Forest River Flagstaff High Wall Folding Pop-Up Campers with Bathroom

Flagstaff High Wall Fold Pop-Up Campers truly offer everything you could ever need for your camping escapades.

 Forest River Flagstaff High Wall Folding Pop-Up Campers are designed to offer lu     xury camping options in a convenient, towable trailer.

The high wall campers come with a multitude of features and have even more optional upgrades.

As the result you can customize it to be exactly what you need.

However, even without the upgrades, these campers offer an experience unlike any other, with class and comfort that makes traveling easier.

Forest River Flagstaff has nine options of high wall campers with bathrooms:

  • 2015 HW27KS
  • 2015 HW27SC
  • 2015 HW29SC
  • 2015 HW31SCTH
  • 2014 HW25FS
  • 2014 HW27KS
  • 2014 HW27SC
  • 2014 HW29SC
  • 2014 HW31SCTH

Forest River Flagstaff - HW31SCTH folding camper - floor-plan

        Each can sleep 5 or 6 people, depending on the model. Their most prominent interior feature is the bathroom, which is surprisingly spacious considering the trailer is so compact. The bathroom consists of a hard wall shower and a flushable toilet. Having the accessibility of your own bathroom allows you to travel places that don’t have facilities. And, of course, you get to shower in a clean, personal space, without worrying about who else has used it.

        The campers all come with their own galley kitchen. This includes a microwave, refrigerator, and sink, as well as a three burner stove. There is also plenty of cabinet space in this area, so you can fully equip your kitchen with everything you need to make your favorite meals on the road. And, if cooking inside isn’t your thing, each high wall camper comes with an outdoor grill.

You’ll be more than comfortable in your beautifully decked out camper. Each high wall comes with gorgeous wood interiors, accented by two-tone fabrics. This only adds to the classiness of the stainless steel looking appliances in the kitchen. And all this is framed around the linoleum floor that has been designed to look like real tile, perfect for easy clean up.

Forest River Flagstaff HW27SC Folding Camper

        If it’s not your turn to make dinner, you can sit back in the comfy dinette and watch the others at work. Each dinette forms a U-shape around a solid table and is cushioned with 4” pads. Not only does this space offer a great place to eat as a group, it is also the perfect place for indoor activities. On rainy or restful days, the table can serve as the center for games, art projects, or snacks!

       The Flagstaff High Wall Pop-Ups aren’t just about looks, either. Every detail has been stressed over, so that your camping experience is the best. The mattresses are picked for true comfort, so that you can get a restful night’s sleep after a day adventuring or driving. The lights are designed to offer the most light and last longer. And, because every camper needs to be fully stocked, the storage options are numerous and practical. Flagstaff High Wall Fold Pop-Up Campers truly offer everything you could ever need for your camping escapades.

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