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Escape Trailer Industries offer molded fiberglass campers; lite and lasting forever with modern amenities they are factory pre-sold then personalized according to customer needs...

     Escape Trailer Industries is a family-owned company located in Chilliwak BC (Canada). 

Behind the success story are Race and Tammy Harmatiuk – an “energetic” couple that their passion for campers converted into one of the hottest RV businesses selling all-fiberglass ultra-lightweight RV trailers in North America. 

Their first travel trailer – 17ft long Escape was built in 2003 and it was an instant success thanks to company’s wise decisions.

First of all they decided to build Escape campers from molded fiberglass.

This technology offers durable, “lasting forever” shells (see details at -->  Fiberglass Travel Trailers). On top of being waterproof and easy to maintain (almost care-free) they are also lightweight, a characteristic more and more appreciated in our times when we as a society realized that “smaller” (in this case long-lasting, lite, more fuel efficient etc..) is beautiful.

 BTW - it may be worth to mention that first all-fiberglass (or molded-fiberglass as more often we call them) campers were manufactured in Canada from 1968 till 1988 by Boler (Winnipeg, Manitoba). The truth is that Boler was a great source of inspiration for Harmatiuks (in their own words - “a great stepping stone for teaching us what we wanted and what we did not want”).

Escape Travel Trailer - Model 19 with shell made from molded fiberglass

      The second part of the success is a result of owners’ decision to live a large choice of features and options to customers, allowing them to have the final “say” regarding interior and exterior features that the delivered camper will be equipped with.  In other words – all new Escape trailers are “pre-sold” so the final “touch” (choice of features) is done based on the customer input. 

The company offers 3 different models of Escape trailers – correspondingly 17ft, 19ft and 21ft long as well as Escape 5.0TA Fifth Wheel camper all made from molded fiberglass. 

and its floor-plan

     Here we will present in details the mid-range trailer model – 19 foot long Escape. It is the trailer, Escape Industries are especially proud of, because its floor-plan and standard features were largely designed based on the customers’ inputs!

      It is a spacious, tandem-axle trailer designed for 4 people. The permanent, queen-size bed (60” x 80”) is located at the rear-end of the camper.  The kitchen is located in the central part of the trailer. Equipped with 2-burner stove (3-burner optional) with power range-hood w/light, stainless-steel sink with single-lever chrome faucet and cover, 5-cu. ft 3-way refrigerator (“enormous” compared to similar-size trailers), and microwave-ready cabinet (Microwave is optional) even in its standard version offers more that needed when on the road.

The kitchen cabinets (with countertop extension), overhead cabinets throughout the trailer, large wardrobe all finished in natural oak not only offer a lot of cupboard space, but also create a structurally-sound and warm interior.  Note that anchor blocks are “fiberglassed” into the shell’s body at the molding stage, so the box does not have any “unnecessary” holes and potential leaking spots.

Escape trailer (model 19): view on the galley and dinette

     The dinette is located at the front of the trailer, facing a large opening frontal and two side windows, allowing for light penetration as well as visual contact with a surrounding nature. The dinette converts to an extra sleeping place (44: x 80”) for 2 more persons.  

Between the dinette and wardrobe the is a spacious wet bath (40” x 27”) including toilet, sink, shower as well as medicine cabinet w/mirror. Frankly, the private wet-bath and appropriately sized water tanks are considered as essential elements of modern-day campers, so no wonder, Escape put a lot of efforts to design a functional, spacious “private-corner”. 

Extra storage space under the bed and dinette seats as well a huge exterior box located at the front on the tongue provide opportunity to take your favorite stuff with you (especially thanks to some 1,400 lbs trailer’s cargo capacity).

       Thanks to the lite weight (dry weight about 2,500 lbs) and an aerodynamic shape, the Escape trailers can be towed by most minivans and SUVs with towing capacity of 4,000 lbs. Typical for all-fiberglass campers, the center of gravity of Escape trailers is low guarantying better road stability and safer trip!

Escape Trailer model 19: interior view (galley and queen-size bed at the back)


Exterior length 

Interior length

Exterior width

Exterior height

Interior height


Dry weight

Cargo capacity

Fresh water tank

Grey water tank

Black water tank









4,000 lbs

2,610 lbs

1,390 lbs

28 gallons

26 gallons

19 gallons

Dual 20 lbs tanks

12ft (electric)


The video-tour of the Escape Travel Trailer - model 19ft long


  • 2-pieces molded-fiberglass shell
  • Frame: 3/16” thick 1 ½” x 3” T1 steel tubing
  • Vinyl laminated foam (R5 Insulation grade) headliner/wall covering
  • Tandem 2500 lbs Torsion Rubber Ride suspension
  • Linoleum flooring
  • Front rock-guard protection


  • 2-burner stove w/cover
  • Power range-hood w/light
  • Stainless-steel sink w/single chrome lever and cover
  • 5 cu. ft. Dometic 3-way fridge
  • Microwave-ready cabinet
  • Countertop extension

Wet-bath features:

  • Thetford Aqua Magic 5 toilet
  • Shower
  • Sink
  • Medicine cabinet w/ mirror
  • Power ceiling vent
  • Privacy door-lock

Interior standard features

  • Queen size bed
  • 8” queen-size custom coil mattress
  • 12,000 BTU Atwood furnace
  • Custom wood finish
  • 2 roof vents
  • LED lighting
  • Draw-down window shades
  • Valences
  • Screened windows and door
  • Detectors (smoke, carbon monoxide, propane)
  • Fire extinguisher

Exterior standard features

  • 12ft Dometic power awning
  • Storage hatch
  • Entry step
  • 20ft sewer hose storage
  • LED road lights (break, marker…)
  • Dual 20 lbs LPG tanks
  • Mud flaps
  • Front and rear stabilizing jacks
  • Full size spare tire w/cover
  • Safety chains
  • Break-away switch
  • Electric brakes
  • Bike Rack ready receiver

Interior (area of entrance door between dinette and kitchen


  • Stoves: (3-burner stove, 2 or 3-burner stainless steel stove, oven w/3-burner cooktop)
  • 6 cu ft. 3-way Dometic fridge
  • Microwave (built-into-cabinet)
  • 6 gallons DSI 2-way water heater
  • 11,000 BTU Roof-mounted AC
  • Foot-flush toilet
  • Winterizing T-valve
  • Exterior shower
  • Interior/Exterior 12V outlets
  • USB outlet
  • 12V/6V batteries 
  • 1500W inverter
  • 160W solar panel w/charge control (roof-mounted)
  • Surge protector
  • Removable external power cord
  • Additional exterior LED light
  • Wireless back-up camera 12V display monitor
  • Stereo/DVD player w/2 speakers
  • TV-ready, TV antenna, TV-jack….
  • Thermal windows
  • Extra insulation
  • Opening kitchen/bath thermal windows
  • Aluminum rims
  • Additional countertop extension, drawer….
  • Storage box (front of the trailer)
  • Custom flooring, fabrics and laminates)
  • Equalizer hitch
  • Expandable wall-mounted TV arm….

      And here it should be written: “and more”, because the Escape travel trailers can be highly customized (contact the factory for details, because the business owners are even going farther – whenever possible, they try to incorporate customers’ “out-of-standard” suggestions because they understood that “there’s nothing worse than buying a trailer and having to make changes after you get it home”…..

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