5 Most Popular Fifth Wheel Campers in 2015

Fifth Wheel campers are not for everybody, they need truck for towing, but thanks to comfort and space, for many RV-ers they are preferred choice, see best models for 2015....

A fifth wheel camper is a form of RV trailer usually towed by a truck.

As its hitch is placed on the truck’s bed, such tandem has much better stability, maneuverability and is easier to handle compared to any traditional travel trailer.

Such arrangement also allows for much bigger size without jeopardizing traction and handling on the road.

That is why many models of fifth wheels are real “homes away from home”, furnished with everything you may need when on the road.

They are good for outdoor living and camping purpose. Find below the best fifth wheel campers models for 2015.

2015 Alpine Fifth Wheel Camper

Features (Exterior)

  • Automatic hydraulic selector 
  • Gutters for rain drop
  • Ladder at the rear
  • Simple to open 4-step entry and lighting 
  • Strong tires (G-rated)

Features (Interior) 

  • Folding Chairs
  • Tall 6' 8'' core slide height
  • Wooden blind
  • Kitchen with electric roof vent
  • Leak detector
  • Lucent enclosure and glass shower door


  • 3420 lbs carrying capacity 
  • 34' 1" in length
  • 12' 8" of height
  • ST235/80R16E size of tire
  • 50 gallons waste water capacity

2015 Rushmore Fifth Wheel Camper

Produced by Cross Roads RV, the Rushmore Lincoln RF39LN offers a lot of comfort and room with its five slide-outs. It’s one of these “marvels” designed for on-road living in the ambiance and luxury of your own home.

Features (Exterior)

  • Equipped with hydraulic front gear
  • High duty electric balancing jacks
  • Detachable power cord (50 Amp) 
  • Track air equal-flex suspension
  • Tie up angled station
  • Equipped with12 Volt Light

Features (interior)

  • Valance & curtain window care
  • Hidden hinge & rock-hard mitered maple cabinet doors 
  • Stylish V-groove glass & slide cabinet doors 
  • Polished nickel hardware 
  • Strong hardwood sliding fascia


  • 40’11” length
  • 2,548 Ibs hitch weight
  • 148 gals fresh water capacity
  • 235/80R16E tires
  • Sleeping capacity for 4

2015 Fifth Wheel Crossroads Cruiser

This model of 5th wheel is specifically made with six sided frames to offer maximum comfort. Such structure allows for increased insulation which in turn provides comfortable camping experience regardless the weather conditions. The unit is a good example of elegant interior design and stylish exterior lines.

General features

  • Dark-colored maple cabinets
  • Two “Designer” interior décor choices
  • Home theater


  • 35’3” of exterior length
  • 2,078 lbs of hitch weight
  • 58 gals capacity for fresh water
  • 40 gals capacity for black water
  • 10,084 lbs dry weight
  • 235/80R16E tires

2015 Columbus Fifth Wheel

Columbus is an example of new generation fifth wheels beautifully stylish with every detail matching best residential designs. It offers luxury, comfort and settings you got used to in your primary residence. In this aspect, it can be considered as a mobile “extension” of your mansion. Roomy and elegant it guarantees great experience on the road.

Features (Exterior)

  • Solid wood steps
  • Equipped with vacuum system
  • 2-Tone designed aluminum wheels
  • Tank's flush
  • Heated utility center
  • Electric rear jack

Features (Interior)

  • Improved door & drawer hardware
  • Refined solid surface countertops, bath & kitchen
  • Refined crack-resistant flooring
  • Built-in cherry hardwood wine & spice rack


  • 34’5” exterior length
  • 8’2” exterior width
  • 3,763 lbs capacity for cargo
  • 12’10” exterior height
  • 64 gals fresh water capacity

2015 Fifth Wheel Keystone Sprinter

Keystone's Sprinter 324FWBHS fifth wheel is designed according to the best residential experiences. It has spacious interior with large slide, fireplace, and king size bed. To increase camping’s experience there is an outdoor kitchen and a utility room…...

Features (interior)

  • 6’ 3” height for slide room
  • Air conditioner (15 BTU) 
  • Equipped with water heater bypass 
  • LED  light for floor

Features (Exterior)

  • Equipped with rear ladder
  • Has cable (G4) slide out systems 
  • Tinted glass windows for privacy and safety
  • Hard-guard painted skirt metal
  • Roto-cast flawless clutch tanks
  • Toylok security structure


  • 32’  length
  • 12’ 8” exterior height
  • 1995 lbs hitch weight
  • 87 gals fresh water capacity
  • 40 gals black water capacity
  • ST235/80R16E tires

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