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Recently Kerola’s Group designed modern Hi-Lo travel trailers reviving an old iconic design: Wanderer-16SD and 16RB – both with exterior length of about 16ft belong to the class of small campers.....

       When back in 1956 Jim Snyder lunched the series of Hi-Lo trailers it was a kind of “revolution” in RV industry. 

      These “collapsible” travel trailers brought a clever solution to two difficult to meet requirements.

They offered a weather-tolerant “hard-side design” and an easiness of “towing & storage” typical for “folding” (pop-up) campers.

The whole idea of Hi-Lo trailers was based on a concept of moving up (and down) the whole upper shell thanks to the hydraulic lift system (hence the name Hi-Lo).

In more descriptive words, the upper shell fits over the bottom one when on the road and slides up (during the set-up operation) or down (during folding operation) thanks to the telescoping system.

     The campers gained some popularity among RV-ers, but at the end, these relatively “heavy” designs  lost their competitiveness to modern “lightweight” travel trailers and newer collapsible hard-side A-Frame designs.   Jim Snyder’s company closed operation in 2010 and it seemed that his iconic trailers will become part of the past occasionally revived by enthusiasts of vintage trailers carefully restoring the surviving “Old Beauties”. 

New "incarnation" of the Hi-Lo travel trailer:

2016 model Wanderer 16xx

     Well, “things” rapidly changed when in 2014, Mr. W. Kerola (President of the Kerola Group) acquired Hi-Lo’s design, IP and trademark from Mr. Snyders family. With Mr. Kerola’s financial resources, energy and vision, the new, modern version of Hi-Lo trailers is about to enter the RV market, bringing back to life the iconic retro design. 

Currently the Kerola’s Group designed two models of campers known under the name of Wanderer 16. With external length slightly exceeding 16 foot they belong to the class of small travel trailers. Their main difference is the floorplan arrangement.  The Wanderer 16SD (Side Dinette) offers larger and more comfortable living area as well as an extra sleeping place when the dinette is converted in the bed. The Wanderer 16RB (Rear Bed configuration) has folding down table instead of classic dinette but offers an extra wardrobe/porta pot/storage space at the expense of the living area.

Wanderer 16SD - floorplan

      Both versions of the camper are generously equipped offering quite comfortable living and sleeping conditions.  Queen-size bed makes sleeping environment similar to home-like experience.  The kitchen is equipped with 2-burner cooktop, large sink bowl w/faucet, 3-way, 3 cu. ft refrigerator and spacious cabinetry.  Side-wall Air Conditioner unit with its 5,500 BTU and 11,500 BTU furnace allow for an extended camping season well beyond the traditional summer. But first of all, Wanderers 16xx offer a “bridge” to the nostalgic past of 60’s. 

Hi-Lo Travel trailer: Model Wanderer 16RB - floorplan


Exterior length

Exterior width

Exterior height (road)

Interior height

Dry weight


Cargo capacity

Fresh water tank

LPG tank






2,630 lbs

3,500 lbs

870 lbs

10 gals

20 lbs


      While Wanderer 16 still did not hit the road and some details still can change in the final models, the following features are their best description as of summer 2016.

Wanderer 16SD - Dinette

Wanderer 16RB - interior


  • Powder-coated heavy duty frame
  • One piece seamless rubber roof
  • Laminated fiberglass walls
  • Independent rubber torsion axle
  • 14” tires
  • Galvanized steel wheel wells
  • Hydraulic over electric Hi-Lo lift system w/ manual backup

Wanderer 16SD - galley

Kerola Hi-Lo Wanderer 16RB - galley

Interior standard features:

  • Rear Queen-size bed w/mattress
  • Dinette (convertible to bed)
  • 3-way, 3 cubic feet refrigerator
  • Stainless steel sink
  • 11,500 BTU furnace
  • 5,500 BRU side AC unit
  • 2-burner cooktop
  • 3-speed Fantastic Fan
  • 12V water pump
  • 30A converter w/charger
  • 6 internal electrical outlets
  • Ample lighting including porch light

Exterior Standard features

  • 10ft awning
  • City water hook-up
  • Detachable power cord
  • 2 external electrical outlets
  • 20 lbs LPG bottle w/cover
  • 12V battery
  • Electric brakes
  • Four front & rear stabilizer jacks
  • Entry door double step

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