5 Top American RV Campers 2015

As the summer approaches, we start to plan our next RV-ing vacations so it is a great time to see 5 top American RV campers for 2015 ...

        Below are our picks of American-made RVs for the season of 2015. 

Frankly, it seems impossible to find clear winners from the very large pool of RVs available on the market.

The fact is that these days it is a consumer market.

Manufacturers are “scratching” their heads to distinguish themselves from the competition so each year you may find something new, clearly improving your vacation experience.

We tried to cover wide range of RVs – from luxurious to modest, so everybody, regardless how deep is the pocket can find something not only meeting expectations (or rather dreams), but also financial capabilities.


Newmar King Aire Motor Coach

    Of all the luxury RV campers, the 2015 Newmar King Aire Motor Coach is ahead of the game. The extravagance of this high end camper gives you everything you could ever want in a home. The beauty of the King Aire is seen before you even step inside, with the magnificent exterior. It comes in four beautiful designs, each sleek and modern.

The interior is more extravagant than any five star hotel. The bedroom is made with comfort in mind, with a king size bed, plenty of storage, and a 40” inch TV. The living area is perfect for entertaining or unwinding, with an amazingly designed kitchen, dinette, and sitting area.

Class A

Fleetwood Discovery

       The Fleetwood 2015 Discovery is literally a home away from home. Because Class A motorhomes are the largest campers on the road, the Fleetwood includes space and features others can’t fit. Every little feature is customizable, so you get the exact specifications you want. While you can just park and live out of a Fleetwood, driving it is a pleasure, too.

The living area has spacious seating, two HDTVs, and furniture that converts to extremely comfortable beds at night. The kitchen is a chef’s dream, with a 3-burner gas range, plenty of storage, and stainless steel appliances. Of course, the cherry on top is the gorgeous, large, bedroom suite. There’s plenty of storage, space for a king size bed, and the wood details add just the right touch of luxury.

Class B

Airstream Interstate 3500

    If you’re looking for a smaller camper option, the 2015 Airstream Interstate 3500 is the perfect choice for you. With the Airstream, you get all the luxury of a camper, in the space of a large van. The size makes it easily maneuverable and the backup camera makes parking a breeze.

Despite its seemingly small exterior, the interior of the Airstream is spacious and luxurious. There’s plenty of seating for lounging or having company over. The small but functional kitchen is state of the art with elegant as well as space saving appliances. The comfortable seats transform into sleeping spaces that can fit two.

Class C

Winnebago View / Itasca Navion

       The Winnebago View and Itasca Navion 2015 is the perfect mix of economy and luxury. It’s smaller than a Class A, but has more luxury options than the B Class, a seamless blend between the two choices. Because it’s built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, it gets better MPG than most other campers.

The interior is more than you would expect. There are multiple sleeping possibilities, from bunk beds to queen beds, so the whole family can sleep comfortably. The living area is spacious and comfortable, effortlessly transforming from a place to entertain family and friends to a sleeping quarters.

These two models are identical regarding features, quality, content and even price – the only difference can be seen in interior and exterior colors schemes.

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