Pull Behind Campers

Pull behind campers called also towable campers require SUV or truck...

Campers can be deviled into two main groups:

A. Motorized campers

B. Pull behind campers (towable campers)

Pull behind campers need a car, an SUV or a truck to tow them, depending on their type and size. Such campers have become very popular lately, now that people have experienced that traveling and camping is the best way to relax. Campers are used to get away from the city and experience nature for a weekend or for a longer period of time.

For those who like to have some amount of comfort while going camping, recreational vehicles or RVs are the best choice. Pull behind campers are a type of RVs that are affordable, convenient and easy to use. There are more companies that make great pull behind campers that you can enjoy on your next camping trip.

Pull behind camper types

 Pop up campers

Pop up campers are also called tent trailers or folding campers. They are the most popular and most common towable campers, mostly because of their cheap price. They are also easy to use and easy to tow. They are the lightest pull behind trailers because they have soft sides and fiberglass top.

Small towable trailers

Most pull behind campers are quite small, not only because this way they are easier to drive around, but also because they don’t require a lot of extra fuel. Most small trailers have a lot of benefits, but they also have some cons. They are almost always non-self-containing, which means that they don’t have a fresh water tank and a septic tank. Due to this they have to be hooked up to a septic tank at campsites.

Small travel trailers or motorcycle trailers are the smallest pull behind  campers. You don’t even need a car to tow them, a motorcycle is enough. These trailers are very small indeed, but they are more comfortable than a tent, while not much heavier. The best brands that make high quality small trailers are for instance Airstream and Quicksilver. Small campers often have an aerodynamic in design.

While small campers are convenient for their light weight characteristics and small size which makes them easily transportable, they are also very efficient. These trailers will save fuel, since they are so easy to pull and transport. Small pull behind campers offer a lot of comfort compared to their size, even the smallest ones come with some facilities and accessories such as awnings, a cooking area and comfortable sleeping area.


Teardrop trailers are some of the smallest pull behind campers you can find. They have an aerodynamic design that looks like a teardrop; this is how they got the name. They use very little additional fuel, therefore they are efficient. They are usually quite small, around 4 feet high and 8 feet long. Despite their small sizes they have enough space inside for two people. TAB (t@b) is the most known brand for teardrop trailers.

Motorcycle trailers

It is one thing that nowadays you don’t need an SUV anymore to pull a camper, but in fact you don’t have to have a car either for this purpose. There are trailers that can be towed by motorcycles and even bicycles. They have the same pop up system as pop up campers, but they are smaller and lighter. They are not much heavier than a tent, but with one of these you can avoid sleeping on the hard ground. Even such small trailers have usually a stove, storage area and even air conditioning. A & A Manufacturing and Roadman Campers are some of the best known motorcycle trailer brands.

5th wheels

These very luxurious and spacious pull behind campers are the most expensive towable trailers. They come with large inner spaces for storage, sleeping areas with queen size bed, full kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other facilities. They are the heaviest campers; they need trucks to be towed. 5th wheels use quite a lot of fuel, but they provide almost the same comfort as your home does.

Travel trailers

Travel trailers most often refer to the hard sided, middle sized campers, though sometimes they are also used as a general term for RVs. They are somewhat smaller and lighter than 5th wheels, and they can be towed by SUVs as well as other big cars.

The main difference between a 5th wheel and a travel trailer is the way they are connected to the car that tows them. Both these types of pull behind campers are very heavy duty and durable vehicles designed for longer travels. Travel trailers are less stable when towed than 5th wheels.


Pull Behind Camper Brands

Here are some of the best brands that manufacture pull behind campers of all kinds. The main difference between these brands is their pricing and the level of comfort that they offer. While some pull behind campers come with a simple sleeping area and living area, others also have a shower, a kitchen and even air conditioning.

Note: Click on the pictures bellow to watch videos:


A video tour of the new Starcraft camper

Starcraft is one of the first companies that made high quality campers. They have developed the art of pull behind campers through 100 years. They manufacture various types of towable campers, such as folding campers or pup up campers, light weight campers, and travel trailers. Their pop up campers are ideal for a smaller trip, they provide a spacy and comfortable sleeping area for the night.

Their lightweight campers offer a miniature bedroom for longer travels with all the comfort you need, but in the same time they are easy to tow. The lightweight campers of Starcraft can be pulled by almost any car. Their travel trailers are the upgrade of these lightweight campers: they constitute a whole living area with bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

They are the most comfortable pull behind trailers for traveling made by this company. The most popular pull behind campers made by Starcraft are the pop up campers. They are very easy to set up, but they contain all the comforts you might need for a quick weekend getaway.


Walk through the process of buying a Coleman Camping Trailer.

Coleman is a well-known name among fans of camping and RVs. They manufacture various types of pull behind campers, in all sizes and with high levels of luxury. Coleman makes pop up campers, travel trailers and 5th wheels as well. Their campers are somewhat more luxurious and more modern than the Starcraft campers, but they are also more expensive. If you want full comfort, Coleman pull behind campers will offer it to you.


Viking RV feature segment on the television series What the Stuff Outdoor Adventure!

Viking pull behind campers such as pop up campers are also well known. They are small and easy to tow with a car or an SUV, but they offer surprisingly large space inside. Viking campers usually have a living area, sleeping area and kitchenette, sometimes even a small shower or bathroom. The best known Viking pull behind campers are pop up campers.


Kamparoo Brumby in Alice Springs

Similar but smaller and more practical than a pop up camper trailer, these campers can be pulled by any vehicle and they can be set up in 10 seconds. They are the ideal pull behind campers for very small cars. Kamparoo pull behind trailers are ideal for camping, fishing, biking and so on, with a spacy storage area. These campers are lightweight, with galvanized steel body, with an open length of about 14 inches.


RVDirect presents a Palomino Truck Camper walk-through.

Palomino is a company makes various types of campers that can be towed by a car. Their fanciest designs are the ones that have a folding kitchenette, queen sized bed, and pop out dining tables. Some models even come with air conditioning, hot shower and indoor heating.

Visitor's Story

Camping magazines display the pull behind camper as a great way to travel and camp.

I personally agree with this statement as I have been camping in a pop up pull behind ever since I was a little boy.

I grew up around campgrounds and have a love of the outdoors like many other people do as well. In 1990, I had the chance to travel to West Virginia and then onto Washington, after that, I was hooked on these areas. The beautiful campgrounds and attractions, made the trip adventurous.

I have seen a pop up camper from the year 1991 that resembled my Coleman pop up camper and was amazed at the resemblance, due to the years of difference. Campers do not chance often. I believe that the manufactures know a good thing and update a little, but generally keep the floor plans and accessories the same. Since I discovered this fact, I have a great time seeing other campers to see if there is any difference worth mentioning.

Many people have given their pull behinds up for RV camping or fifth wheel campers. I see so many people, who have to take along an extra vehicle when they have these types of campers, but I just set up my pop up camper and detach it from the camper and away I go. This I find is more convenient then adding extra weight to the package.

The pull behind camper will be around for longer than I will and everyone who finds good deals on used campers will hit the roads and enjoy the world of camping. Whether you are young or old, you can travel the country and find many interesting campgrounds to stay at that have some great people and activities for everyone to enjoy.

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