Avion Vintage Trailers

Founded in 1955 Avion committed to top quality furnishing, sturdy materials like fiberglass and anodized aluminium, no wonder trailers like Travelcader, Rambler, Rover, Regal, Argonaut were instant hit.

First rolled out in 1957 by Avion Coach Corporation in Benton Harbor, Michigan, these glistening aluminum campers became instant hit with RV camping enthusiasts.

Avid sportsman and entrepreneur Loren Cayo founded the company in 1955 with an intention to manufacture recreational vehicles.

The initial name for the camper trailers “Romany” was changed to Avion following protest by Romany (better known as Roma or Gypsies).

Attention was given to top quality furnishing such as hardwood boards, dovetailed cabinets and sturdy material such as treated fiberglass and anodized aluminum.

Today, Avion vintage trailers have large community of devoted fans....


Travelcader model was rolled out between 1961 and 1972. Ultra model is 28 feet long while its width at the floor level is 7 feet. The interior height is 6’6” and weight 3390 lbs. The trailer is fitted with dual axle. Features include rear bathroom with shower and tub, twin beds, 2 way refrigerator, 4 burners stove with oven, A/C and 2 heaters. The living room and kitchen has real wood cabinets. There is a 50 gallon fresh water tank. Travelcader can sleep four in its full size sleeping area. Subsequent models came with roof-mount A/ C, 3-way Refrigerator, microwave, TV, gas heater and stove.

Let's start with a real rarity: 1969 Avion survivor almost entirely original and unrestored......


20 feet long Rambler trailer is made of an aircraft grade riveted aluminum for long durability and mirror-like shine. It has 13 panel front and rear caps. It is available in twin or double bed models. Rambler weighs approximately 2300 lbs while its hitch adds extra 290 lbs. It comes with original birch wood work and plywood. It has been fitted with gas/ electric refrigerator, Preway brand cooking range, water heater, copper plumbing and marine type toilet. Rambler is designed to accommodate four persons.


Rover model was the third trailer to be rolled out of the Avion plants. It is 23 feet long weighing 2700 lbs with riveted aluminium exterior. The hitch weights 300 lbs. Rover, like Rambler and Regal, gives a choice of either dinette or sofa convertible to double beds. The body uses a blanket of plastic treated fiberglass insulation for sturdiness.

Thanks to quality of materials this 1973 Avion trailers still looks like new.....


It is a 26 feet long, all aluminum riveted aircraft type construction. Regal comes with the 13 panel front and rear caps. The only wood used in the trailer is plywood floor and cabinets. The trailer uses two complete aircraft grade aluminum shells (one inside another) blanketed by fiberglass insulation. Regal uses reliable Hehr windows secured with gaskets and seals.


This model camper was introduced in 1964. The weight was slightly more than 3000 lbs and the hitch weight was 325 lbs. The overall length of Avion Holiday trailer is 24 feet 9 inches while interior is 20’6” feet long. Trailer’s layout includes rear bath, center twins and front dinette.

Argonaut 25' Travel Trailer

Model A-25 under Argonaut name was introduced in 1968. With its external length of 25 feet, interior length of 21’4”, weight of 4190 lbs (plus hitch weighting 435 lbs), and tandem axle, Argonaut  deserved its name implying comfort for long trips.
The trailer came fitted with modern furniture and fixtures such as A/C and electric heater, refrigerator/freezer, 4 burners stove top, oven, hot water heater, shower, toilet, dual aluminum propane tanks and trailer brakes.

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