5 Best Portable Septic Tanks for RV

When planning longer stays in one location taking an extra portable septic tank may be a good idea, see list of the best tanks....

Barker 4-Wheeler Tote-Along Tank


  • 4 wheeled portable septic tank that is towable on the ground
  • The Barker 4-wheeler is designed to load from its top side and empty from the side for ease of use
  • Comes installed with standard 3 Inch valves so there is no lifting needed in order to dump the tanks
  • No assembly needed since the 4-Wheeler Tote Along comes totally assembled including its a sewer hose that is 5 feet long, bayonet fittings and tow handle
  • The Barker 4-Wheeler is made out of polyethylene that is blow molded as well as aluminum and zinc plated steel 
  • The portable tank has a double wheel design at the front which swivels for convenient towing and maneuvering
  • The portable tank comes in 4-Wheelers are available in 42, 32, 25 and 16 Gallon capacities to match multiple RV sizes

Tote-N-Stor Portable Waste Transport


  • The Tote-N-Store portable septic tank is great as additional storage for RVs that plan on long stays in one location
  • It is designed to be used in addition to the regular grey or black water RV tanks
  • It comes fully assembled and has a built-in storage compartment for accessories needed when draining the tank
  • It is built of rugged plastic construction for durability and long-time usage 
  • It has 2 rubber wheels for easy carrying ability and has a handle for easy portability
  • Also included is a 3 inch drain hose that is 36 inches long, towing brackets for easy pulling and 1 hose clamp
  • The Tot-N-Store comes in 6, 11, 15, 25 and 32 gallons holding capacity

Thetford Smart Portable Waste Tote Tank with 4 Wheels


  • The Thetford Smart Tote Tank is considered to be a premium tank because of its usability,  easy storage and sanitation convenience
  • It uses a hose handling system that is patented as well as AutoStop fill function that stops spills from occurring 
  • The portable waste tank is fully self-contained and does not need any additional accessories to operate
  • It has a self-storing septic water hose that remains connected to the tank from the bottom side
  • The hose cradle is able to pivot for easy maneuvering and the hose itself is 5 feet long
  • The Smart Tote tank has 4 wheels for convenient handling which also removes the need to lift the tank
  • It also comes with a towing handle for easy transporting
  • The Thetford Smart Tote tank is available in 12, 18, 27 and 35 gallon capacities

Barker Folding Tent Camper Tote-Along


  • The Barker Folding Tent Camper Tote-Along is a 2 wheeled portable waste tank that is specially designed to fit under tent campers
  • It has very small ground clearance and is able to fit easily under most test campers
  • It is made for rugged environments out of tough polyethylene that is blow molded and plated for long time durability
  • The Tote Tank comes with a 3" male bayonet tank outlet as well as a corresponding 3" cap and adapter 
  • The unit also includes a 3/4" outlet for garden hoses, a drain hose, sewer hose and  tow bracket
  • The included 2 wheels are heavy-duty for great transportation while being towed behind

Barker 2 Wheeler Tote-Along


  • The 2 Wheeler Tote-Along by Barker is similar to the 4 wheeler Tote-Along but with a different gallon size range
  • It is mad out of durable blow molded polyethylene and can provide years of use
  • It comes with 2 sturdy 10" for convenient transit as well as accessories such as caps, adapters, connection hoses for grey water and a 5 foot sewer hose
  • Tow handles are also included to go with the tow bracket and they can be hitched to any ball hitch or dump kit
  • The size range for the Barker 2 wheeler Tote-Along are 5, 10, 15, 22 and 30 gallon tank capacity

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