Teardrop Camper Trailer

Do you know that modern teardrop camper trailer not only brings nostalgia but also offers comfort?

Teardrop campers are low profile, lightweight and compact camper trailers that are used all around the world.

They are known for their special look, where their name also comes from: a teardrop.

This is in fact an aerodynamic design that makes this camper trailer so efficient, small, but still spacious and comfortable.

The golden time of teardrop campers was in the 1930s, and they continued as being the most popular camping trailers until the 1960s.

Now they have become very popular again all around the world, mainly for their cheap price, for their low maintenance, and their aerodynamic design. Their retro look is also considered attractive by many campers.

Most teardrops are usually small and lightweight, not exceeding 450 kg (1000 pounds). This makes them efficient and easily to tow by almost any car. Some teardrop camper trailers can be also towed by a motorbike.

Teardrop camper trailers have enough space inside for two people to sleep in and also a comfortable kitchen area. Their compact size makes them safe and suitable for even harsh weather conditions such as cold or storms. For hot summers they are also suitable, because they can some with air conditioning.

The teardrop trailers are manufactured all around the world by various companies, and this way there are a lot of options and many different models to choose from if you want to buy such a camper trailer.

American Teardrop Camper Trailers

These camper trailers benefit from the typical advantages of the teardrop design, namely that they are lightweight, they have an aerodynamic design, enameled aluminum exterior and plenty of room inside despite their small size. Since all American Teardrop campers are manufactured in the USA, they have quite low prices compared to many other manufacturers.

The American Teardrop camper is one of the favorites in the USA. Currently the company is making their teardrops even more innovative, with improved custom hatch hinge, duel locking hatch, a choice of birch or oak interior, brushed or polished aluminum exterior, LED Exterior Lighting and further other options to make the camper trailer more comfortable.

All of the American Teardrop trailers come with a queen size bed, two windows for ventilation, a large roof vent, and two large entry doors. They have an insulated cabin, a spacy storage area, and vinyl floor that is durable and keeps out moist.The American Teardrop Campers have various models, such as the Eagle, the Hawk, the Falcon and Merlin.

Specifications for the Eagle American Teardrop Camper:

Size 5x10

Weight 925#

Bed size 58x78

Inside Length 88

Overall Length 156

Cabin Width 60

Overall Width 80

Overall Height 67

Little Guy Teardrop camper trailers

Little Guy started manufacturing teardrop camper trailers starting from 2002. They used the old design to create something new and innovative, suitable for camping, fishing, and all kinds of activities outdoors.

Their trailers are made of alufiber roof with fiberglass sidewalls, double locking doors, slider windows for more safety and privacy, carpeted walls and linoleum flooring on the inside. The campers also have lights, a roof vent and a comfortable mattress. On request you can also have air conditioning, a stereo, heater, and other appliances inside the camper trailer for a more comfortable camping experience.

The Little Guy teardrop camper trailers have more models. Here are just a few: Rascal, Lil' Rough Rider, Silver shadow, 6-Wide Sport and Little Guy R/T. They have different sizes, some of them having more storage place and more sleeping place, while others being made for only one person. Some of their models such as the Lil' Rough Rider can be taken off road, which makes them perfect for camping in the wilderness. Their smallest model, the Rascal, can be towed even by a motorbike.

Here are the specifications for the Little Guy R/T:

Width (Cabin): 62"

Length (Cabin): 96"

Width (Fender to Fender): 82"

Length (Tongue to Bumper): 13'-0"

Weight: 940 lbs.

Interior Height: 42"

interior Width: 59"

interior Length: 80"

Aussie Teardrop Camper Trailers

These campers have been made based on the original models of teardrop campers from the 1940s. They have a sleeping cabin and a kitchenette, and a very cool retro look.

They can be towed by the smallest cars, and they need minimal setup and maintenance. The Aussie teardrop campers have three models: the Belmontear, the Desertear and the Adventuretear. The last model is an off road one, which you can take when you go hiking or to other areas that are more difficult to drive to. Each models come in different sizes, ranging from 8'x4' to 9'x5'.

The structure of the Aussie teardrop campers show how durable and sturdy they are. They have an a-frame steel structure, independent suspension, and various types of wheels and tires that you can choose from. They have a fibreglass entry door with sliding window, security entry doors and underfloor storage for your gear. The campers come with a kitchenette with two shelves, and some models come with a 3 burner cooker with gas bottles, a sink, and a 60L water tank.

Here are the specifications for the Belmontear:

Body Height 1.1m

Overall hight 1.5m

Body Width 1.2m standard

Overall width 1.8m standard

Body length 2.5m standard

Overall length 3.8m standard

Camp-Inn Teardrop Camper Trailers

This company managed to combine the vintage functionality of the teardrop models with modern comfort. Their campers come with air conditioning, LP furnace, TV/DVD, stove, sink, sleeping space for two or more people and many other options that will make camping a lot of fun.

The Camp-Inn campers have an aluminium exterior, which is durable but lightweight in the same time. They have stainless steel fenders, and an interior made of birch.

The trailers have a kitchen area with a sink and kitchen cabinets made of birch plywood. For a lovely kitchen area there are also stainless steel counter-tops and back-splashes.If you like more comfort, you have various other options to choose from if you choose Camp-Inn teardrop trailers. You can have a TV/DVD, a couch, a roof fan, a stove, a dining table, a bike rack, and other facilities as well.

Camp-Inn manufactures more models of teardrop camper trailers, such as the 560 Raindrop, the 550 Teardrop and the 500 Teardrop. The differences between these models lie in their design, but also in other small things.

Specifications for the 500/550 Teardrop models:

Body Length 8'

Total Length 11' 11''

Body Width 5'

Height 61''

Interior Cabin Height 3' 8''

Main Bed Size 4' 10'' x 6' 6''Queen Size

Weight Approx 850-1240 lb.

Here is a video about teardrop travel trailers that will tell you more about them:

Presentation of Teardrop Trailers in Nature....

Visitor's Story

The Teardrop camper trailer is exactly that, a camper shaped like a tear drop and has just as much luxury as a pop up camper.

The back of the camper flips up and exposes a little kitchen.

The front has a little opening for entrance to the sleeping quarters.

A table attaches outside for dining and a few lawn chairs for sitting works very well for eating and preparing meals.

The teardrop styled camper has been around since 1949 from what I been able to find. They have not changed the style, but have added some unique upgrades to the body and interior.

The two wheel free Teardrop camper plan allows people to design and build a camper without too much difficulty. The neat little camper homemade Teardrop style allows campers the ability to enjoy the outdoors even more than a pop up camper does.

The year of 1989 or 1990, I had the opportunity to see a camper of this type in Iowa late one fall. The camper is definitely unique and can be seen all over. Hunters like the little campers for hunting in the woods. The space does not matter when you hunt and sleep. Down in Kansas I saw a Teardrop camper that had some nice lightwood around the kitchen area and the sleeping area was done with the same wood color with a queen size bed.

Presentation of CampInn 560 Ultra Teardrop camper

The Teardrop camper trailer with a kitchen and sleeping quarters with an available screen tent with privacy flaps makes a nice little camper for anyone. The shape of the camper resembling a tear drop makes plenty of room for one to two people, although I have heard about people having up to three people in the camper. It all depends on the size and room.

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