Fifth Wheel Tailgates

Fifth Wheelers Tailgates: Manufacturers and Types

Having a truck requires a lot of maintenance, but some of the accessories that you can buy for your truck can make it much more functional and safe.

Tailgates are some of these accessories that can give more security to your truck, and in the same time their rugged construction contributes to the strengths of the car. For people who have a pickup truck a tail gate is one of the most essential parts of the vehicle.

Therefore before buying one, you should pay attention carefully to the quality of the tail gate that you are about to purchase. The purpose of a tail gate is to make sure that everything that you carry in your car is safe, and nothing will slide down while you are driving. Bad quality tail gates can cause a lot of accidents because they break if the load is too heavy.

The best tailgates are those that have been carefully made to assure a safer and easier drive for your pickup truck. Tail gates that are of high quality offer a good rear view visibility, have a durable finish and are made of a sturdy material. Such tailgates are great for protection and they last for a long time.

Here are some of the most popular manufacturers of tail gates: Ford Super Duty, Dodge Ram and Chevy Silverado.

There are more types of tailgates: louvered tailgates, open design tail gates and custom design tail gates.

Louvered tailgates are recommended by many people because of their spring hinged central latch, the durable powder coat finish, and the heavy duty fold over louvers. Besides the louvered tailgates the open design tail gates are also quite common, and they are preferred by many people because of their open design that makes your field of vision wider, thus offering more safety while driving. The best open design tail gates are manufactured by Stromberg Carlson and Highland.

Tail gates are made to be easy to use and to handle. They can usually be opened with one hand, they have metal latches to assure safety, they reduce the drag in the truck bed and they are rust free. A good quality tailgate has a price between $200 and $300. This price might seem a bit steep, but when it comes to tailgates it is essential to buy a sturdy one which will last for a long time. Most tailgates are either made of aluminum, steel or strong plastic.

If you don’t have to carry heavy loads then the lightweight plastic and aluminum tailgates are quite suitable, but if you plan to tow heavy things with your car, you should choose a tail gate made from a stronger material. The most expensive tailgates are the custom made ones.

Tailgates can be found in all RV stores and also online on many websites such as Camping World, Quality Bumper and E Trailer. All types of tailgates mentioned above can be ordered from these websites in just a few clicks.

Visitor's Story

What will they think of next? Fifth wheel tailgates are simply that, a tailgate with a custom design to fit the truck that pulls a 5th wheel.

This way, you still have the use of truck bed, but can also use the same tailgate to block things from falling out.

The design is unique.

The hatch is a typical tailgate, which rounds down to the center to allow the 5th wheel to fit in the center without losing the tailgate.

The design is custom and fits different styles and makes of trucks.

Manufacturers call these types of tailgates flow thru tailgates with a V shape cut or a straight cut.

There is a tailgate for Chevy trucks for years 1998 and 2003. They run around three hundred dollars and can be painted to match the color of your truck. The ones for Dodge trucks are made for years 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003 while the Ford tailgate is for years 1987 to 2003.

I recently saw these types of tailgates in Washington and West Virginia at some area campgrounds. The one person was hauling a 33 ft 5th wheel and the other was pulling a twenty-three foot unit. Both sizes fit the truck very well with the help of this tailgate.

The fifth wheel tailgates are made durable to last and the available paint colors are factory standard. If you have no preference in color, you can buy the powder coated black tailgate without having it custom painted to match your truck color. When you buy the tailgates, you receive everything you need for installation.

All tailgates run in the same price range of three hundred dollars plus shipping and handling. There are manufacturers who advertise on the internet to place your orders and see the pictures of what they look like before buying.

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