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As the potential future owner of Jayco’s pop-up camper trailer, you probably already have an answer to the question: Why Jayco?

But for those that just started research on folding campers and came to this page let me make short introduction to Jayco. I hope it will help many to make an educated decision.

It all started in Middlebury (Ind) in 1967 when Lloyd Jay Bontrager started his campers’ business literally on his backyard.

Well, that is probably nothing unusual, (it is well known that Apple started the business in the garage).

But not many success stories from the beginning committed to and later followed so high technical and sort-of moral standards as Jayco.

Jay wanted to design and manufacture (in his own words) “better” pop-up camper trailer following the 3E concept including:

  • Easy to set-up (back in 60’s he patented the lift system still in use today)
  • Easy to use;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Later the concept was extended to one more E standing for:

  • Eco-friendly

Company’s advanced manufacturing process is based on using sustainable materials, reducing waste, recycling used components, reduction of potentially harmful content to the absolute minimum, installing energy efficient appliances. These efforts did not go unnoticed – Jayco received the “Indiana Governor’s Award for Excellence”.

But that wouldn’t be the whole story. Jay Bontrager also wanted that all his employees can truly feel as being part of one big family (he has been tirelessly promoting this “family-like-spirit” till his tragic death in 1985 plane accident).

As it is now clear, the company name is derived from Bontrager’s middle name.

Jayco Pop Up Campers Trailer: Inside of Jayco folding camper by JaycoRVs

These days Jayco Inc. is one of the largest US manufacturers of pop-up camper trailers. Over the years Jayco also extended operations to UK and Australia. And although the company also runs motor-home and fifth-wheel businesses, the main-stream production is dedicated to pop-up camper trailers – originally started by Lloyd J. Bontrager.

Jayco’s folding campers are well known for their simplicity (easy to use and maintain is obliging) at the same time offering excellent comfort for vacationers.

The patented lift system was designed as “weather-proof” (no-rust, no dirt build-ups) assuring reliable operation year after year. Similarly the Camper-Tex ™ tent was designed as user-friendly one-piece element.

Jayco is avertically integrated company, making most of needed components and sub-assemblies. To guarantee high quality of their final products Jayco also makes the furniture (tables, couches, mattresses, chairs etc…). They are lightweight, have laminated walls, roofs and floors with aerodynamic shape to make them easy towable energy efficient on the road.

And the best – the impressively large selection of available models almost guarantees finding “That’s The One” for even most demanding customers (size, weight, basic equipment, options….). The list covers models from small and very basic to large upscale ones with slide-out rooms, shower and toilet, from low profile ones to rugged for off-the-road conditions….. They come in sizes ranging from about 12 ft to 26 ft (folded) and dry weight from about 1500 lbs to 4000 lbs (7,500 lbs loaded)..

Following are currently manufactured series of Jayco pop-up camper trailers:
Jay Series

This is the most popular line of Jayco’s folding campers. It includes the following models:

  • Jay 1006 (length 16’2”, dry weight 2,015 lbs, cargo 945 lbs, water 23gals, sleeps 7);
  • Jay 1007 (length 14’2”, dry weight 1,820 lbs, cargo 730 lbs, water 23gals, sleeps 8);
  • Jay 1206 (length 18’2”, dry weight 2,490 lbs, cargo 960 lbs, water 23+gals, sleeps 7, slide-out, optional folding hard-wall internal bath);
  • Jay 1207 (length 16’2”, dry weight 2,005 lbs, cargo 945 lbs, water 23gals, sleeps 8);
  • Jay 1208 (length 18’2”, dry weight 2,530 lbs, cargo 960 lbs, water 23+gals, sleeps 6, slide-out, optional folding hard-wall internal bath);
  • Jay 806 (length 11’9”, dry weight 1,465 lbs, cargo 785 lbs, water 17gals, sleeps 5).

Jayco Pop Up Campers Trailer: 2011 Jayco Jay Series 1206 Popup Trailer. Noteworthy features are light weight, low cost, 6 gallon hot water heater, fresh water tank, water purification system, and the outdoor mini kitchen.

Jay Series Sport

These units are designed for more “adventures” traveling and in general cover lower end of size. The tent is sectionalized (easier to repair) and water repellent. Vinyl floor, fiberglass roof provides extra robustness.

The Sport series includes the following models:

  • Jay Sport 10 (length 13’6”, dry weight 1,410 lbs, cargo 840 lbs, water 10gals, sleeps 5);
  • Jay Sport 10FD (length 16’6”, dry weight 1,540 lbs, cargo 810 lbs, water 10gals, sleeps 6);
  • Jay Sport 12 (length 12’6”, dry weight 1,520 lbs, cargo 830 lbs, water 10gals, sleeps 6);
  • Jay Sport 8 (length 11’7”, dry weight 1,245 lbs, cargo 750 lbs, water 10gals, sleeps 5).

2011 Jayco Jay Series 1206 Popup Trailer - floor plan (source - video above).

Baja Series

These models are designed for family including young kids. They provide more comfort and more storage space including a bike deck. The latter can hold up to 6 bikes or an ATV). Basic amenities include also the Multimedia Stereo and the powerful furnace. One of available options is a “hard-wall” bath (toilet/shower) unit (standard in Baja 14F model).

The Baja series includes:

  • Baja 10G (length 20’6”, dry weight 2,545 lbs, cargo 2,005 lbs, water 37+gals, sleeps 6, slide-out, optional folding hard-wall bath);
  • Baja 12E (length 22’6”, dry weight 3,025 lbs, cargo 1,835 lbs, water 37+gals, sleeps 8, slide-out, optional folding hard-wall bath);
  • Baja 14F (length 26’1”, dry weight 4,025 lbs, cargo 3,475 lbs, water 37+gals, sleeps 6, slide-out, built-in folding hard-wall bath);

Jay Series Select HW

This is top-of-the-line series which thanks to taller box (high walls - HW) offers high-end residential size amenities (kitchen cabinets, countertops, larger fridge, three burners stove, furnace, microwave…. etc).

The series currently includes only one model:

  • Jay Series Select HW 141J (length 17’8”, dry weight 2,865 lbs, cargo 985 lbs, water 23+gals, sleeps 7, slide-out, optional folding hard-wall bath);

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