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Pop-up camper accessories: Buying strategy and useful tips

Decision to buy the pop-up camper trailer is the first step in the right direction (vacations in nature).

But then the major question arises right away – what kind of pop-up camper accessories would you like to have with you during your camper’s adventure.

These days there is abundance of models of tent campers (as they are also called) available in various sizes, floor-plans and with very large choice of features ranging from “Spartan” level through “standard” (basic) to luxurious.

The bottom line is – long list of accessories to choose from offers huge flexibility to a buyer, but quite often it also creates a real headache!

We will try here to help you to make right decisions.

When buying the new model of the pop-up camper trailer usually we face the well known situation – our pocket is “not deep enough”. It may force us to initially give up on some options from our list of wishes. It is not much different story when buying the used model - we have to take it “as it is”. For some lucky buyers it may be an opportunity to get fully loaded folding camper for fraction of real price, but for many, it may also result in ending up with a “sub-equipped” pop-up camper compared to our needs.

This is when pop-up camper accessories are coming on the first plan. Fortunately these days there is plethora of online shops to choose from allowing also comparing prices and delivery service.

But before we discuss the most popular accessories for pop-up campers let’s talk a bit about buying strategy.

  1. Dealers usually offer original manufacturers accessories; however the best opportunity to purchase them is when buying the new camper. As a buyer of the camper you have huge negotiating power. On top of that, most accessories can be installed by dealer (if they need installation by the qualified staff). However coming back to the dealer to buy pop-up camper accessories after you already “left the parking lot” may be (too) expensive!
  2. For important accessories and in general parts that determine your safety usually it is suggested to use original manufacturer’s ones. It is not only the matter of warranty of the whole camper but also certainty that accessories are specially designed for that job and they will perfectly fit into the place. This may be more costly solution but it offers the peace of mind.
  3. Third-party accessories and parts usually offer the lowest cost solution. This is “bonanza” especially for all those handy guys that can “do-it-yourself without being discouraged by the fact that sometimes you have to do some extra effort to make it work.
  4. Used accessories may be also interesting, but usually you have to be either desperate to find the right part (for example for old campers having “historical value”) or be on very tight budget. Nevertheless – in some cases turning to the market of used accessories may be also a good solution, so do not discard this option.
  5. Having said all that let’s discuss few most popular accessories for pop-up camper trailers. While many accessories can significantly improve the quality of your camping adventure, some are just gadgets that serve rather manufacturers’ and sellers’ interests than buyer. As usually, before pulling the trigger, you should control “emotions”……

Pop Up Camper Accessories: An instructional video for setting up a folding(pop-up) camper.

Pop-up camper accessories: Useful tips

List of useful pop-up camper accessories:

  • Outdoor stove – and the main reason is that cooking outside the trailer greatly eliminates odors form your next to the kitchen living and sleeping area. It also helps to keep camper clean.
  • AC unit – for obvious reasons
  • Heater – important when you plan to extend your camping season. Practical note – it may be wiser to look for a reversible AC unit that can do both functions – cooling (AC) and heating (Heat Pump). Keep in mind that every extra item in your pop-up camper (in this case heater) “eats” your living space. From that point of view a roof mounted reversible AC unit is a real winner. But there is little limitation to this solution – if you like rustic camping with no access to electricity, then the gas burning heater is the only solution….
  • Outdoor Shower – if you plan using campgrounds then it does not make much sense to buy an outdoor shower +water heater. It is rather a waste of money and space. However for lovers of an unspoiled nature and rustic environment it may be a wise choice.
  • Screen room – seems to be a good choice espcifically when you expect to travel to mosquitoes and/or black flies infected areas. In such cases the screen room is not a luxury but the “must” if you want to avoid “horrifying” evenings….
  • Bikes rack – it is a nice addition offered by many stores, but before you pull the plug let’s do some brainstorm session. For just two -to- three bikes the bike rack attached to your car (trunk mounted or on the roof) is probably a better solution. It is more cost effective solution giving you flexibility of taking bikes with you on any other occasion when not hauling the trailer. And even during your camper’s adventure sometimes you may want to leave your pop-up camper trailer on the campground and explore area by car taking bikes with you. However the trailer’s bikes rack may be the only solution for bigger family taking more bikes for camping vacations.
  • Generator – it may be the “must-to-have” option for those venturing on unbeaten paths, a bit farther from what we call civilization. The main problem I have with generators is that they are noisy, clearly disturbing “peace & tranquility” offered by nature you were looking for in the first place… Good option to consider may be solar panel as it will do the job “silently” without even being noticed…. So think twice before making decision!
  • TV – well these days many of us cannot even think of enjoying `time without TV. But hey, a “seasoned nature lover” (as the owner of pop-up camper you better be one of them) you may consider to rather reject this “pollution” and listen to the nature. You will be amazed discovering that Mother Nature is a great performer; that silence actually may sound like the best symphonic orchestra…..Think this way – living in the city (or any area affected by the light pollution) you can only read about the Milky Way in the books. But far from big agglomerations, surrounded by nature you can actually see it and feel the deepness of the sky. Similarly you may also discover the sound of nature…. That is why TV may be the last pop-up camper accessory you really need with you.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector – presence of this device in your pop-the up camper does not need any recommendation. As this is the safety issue, select the unit from trustworthy manufacturer.
  • Electric lift system – probably good idea for all those tired of cranking it up manually. This is the pop-up camper accessory especially useful for those that are mostly “on the way” and each evening have to set-up the tent trailer.
  • Water purification system – it may be a good idea provided that your filter also removes all “stuff” that may accumulate in your water tank (you have to clean the water tank during “winterization process” and remember to change the water filter each season. Better (or healthier) alternative may be to keep buying big bottles of drinking natural spring water in the nearby store.
  • Leveling devices – do not count that campgrounds offer the perfectly flat surface. Market offers many devices from simple pads to jacks that can help you to “stabilize” your camper
  • Camper cover – you may consider it for the long periods of time when your lovely folded pop-up camper trailer waits on your driveway for the next camping season.

Well, choosing pop-up camper accessories for your comfort is not an easy task. To avoid gadgets and make the best “bangs for bucks” do some “thinking” before you make your final decision.

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