

Converted bus campers are often more affordable than fifth wheels, and they can be just as cozy. In such a vehicle even a large family can have enough space while traveling.

Manufacturers of bus campers

Denning Denair

Denning Denair camper buses are some of the most luxurious ones. You can only buy them second hand, but there are many places online where you can find used Denning Denair camper buses.

The standard buses of this kind come with a fancy interiors, king or queen size beds, hot water tank and gray water tank and many other facilities. Such campers are most suitable for families who would like to have a comfortable and spacious living space while traveling.

Glaval Bus

This corporation is a division of Forest River, a world wide known company manufacturing RVs. Glaval bus manufactures bus campers, shuttle buses, and tour coaches. They have a large number of floorplans to choose from, which gives a lot of interesting choices for the customers.

Besides high quality camper buses they alps offer a great selection of electronic entertainment packages, luggage storage space, interior seating and fabric, para-transit equipment and more. All their buses have a fair market price. Some of their most popular camper bus models include the Apollo, Sport, and Prime Time.


Probably the most well known and most stylish camper buses are the Volkswagen camper buses. Most people love them for their cool retro look, and also the comfortable camping experience that they offer. Volkswagen camper buses are somewhat smaller buses than most other camper buses. However, they still have a spacious interior with a kitchenette, a comfortable large bed and storage space as well. While because of their retro look such campers can be expensive, they are cheaper than other camper buses because they are smaller

Converting a bus into a camper

First Choice Motorhome

This company from Australia specializes in converting buses into campers. They make conversion for affordable prices, making any bus a functional and comfortable place to stay. They offer Personal Design Consultation and a camper that is handmade by skillful and professional craftsman.

No matter what kind of bus you have, it will be converted according to your wishes into your dream motor home. This company makes sure that all the high quality furniture that they offer will be altered to fit perfectly your future camper.

Bruce Coach Custom Conversions

This company is a dedicated corporation that specializes in making high quality coaches and bus campers. They focus on customer satisfaction, therefore they offer custom made camper buses, which makes their offers very versatile. Each of their camper buses is hand crafted according to the wishes of the customer and each of them is unique.

They have a collection of buses that you can look at on their website and then contact them to have your own custom made coach. The camper buses made by Bruce Coach Custom Conversions are not only luxurious with a comfortable interior, but they are also very modern with all kinds of facilities. This custom designer company is located in Canada, in British Columbia.

How to make your own bus camper

Converting a bus into a camper is the dream of many people. Especially when it comes to vintage buses and school buses, there are many people around the world who convert them and make their very own camper, just they way they imagined it. Converting a bus into a camper is not so difficult, and it has many benefits.

First of all the price: if you consider the price of most motor homes, fifth wheels and travel trailers, you can see that most people could never be able to afford such luxurious campers. In the same time when you build your own camper you will make it exactly the way you want it to be: no unnecessary items, no overdecorating, no unneeded appliances. You can simply design your camper bus and add things to it that you really want to have.

Most buses are very strong and study, and they have been created to carry a lot of people and to be heavy duty. This makes them suitable for camping as well, and their high quality construction is perfect for a camper. Old school buses and other older models of buses can be usually purchased for an affordable price. An old school bus in a good condition can be bought for around $2000. You have to of course count the additional costs, but unwanted furniture from your house can be easily converted and fitted into the bus.

When it comes to converting a bus into a camper, the possibilities are endless. You should look at a few ideas before you make your own design to help you narrow down the options. Depending on the type of bus you have, you should start by clearing out the interior completely: the chairs, the bars, anything that will be in the way.

Once the bus is empty inside, you can start working. After this you have to insulate the walls of the bus. Most buses are made of a strong material but they have bot been designed for sleeping. This is why you have to insulate them, making sure that they will be warm enough while you travel. After this the plumbing and energy sources should be made, but often buses already have enough light sources inside. If you want to have a gray water tank and a fresh water tank, you should place it in the end of the bus.

Wall covering and flooring should be the next step. You can use a carpet as well to make the bus even more comfortable.

Making the bedrooms, the bathroom and the kitchen are the biggest steps when you are converting a bus into a camper.

The best place for the beds is the area behind the front seat. You have to secure the bed frame carefully, then add mattresses.

The size of the bed usually depends on the size of the buses, but most buses have enough space for king size and queen size beds.

In the kitchen area you should have cabinets (which can be made from hard wood or plywood), a stove, a sink, a dinette, table and chairs. These are the most important things, but you can also add a fridge, microwave oven and other appliances that you feel necessary.

Keep in mind that everything has to be secured, the cabinets bolted and the appliances secured to the cabinets or storage boxes. If you use a propane tank, the best place for it is under the table. The plumbing system of the kitchen can be also self made if you are handy, but you can also ask someone professional to help you out with that part.

This applies for the bathroom as well. Making the bathroom is a bit more complicated, because a toilet has to be installed inside the vehicle and a septic tank outside. Build walls around the restroom to make it more comfortable for everyone who uses it.

Other things you can add to the bus camper are sofas, TV, couches, dining area and stereos. All of these have to be secured and you also have to make sure that there is enough electricity for them to run. You might also want to make a vent in the bus if there isn't one to assure fresh air circulation all the time.

Once you are done with all this, you can start thinking about decoration, but this depends on your taste.

Visitor's Story....

Let us take a 1984 or a 1985 bus camper from start to finish. The basic things you need are the tools, plans and materials.

Start by preparing the inside, removing seats, bolts that make be sticking up out of the floor and anything else that is not needed in your project.

Now you should start by installing the heating hoses and the wiring that is needed for the camper.

Because of the length, you can have a bedroom, bunk area, bathroom, kitchen and dining area with a living room type of area in the bus campers.

The size allows you more area to work with then a camper trailer would, but the work requires the same amount of planning. Start framing the rooms and you are on your way. You will want some type of insulation; usually a one-inch thickness will do for a camper bus.

From there you go unto the plumbing, lighting, propane and any other things you need to for the finishing of the bus camper. The project does not have to cost a lot of money to be complete, doing the work yourself and starting with a used bus should be relatively easy to complete.

Keep track of everything you do and where you install hoses and wiring, in case you would ever have a problem and need to repair something.

Bus campers travel well and taking long trips to Rhode Island or South Carolina, you will want the heat and the air conditioning to work along with the other parts of the camper for comfort. You will also want to have a venting system for the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Beginning and finishing the project may lead you to wanting to convert another bus and earn some extra money if you think the job was successful.

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