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Cirrus 920 is a modern, stylish, very well equipped, lightweight truck camper designed or long bed trucks.

      Cirrus 920 is one of the latest models of truck campers introduced on the market by NuCamp, following the success of its younger “brother” 820. While the latter was designed for short-bed trucks, the model 920 is designed for long-bed (8ft) trucks. Despite its generous dimensions and features, thanks to its well-engineered lightweight construction it can be carried by popular ¾ ton pickup trucks. 

Cirrus 920 was voted as the truck camper of the year!

 Cirrus 920 - floorplan

      Before going farther, it may be worth to mention that Cirrus’ manufacturer – Pleasant Valley was founded quite recently (2005) and till 2014 was known for making teardrop campers. The prototype of company’s first truck camper - Cirrus 820 came out in 2014 while first commercial models left the factory door year later. This probably was the key-element of market success, because the model 820 and subsequent 920 were designed based customers’ feedback without any (usually heavily weighting) manufacturer’s habits. These starting conditions let the company to come-up with several innovative solutions not seen in typical truck campers. No wonder, the model 920 quickly gained the recognition as the Truck Camper of the Year awarded by readers of the Truck Camper Magazine. In fact, two years after its release, the Cirrus 920 is still considered as one of the most comfortable, luxurious and elegant truck campers available on the market.

Once again - Cirrus 920 truck camper

Seen from the outside, thanks to its stylish rounded lines and graphics, the Cirrus 920 already nicely differentiates itself from competition.


        With its internal height of 3’6” the cabover offers as expected a tight sleeping space. However, designers did everything possible to make it as comfortable as possible. The queen-size bed is made up of a mattress and the base with FROLI system. The latter is a grid of individual springs providing independent suspension adapting to body weight and movements. What makes a big difference however is the fact that the FROLI System allows for air-flow circulation between the mattress and the base. This solution provides two benefits – it prevents accumulation of humidity under the mattress, but also when the central heating system is active, it allows for circulation of the warm air under the mattress. It’s the revolutionary design bringing the sleeping experience to the new levels.

But this is not all – the large stargazer window right above the bed opens the cabover sleeping space to outdoors allowing you to reach into the deepness of the night sky. Even more – it can be opened so the visual sky-effects are enhanced by the sounds of nature, all that in the comfort of warm queen-size bed!

The tight cabover space offers few more surprises – abundance of handy storage space. Overhead cabinets on both sides of cabover, then two, very handy storage hampers along both sides of the bed ending with “Penguin-shape” cabinets with shelves and individual LED reading lights on sides. And if this is not enough the headboard provides more storage space as well as 110Vac and 12Vdc outlets. 

Cabover is also pre-wired for optional 19” TV (if you prefer to watch your favorite programs from the comfort of the bed rather than certainly less-friendly dinette’s bench facing the main ET center with 28” TV screen.

Fragment of the bedroom (cabover)

Bedroom: Storage cabinets with shelves

Bedroom: Overhead storage converted into bunk bed


     Cirrus’ kitchen delivers more than it can be expected in such tight space. First of all, it’s a lot of storage space with spacious under-the-sink cabinet, section of 3 drawers, overhead cabinets and even a pull-out pantry next to the fridge. But kitchen’s real star is the 2-burner cast-iron cooktop (Thetford). It’s not only its stylish design but also several “built-in” features like flame-failure shut-off safety system, piezo-ignition, sealed burners that make a big difference compared to competition (bit also to company’s earlier model 820.

The stainless-steel sink does not have residential-style high-rise faucet, often offered in higher-end RVs but rather small folding-away one. It is however a well-thought design idea, allowing to cover the sink with flush-mounted glass-lid maximizing this way the working space.

At first look, the 5 cubic feet two-door fridge may be a bit confusing because most of us will assume that the bottom door belongs to freezer. Turns out that functionally it is also fridge specially designed for drinks (bottles, cans etc..). There is a small interior freezer, located in the upper part of the fridge. 

On the opposite side of the galley there is dinette booth. The table (standard version) is rather small and certainly does not reflect abilities of the kitchen. It seems to provide space for morning coffee with croissant for two, but certainly not for lunch or dinner. Fortunately, manufacturer as one of the options offers much larger dinette’s table allowing RV-ers to take full advantage of so well-equipped kitchen.


Cast-iron cooktop 

Cirrus-920: Flush-mounted sink with lid

Fridge (the pull-out pantry is on its right side)

        The Cirrus 920 offers one more interesting solution. Turns out that the overhead cabinetry across the galley can be easily converted into a bunk bed offering one more sleeping place.  To make it clear – it is suggested for a teenager as it may be too dangerous for small kid and too tight for an adult. Well, it’s just a possibility, so if needed, you can still keep dinette’s booth in its main configuration instead of converting it to an extra sleeping place. 


       The bath is still an object of dreams in majority of small RVs. Cirrus 920 seems to brake another barrier. Located at the rear end next to the entrance doors, Cirrus’ wet-bath offers plastic, low profile toilet, fold-out vanity sink, shower with curtain, mirror, towel rod and believe or not – hermetic storage compartment. The skylight with Fantastic Fan provides lite and ventilation. 

BTW – the central plumbing control system located in the bumper (driver’s side) gives easy access to all valves, drains etc (it also offers an external shower).

Wet-bath (not the quality of the nickel-plated shower)

Wet-bath: Vanity sink

Four-seasons design 

Cirrus 920 is built as all-weather RV. And it’s not only thanks to its no-rot/no-mold construction (aluminum frame and structure, Azdel side walls w/block foam insulation, dual-pane windows ect…). What really makes it the 4-season truck camper is its Alde’s central heating system. For those unfamiliar – Alde is a leading manufacturers of hydronic heating systems for RVs. Such systems distribute heat through the network of pipes circulating the ethylene glycol (popular anti-freeze). They guarantee uniform distribution of the heat throughout the RV. But the most pleasurable part of such system is the heated flooring giving you chance to experience warmness regardless where you are – bed, dinette or just standing on the floor. It may be worth to mention that the same Alde heating system also provides hot air for mentioned earlier FROLI structure (heated mattress) as well as hot water.

Find more about hydronic heating systems:

--> Hydronic RV Heating Systems

Needless to say, that the subfloor and holding tanks are also insulated and heated.


Overall length

Exterior height

Exterior width (1)

Floor length

Interior height

Cabover height

Interior width

Dry weight

Wet weight (2)

Center of gravity (3)

Fresh water tank

Grey water tank

Black water tank


Water heater

Awning (4)


Truck type








2,905 lbs

About extra 500 lbs


38 gals

32 gals

18 gals

2 x 20 lbs

1 gallon

8ft passenger’s side

2 +1

Long bed

1. Without jacks (with jacks 98”)

2. It corresponds to the weight of full fresh water tank (38 gallons), water heater (1 gallon), two full LPG bottles and 2 batteries.

3. With optional Onan generator – 45”

4. Rear 6ft awning is optional

Structure of the Azdel panel


  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Walls: laminated and bonded Azdel w/block foam insulation

Note: Azdel is a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass, creating an extremely strong and lightweight composite panels. wall. They are 50 % lighter than wood, water resistant and have much better R-factor (thermal insulation) than wood.

  • Roof: Seamless aluminum
  • Exterior Finish: Fiberglass
  • Subfloor: Removable access panels
  • Windows: PLASTOFORM dual paned, acrylic
  • Rock Protection: Diamond-plate bumper

Cirrus-920: interior

Interior features

  • Wood and wallpaper finish
  • Vinyl flooring
  • HORREX window screens and shades

Bedroom: Stargazer window

Bedroom: On of the hamper storages

Cabover Bedroom

  • Queen-size bed (60” x 80”) w/ FROLI Sleep System
  • Overhead cabinetry (both sides)
  • 2- Corner cabinets w/shelves
  • Two side-storage hampers and headboard w/storage
  • Large, stargazer window
  • Driver’s side tinted window
  • 12 Volt USB and 110 Outlets 
  • LED Reading Lights
  • Pre-wired for an optional TV 

Kitchen: plenty of drawers

Kitchen's cabinets

Pull-out pantry


  • 2-burner cast-iron cooktop (Thetford XC200)
  • 1kW Microwave oven
  • Stainless-steel, single bowl sink w/folding faucet and flush-mounted glass-lid
  • Stainless Steel Mosaic Tile Backsplash
  • 5 cu. ft 3-way fridge (Thetford N3141)
  • Pull-out pantry
  • Lite PLY cabinetry w/drawers and shelves
  • Slim hood w/LED lights and power fan 
  • Window along the galley

Dinette booth (here seen a larger, optional table)


  • Dinette (table and benches) convertible to sleeping space
  • Overhead cabinets (convertible to bunk bed)
  • Storage w/drawers (part of ET Center)
  • 12 Volt Dinette Outlet

Wet bath

  • Plastic, Aqua Magic Low Profile Thetford Toilet
  • Fold-out vanity sink
  • Mirror
  • Nickel-plated adjustable shower w/curtain
  • Hermetic storage compartment
  • Skylight w/fantastic fan
  • Towel rode
  • Alde® Radiant Heat Panel

Entertainment center includes TV, Stereo and large storage cabinet


  • 28" TV and Stereo/CD/DVD/ Bluetooth with interior and exterior speakers
  • HDTV Omni Directional Satellite Dish & Cable Coaxial

FROLI sleeping system allows for air circulation under the mattress 

Climate Control

  • 9,2 kBTU Coleman Mach-8 roof-mounted A/C unit
  • Alde Hydronic Central Heating System (11 kBTU ?) 
  • Heated and Insulated floor and subfloor with holding tanks
  • FROLI heated bed system

Exterior shower


  • ALDE Water Heater (1 gallon)
  • Central Plumbing Controls in Bumper (water valves, dump valves, shower)
  • Exterior shower (hot/cold)
  • Water hookups (resh, city)
  • Hose storage (bumper)f

Dual-battery compartment


  • Dual Battery Compartment (interior) w/ two, 6-Volt AGM Batteries (224 Amp)
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Titan Electric Jacks with remote control
  • Central Systems Control Panel (kitchen)
  • Power converter with distribution panel.
  • ALDE Digital Control Panel
  • Shore power hookup
  • LED Lighting throughout Interior and Exterior
  • 110Vac and 12Vdc int/ext outlets
  • Prepped for Backup Camera 

Exterior storage pre-wired for Onan Generator

Exterior features

  • Rieco Titan Electric Jacks (4 x 2,500 lbs capacity, 36” lift)

Note: They come with a remote control (One button will raise or lower all jacks or any combination of jacks).

  • Pull-out entry steps
  • Swing-Out Entry Assist Handle
  • Roof access fold-up ladder
  • 8’ passenger-side FIAMMA™ Power Awning
  • Patio LED lights
  • Keyless entry
  • Shower with hot/cold water
  • Radius door and windows
  • Storage compartment (Pre-wired for Generator)
  • Insulated, sliding Dual LP Tank Compartment
  • Rear docking station (water, tank valves, shower, battery switch)

Side-out storage for LPG tanks

Key-less entry lock


  • Oven (Therford XR17200)
  • TORKLIFT aircraft-grade aluminum lockable GlowSteps
  • Roof rack (works with Thule or Yakima products)
  • Solar Kit w/200W roof-mounted panels)
  • Large dinette table (20” x 25”)
  • 6ft rear awning
  • Wireless rear camera
  • 12” x 19” sliding Pass-Thru window
  • Slide-in Cummins Onan QG 2500 LP Generator
  • 19” Cabover TV

Rear side of the Cirrus-920 truck camper

Summarizing: The Cirrus 920 is one of the best truck campers on the market in its class (as of 2019). Very elegant, stylish, built to last (aluminum, Azdel...), lightweight but offering most of what is expected in mobile home. And if it is not enough - designed for all-seasons RV-ing.

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All pictures are courtesy of NuCamp (Cirrus-920)

Note:  Check with the manufacturer and / or authorized RV Dealer for the up-to-date list of features, options as well as latest specifications. These written above may not be accurate and certainly are subject to change by the factory. We are not responsible for any inaccuracy, the above text is provided only for the general information.

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