10 Best Pop Up Camper Trailers 2016

Here are our picks of best folding camper trailers for 2016 including Jayco Hardwall, Flagstaff, Coachmen Clipper Sport, Rockwood, Forest River High Wall, Aliner Scout, Viking, Palomino Basecamp models....

  Jay Series Hardwall

       Jayco’s series of 2016 Hardwall travel trailers represents the newest trend in campers’ industry – easy towing combined with fuel economy, quick and effortless set-up/fold-down time , increased durability (no tent) and ultimately comfortable sleeping and living space.  Large choice of floorplans (eight configurations) well addresses individual needs of customers – full-size bed, bathroom, dinette or combination of these options are all available for customization of the camper.

Jay Hardwall Camper Trailer - Model 12BFD

Its floorplan....

Standard options:

  • A 3-way refrigerator, electric or with gas;
  • Electric braking system;
  • A spare tire, protected by a cover, and its carrier;
  • Jacks for stabilizing the trailer, with 4 sand pads;

Exterior features:

  • A frame made to resist corrosion, wear and tear;
  • Roof made out of fiberglass;
  • Floor made out of wood, in one piece, covered in Poly Flex;
  • Wiring prepared for battery;
  • Hookup for city water;
  • Storage deck (optional)

 .... and interior

Interior features:

  • The doors of the cabinets and drawers are made as in residential buildings;
  • The faucet and sink are made out of acryl;
  • Kitchen: 3-burner stovetop and microwave oven;
  • Dinette with table;
  • Stove made out of stainless steel, both for indoor and outdoor use;

 Flagstaff 246D

      Flagstaff model 246D is the largest and most spacious pop-up travel trailer from company’s MAC/LTD Series. With its open length of 25’10” and standard furnishing it offers comfortable sleeping and living areas for a large family. Large choice of options like for example power roof vent, power lift system, AC and furnace, privacy curtains and heated mattresses should easily meet individual needs of even most demanding customers.

Flagstaff Pop-up model 625D in camping configuration


  • 25' 10" - Exterior Open Length
  • 19' 2" - Exterior Closed Length
  • 4' 9" - Exterior Closed Height
  • 84" - Exterior Width
  • 2552 lbs - dry weight
  • 675 lbs - Cargo capacity
  • 26 gals – fresh water tank

 ...  and its floorplan

Exterior features:

  • slide-out area, for additional indoor space;
  • Spacious and resistant, withstanding intensive wear and various weather conditions;

Interior features:

  • Kitchen equipped with a cook top;
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet;
  • Dinette for meal time;
  • Cabinets and drawers made out of high-quality material;
  • Bottle filled with propane;
  • The trailer comes with a battery;


  • Power Vent in the roof;
  • Power Lift system;
  • 3-way fridge;
  • Air conditioning and/or furnace;
  • Mattresses with heating system; 

108ST Clipper Sport

      Clipper model 108ST represents the series of Coachmen’s Sport tent camper trailers. It was designed with the goal to provide an easy set-up and comfortable sleeping and living areas for camping enthusiasts.  Indeed, two queen-size insulated tent-end bunks offer the sleeping space for four persons while if needed, the dinette can be converted into extra sleeping place. Noteworthy is plenty of storage including a handy storage sliding trunk (SST). For extended camping season, the company offers an optional furnace.

Well equipped kitchen with 3-burner range and sink offers convenient environment not only for preparation of a cup of coffee but also for meals.

Set-up process is greatly facilitated by the proprietary Glide-N-Lock bed system. Available options allows to customize the camper and create a “home-like” environment. The most popular options are included in the Essentials Package (3-way Dometic refrigerator, 20,000 BTU furnace, A&E awning, spare tire and 72” high pressure LP hose).

Clipper Sport pop-up travel trailer


  • 16'4" - external length
  • 7'1"  - external width
  • 6'10" - internal height
  • 2702 lbs - Gross Weight
  • 824 lbs - Cargo Weight
  • 23 gals - fresh water tank
  • sleeps - 5 persons

Clipper model 108ST - floorplan

Exterior features:

  • Exterior made out of fiberglass, in tan color;
  • Shower and hot water available for outside;

Interior features:

  • Two insulated tent ends, both providing a queen bed size; 
  • Dinette which can also be made into a bed if needed;
  • Storage cabinets beneath dinette seats, inside the entry door, plus a tray that slides out in the front part of the trailer;
  • Cook top and sink available in the kitchen;
  • Lounge on the other side of the dinette;
  • "Fantastic Fan" - power roof vent
  • Optional furnace;

Aliner Scout

       Aliner Scout is an “entry” model belonging to the series of hard-wall folding travel trailers (remaining models are correspondingly Ranger, LXE, Classic, Expedition and Evolution).  Scout has essential amenities, ample storage space and obviously it is affordable. As its name suggests Aliner Scout is designed for those who need more than a tent, but certainly not “residential-like home environment”.

As the manufacturer rightfully states: There comes a time in life when you simply can no longer sleep on the ground. In Scout you will find a roof over your head and a nice soft bed to sleep on, in other words - the perfect platform from which to launch all your outdoor adventures.

Avan's Aliner Scout A-frame folding camper


  • 15' - external length
  • 78" - external width
  • 56" - road height
  • 1115 lbs - dry weight
  • 2500 lbs (standard)/3000 lbs (with off-road package) GVWR

 and its floorplan

Exterior features:

  •  Sturdy materials (fibreglass) used for the exterior parts of the trailer;
  • Roof vents;
  • Access door made out of two pieces;
  • Tinted windows;
  • Two stabilizer jacks;

Interior features:

  • Window curtains;
  • Dinette that can be switched into a sleeping area;
  • Extendible sofa;
  • Cabinets under the dinette seats, under the sink, and in the area of the sofa;
  • Front and rear skylights
  • LED lights


  • Awning
  • 5000 BTU A/C unit
  • Lift Assist
  • Parks Package (sink, city water and electric fridge)
  • Stereo
  • Off-road package

Jumping Jack Standard 6x8

        Jumping Jack Standard 6x8 trailer is a versatile unit that offers dual-use capability. The heavy-duty construction allows hauling almost everything you may need when on adventure. Be it ATV (as the matter of fact two side by side), canoes, kayaks, motorcycle, bikes and a lot more. In a camper configuration the feature “Jump-up” offers quick set-up and fold-down time just in about two minutes.  And once the tent package is removed the high-walled trailer can be used for any cargo. The Jumping Jack trailer is designed for adventurous campers ready to explore the wilderness. 

The Standard utility model 6x8 is part of the larger family of Jumping Jack trailers including the following units:  Explorer 4x6 (smaller) and correspondingly larger – Mid 6x12 and Jumbo 6x17 units.

Jumping Jack - Model Standard 6x8 in tent configuration


  • Trailer Dimensions Overall: 92" wide x 144" long
  • Upper Deck Dimensions (between rails): 76" wide x 107" long
  • Inside Trailer Bed Dimensions: 68" wide x 99" long
  • Deck Height: 39"
  • Utility Wall Height: 52"
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 2,995 lbs.
  • Total Weight: (tent, trailer and frame) 1,245 lbs.

In hauling configuration (here two ATVs)

Exterior features:

  • Body made out of a trailer and pop-up tent;
  • The tent is made out of water-resistant material and powder-coated steel for the frame;
  • The setup of the tent takes about 2 minutes, the takedown having the same time frame;
  • Electric brakes for the trailer (optional);
  • The tent can be removed and trailer used separately;
  • Side steps
  • Spare tire

.... and in Utility Trailer configuration

Interior features:

  • 4-6 sleeping capacity;
  • swing-up style table;
  • Zipper windows, protected with a net;
  • The space inside measures 96 square feet;
  • Two(2) single beds (34" x 94" with 3" foam padding)

Note: Standard package includes one (1) half-bed extension(Additional half bed extensions (up to 3) may be purchased to form double beds on either or both sides, or used as couch backs. )

 Viking Legend Hardside V12RB

        Viking Legend Hardside camper trailer model V12RB is part of the family of A-frame camping trailers including also models correspondingly:  V12RBSTHW, V12RSST and V12RBST. The difference between models is internal configuration (flip-up bed w/storage or sofa and external quick-release storage box).

All Viking Legend Hardside models are designed as folding campers, easy to tow (aerodynamic, low profile on the road) as well as easy (quick) set-up and fold-down time (characteristic for A-frame folding trailers).

The model V12RB sleeps up to 4 persons (54”x80” bed and 45”x80” converted dinette). 

Viking Legend Hardside: Model V12RB


  • 1946 lbs -  unloaded (dry) weight
  • 3642 lbs - gross weight (GVWR)
  • 1662 lbs  cargo capacity
  • 16' 7" - Exterior Open/closed Length
  • 5' 2" - Exterior Closed Height
  • 88" - Exterior Width

and its floorplan

Exterior features:

  • Resistant and light A-frame exterior;
  • Tinted windows;
  • Roof vents;
  • Exterior door made out of two pieces;
  • An exterior storage unit  (optional);
  • An entrance step;
  • Electric brakes;

Interior features:

  • Air conditioning unit;
  • Maximum sleeping places – 4 (One bed available for 2, plus a dinette that can be turned into a sleeping area for 2 more);
  • The kitchen it equipped with a microwave, 3-way fridge, a stove top and sink;
  • Shower is available on the outside;
  • The trailer has a stereo available, which also has speakers set on the outside as well;
  • Two propane tanks of a 20 pound capacity each;
  • A water heater with a 6 gallon capacity;
  • A tank for fresh water, with a capacity of 27 gallons;
  • Power cord of 30 amp;

Rockwood High Wall HW277

        Rockwood’s model HW277 belongs to the series of High Wall tent camper trailer. This series represents campers with luxurious features at the high-end of the class, however in lighter towable version. Cherry cabinetry, wood grain-look flooring (linoleum) are only some of finishing accents offering the warmness and charm of “home-away-from-home” environment. The king-size (front) and queen size (rear end) beds offer more than comfortable sleeping conditions.

Well equipped kitchen (microwave, double sink, 3-burner range with oven as well as slide-out U-shaped dinette makes a nice and spacy cooking and dining area. An external slide-out kitchen with 2-burner stovetop and sink allows adds extra versatility to the camper.  Finally the internal bathroom, low profile A/C unit and 20,000 BTU furnace complete the picture of this luxurious pop-up camper….  

Rockwood High Wall HW277 in camping (above) and road (below) configuration


  • 3877 lbs - gross weight (GVWR)
  • 3314 lbs - unloaded (dry) weight  
  • 563 lbs - cargo capacity
  • 25' 9" - Exterior Open Length
  • 19' 4" - Exterior Closed Length
  • 5' 11" - Exterior Closed Height
  • 84" - Exterior Width

Rockwood HW277 pop-up camper - Floorplan

Exterior features:

  • The exterior has many pop-up areas, which can be pulled out to produce extra space inside;
  • The pop-ups are half made out of water-resistant tent material;
  • All windows are protected by a net, against insects;

Interior features:

  • A maximum number of 6 sleeps, offered by two large beds;
  • The kitchen is equipped with a stove top and sink with faucet;
  • The 3-way fridge is optional;
  • A bathroom equipped with toilet and shower;
  • A microwave is also available
  • Storage cabinets are present in three corners of the trailer, plus an exterior storage space under the dinette and on the side of the kitchen;
  • There is also a slide-out kitchen, with a cook top and sink, for cooking outside;

Palomino Basecamp 8B

      Palomino pop-up tent campers are designed for family camping vacations.  They provide roomy fully equipped interior with easy set-up and fold-down process.  Two end-tents provide comfortable sleeping (correspondingly 54” front-end and 42” rear-end beds).  Large dinette (40” x 68”), countertop with sink, 2-burners cook-top as well as a lot of space offer roomy cooking, dining and living area. There is also a cabinet with toiled. It all adds to the family comfort and convenience during recreational trips.

Basecamp trailers are built on strong steel frame, with quality sidewalls and one-piece fiberglass roof.

Palomino is part of the Forest River Inc.

Palomino Basecamp Model 8B


  • 12'10" - external length
  • 85" - external width
  • 4'4" - external height (closed)
  • 1631 lbs - unloaded (dry) weight
  • 2589 lbs - gross weight (GVWR)
  • 958 lbs - cargo capacity
  • 19 gals - fresh water tank
  • sleeps 4

Palomino Basecamp Model 8B - floorplan

Interior features:

  • A sleep capacity of 4, with two available beds in both extendible sides of the trailer;
  • A dinette available for meal times, with storage spaces in the seats;
  • The kitchen has a cook-top and a sink with faucet;
  • There is also a cabinet with toilet storage;
  • A grill can be found in the pop-up part on the outside of the trailer;


  • Awning
  • Electric Brakes
  • Electric Lift
  • Furnace
  • Spare Tire & Carrier
  • Serta Mattress
  • Refrigerator
  • AM/FM Stereo w/Bluetooth

Coachmen 106 Clipper Sport

      Coachmen Clipper Sport 106 is the smallest pop-up travel trailers from the series of Sport campers (including also models 105ST, 106ST, 108ST, 125ST and 128ST).  While it may be classified as an entry model – it has pretty much everything you may need during your camping adventure.  Two end bunks make comfortable sleeping place for 4 persons (one double and one full size beds).  The dinette (38’X64”) can be moved outside to enjoy not only more “living” space but also the nature. And it can be converted to the sleeping place for children. Kitchen “corner” includes 2-burner stove-top and sink. Cabinets and dinette bench provide the necessary storage space

Coachmen Clipper Tent Travel Trailer - Model Sport 106 (below its floor-plan)


  • 1486 lbs - unloaded (dry) weight
  • 2096 lbs - gross weight (GVWR)
  • 813 lbs -  cargo capacity
  • 17' 11" - Exterior Open Length
  • 12' 8" - Exterior Closed Length
  • 6'10" - interior height
  • 4' 8" - Exterior Closed Height
  • 85" - Exterior Width

Interior features:

  • Sleeping places for 4 - 6 persons
  • A dinette, with a table that can be removed and storage units under the seats;
  • The kitchen has a cook-top and sink, with faucet;
  • Two large storage units are available in two corners of the trailer;
  • The bedrooms have privacy curtains;

Exterior features:

  • Two insulated tents pop up in both sides of the trailer;
  • An entrance step;

We hope that you found on this page at least an inspiration to farther search for the best (for your individual needs) pop-up camper trailer offered in 2016 by RV manufacturers....

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