Camper Winter Tires

Winter puts extra requirements on campers’ tires, see best brands and models of winter tires and what is special about them….

Pulling a travel trailer or hauling a fifth wheel behind your car already adds an extra stress on driver.

Winter makes it even more demanding, so to make your camping adventure an enjoyable and stress-less experience you should have winter tires on both vehicles.

It not only about the stress - winter tires are important because they ensure safety for driving in winter season.

They provide the maximum grip for the campers on road when temperature goes close to freezing temperatures.

Winter tires have rubber compounds formulated to stay soft and pliable for better traction in cold weather, something that all-season tires don’t have. If the tire rubber is flexible it wiggles and fits into the microscopic grooves in the pavement. Summer tires are not soft or flexible and unfit to negotiate the valleys and hills which the harsh winter creates on pavements.

Winter Tire Brands

Before going farther you may want to see what makes the difference....

  1. Nokian Hakkapeliitta R: When it comes to winter tires the name Nokian spells magic. The company is the inventor of winter tires in the 1930’s and pioneer in introducing many new features over the years. The technological improvments by Nokian in the areas of lateral grip and slush-planing resistance are being imitated by all other manufacturers of winter tires today. The Hakkapeliitta R is one of the most reliable winter tires today because of their sturdy quality and unique lateral grip.
  2. Michelin X-Ice Xi2: These tires are very close to Nokian in quality. The pros are lower price, excellent ice and snow grip and the assured backing of the Michelin brand, which places a premium on performance.
  3. Continental ExtremeWinterContact
    Continental makes decent, durable winter tires for daily drivers at low-cost. Having built up a reputation and brand value as a supplier OEM tires for BMW, Continental does its best to ensure quality and performance in their winter tire segment too. 
  4. Bridgestone's WS-70 brought vast improvement on the brand’s previous versions of winter tire. One problem with this model is that the road gripping features wear off pretty quickly. The tire also suffers from excessive squishiness. 
  5. Dunlop Graspic DS-3
    Graspic is very good in snow and handles quite well on cold dry pavement, but has some trouble with rain/ice/slush combinations.

Michelin Xi2 Winter Tire - is a promise and guarantee of winter's safe adventure

What to look for

Grip: The things to look for in winter tires are road grip.
Lateral Grip: While talking about grip, lateral grip introduced by Nokian winter models adds more value to your tires.
Less Squishy: Many people complain that winter tires are “squishy” on dry roads. This is because the winter tires are made from flexible rubber compounds. So another thing to look for in winter tires is the lesser degree of squishiness, because however extreme be the winter condition your vehicle has to negotiate dry roads at times.

Where to buy

All brands have their online shopping outlets where there is more price discount available compared to brick-and-mortar stores. Sites like have a wide range of winter tires on offer. Nokian tires are sold through a wide range of retailers spread across USA and most of the European countries.



 Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV Winter Tires are available for as low as $126. But for additional features prices may go up to $360. Michelin camper winter tires range between $200 and $348. All other winter tires fit for campers come within this range. Please note that winter tires with extra studs are pricier than stud-less winter tires.

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