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Motorhomes are certainly RV kings of the road, luxury and elegance combined with warm home-like ambiance makes them real mobile residences; see most popular models for 2015

RV industry is continuously addressing increased market demand for luxury and even lavishness.

Motorhomes being at the top of the "RV chain" are most sensible to these trends.

In fact these kings of the road can be considered as mobile residences offering the taste of “nomadic” life in truly home-like environment.

Below is the presentation of most popular motor-home models for 2015.

As you will see yesterday’s options are becoming today’s standards, while elegance and stylishness may not have equals even in residential market.

2015 Itasca Meridian 36M

This is a ground-breaking lowered-rail motorhome designed with large storage capacity. It comes with impressive upscale amenities such as hardwood cabinetry, good entertainment systems and lot more. If you desire good quality motor-home, Meridian is your choice.

Features (Interior)

  • Tank-less water heater
  • 40”Front TV 
  • Moveable  freezer
  • Electric fire place
  • Pairs of washer dryer

Features (Exterior)

  • Equipped with solar panel
  • Exterior ladder
  • King bed 
  • Air system
  • External entertainment center


  • 37' 3"  length
  • 12' 10" height
  • 8' 5.5" width
  • 85 gals fresh water capacity

2015 Flex Promaster Motorhome

This is a unique motorhome equipped with height-adjustable bed. With this model, you can adjust your storage capacity. At the touch of the button the cargo space will expands making more room for “stuff “ you would like to carry with you.

Features (Interior)

  • Deluxe swivel seat 
  • 2-burner LPG mount stove
  • CO and propane and smoke detector
  • Microwave oven

Features (Exterior)

  • 12V Water pump 
  • 46 gals black water tank capacity
  • Private toilet and shower cabinet
  • Big rear door screen

2015 Phaeton Motorhome

2015 Phaeton is a third generation motorhome manufactured by Tiffin. It is elegantly designed and enhanced with numerous luxury additions that became part of the standard. The carefully designed air-circulation system borrows from best residential solutions. No wonder it is one of best-sellers on the market.

Features (Interior)

  • Ultra leather passenger and driver seats
  • Countertop surface with sink
  • Rock-hard sink covers
  • Made with throw pillow and bed comforter
  • Pre-wired DVD & satellite receiver
  • Headboard made of wood

Features (Exterior)

  • Hydraulic automatic jacks
  • Big tinted windshield
  • Heated power mirrors & integrated cameras
  • Insulation barrier
  • Remote door locking


  • 40' 5” length
  • Rustic canyon exterior
  • Sandpiper interior
  • Up to 4 slides
  • Sleeping for up to 4 people

2015 Winnebago Vista Motorhome

When it comes to motorhomes with all the values that make outdoor living a pleasure, Winnebago’s Vista is the right choice. This model stands out among the rest with its beautiful design. There are more added features like the galley equipped with refrigerator, large storage among others.

Features (Interior)

  • Amplified Digital TV antenna system
  • Dining table and buffet chairs 
  • Ready satellite system 
  • Powered roof vent 
  • Tinted windows

Features (Exterior)

  • Automatic door steps
  • Front mud flaps
  • Porch light
  • Rear ladder


  • 12' 2" exterior height    
  • 8' 5.5" exterior width    
  • 54 gals fresh water capacity   

2015 Holiday Rambler’s Ambassador Motorhome

The name obliges – the Ambassador motor-home offers luxurious living and conveniences you find only in upscale residences. The distinctive living area with slide-outs maximizes your “home-away-from-home” experience while on the road. Stylish wooden cabinet doors bring warmness, queen-size bed with top quality mattress guarantees restful nights, while centralized electronic offers easy control and increased safety….

General features

  • 10 gallon water heater capacity
  • 84" of interior height 
  • Come with centralized controls
  • Inclusive PEX plumbing system
  • Side-view cameras
  • 3-burner cooktop
  • Roof vent fan
  • Bathroom skylight
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • GFI circuit protection
  • Four-wheel ABS

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