StarCraft Pop Up Camper Trailer

Starcraft pop up camper trailer is made by one of the most renowned and old manufacturers of recreational vehicles in US.

A bit of history

The roots of the Starcraft’s RV division can be found in Star Tank Company founded by Arthur Schock in 1903.

Initially the company operated in the business of water tanks later extending operations to light aluminum and fiberglass boats.

In early 1960’s Star Tank entered the business of the recreational vehicles coming with line of pop-up campers marketed under the name Starcraft.

It is interesting to note that first Starcraft pop-up camper trailers were developed thanks to the efforts and ingenuity of Lloyd J. Bontrager.

He patented an innovative, highly reliable lifting system that with minor modifications is still in use in today’s folding campers made by several manufacturers.

Shortly after successful production of first folding campers Lloyd Bontrager left Starcraft opening his own company designing and manufacturing pop-up camper trailers known as Jayco. In a twist of irony in 1991 Jayco bought the business of recreational vehicles from then bankrupted Starcraft. Despite the successful merger, till these days Starcraft and Jayco are operated independently marketing their respective lines of pop-up camper trailers under their original brand names.

Starcraft is credited with many innovations in the construction of pop-up campers. On top of the mentioned crank-up lifting system Starcraft revolutionized the industry by introducing hardtops to its models (today – it is the industry standard).

Starcraft Models

The 2012 line of Starcraft’s pop-up campers includes three families of folding trailers – correspondingly Starflyer (new line), Comet and Centennial.

All Starcraft pop-up camper trailers come with the following standard features:

  • corrosion resistant frame;
  • domed seemless fiberglass roof;
  • EZ-Lube axles;
  • Leaf spring suspension system;
  • Scratch-resistant, embossed aluminum finish on exterior;
  • Enclosed (rust protected) lift system w/7 years warranty;
  • Water-repellant sectioned tent from patented Aqualon material;
  • Brown-sugar cabinetry;
  • Wall-to-wall vinyl flooring;

Multiple bed configurations range from twin beds to queen and king size beds in larger models. Interesting option includes heated box spring mattresses and heated bed mats –great solutions for colder days of early spring or late fall camping.

StarCraft Pop Up Camper Trailer: Starflyier

This is the entry-level pop-up camper trailer available in two versions: 8 and 10-foot floor-plans. They are lightweight, easy to set-up and fold down units and the biggest advantage beside obviously low cost is also the fact that they can be towed by most family cars.

This is accomplished thanks to low net weight of campers – an important factor that should be considered when purchasing a pop-up camper trailer. On the other side the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) still guarantees reasonable cargo carrying capacity. Due to the low GVWR, Starflyier’s standard amenities are limited to just those necessary for reasonable vacationing comfort.

Main parameters:

Model Length open/closed/height GVWR (lbs) unloaded weight(lbs) Sleeping
Starflyier 8f 11’7/16’2”/52” 1,495 1,015 5-6
Starflyier 10f 13’6/19’6”/53” 1,590 1,155 5-6

Video tour of the new 2011 Starcraft pop-up camper

StarCraft Pop Up Camper Trailer: Comet

These models include external shower, water heater, furnace, 20-lbs propane gas bottle, tinted vinyl windows with fine-mesh bug screen as well as power lift and electric brakes (to name most important ones) as the standard features.

Main parameters:

Model Length open/closed/height GVWR (lbs) unloaded weight(lbs) Sleeping
816 11’9”/16’2”/57” 2,250 1,550 5-6
1019 14’2/20’10”/56” 2,550 1,875 6-8
1020 16’2”/20’10”/60” 2,950 2,080 6-7
1222 18’2”/23’4”/61” 3,450 2,725 6-7
1224 18’2”/23’4”/61” 3,450 2,440 6-8


  • Model 816 includes external carryout stove
  • Model 1019 includes outside shower, water heater, external carryout stove
  • Model 1020: main difference compared to the model 1019 is an extra sofa
  • Models 1222 and 1224: These two models on top of an external shower, water heater, carryout stove and sofa also include slide-out dinettes and extra internal bath/shower/toiled with waste tank.

StarCraft Pop Up Camper Trailer: Centennial

Starcraft Centennial pop-up camper trailers are designed for larger families and/or those looking for more “living” room when vacationing.

They include slide-out dinette, external shower, water heater, furnace, L-shaped sofa, microwave, 3-burner stove, 20-lbs propane gas bottle, extra storage cabinets, tinted vinyl windows with fine-mesh bug screen as well as power lift and electric brakes (to name most important ones) as the standard features.

Main parameters:

Model Length open/closed/height GVWR (lbs) unloaded weight(lbs) Sleeping
3611 18’2”/23’4”/61” 3,450 2,440 6-8
3612 17’8”/25’8”/63” 3,612 2,840 6-7

Note: The model 3611 includes internal bath/shower/toiled with waste tank.

Starcraft provides the long list of available add-ons that can be installed in pop-up campers by manufacturer (at the moment of the purchase), or later by the owner.

The most popular options include external awning, external stereo, electric brakes (for low cost models), outdoor grill, external storage box, extra internal/external lighting, AC (most models have external hook-ups for roof-top models), upscale flooring and fabrics.

Some options are not available from Starcraft, but can be easily purchased from third-party manufacturers – an example are energy-efficient induction cook-tops.

I hope that from the list of Starcraft Pop-up Camper Trailers you can find your "dream" folding camper.... And then only sky (or rather nature in this case) is the limit when it comes to your next vacations....

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