How to Build Winter Camping Shelter

Got lost in the wilderness, night came too early or just changed plans? See how to make quickly the camping shelter to survive the night.....

It may happen that unexpectedly we have to spend a night under the stars.

Although sometimes it may be an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, far from the light pollution characteristic for a city, it can be also a frightening experience. 

To turn potential disaster into if not romantic, then at least memorable experience we have to be able to quickly build a protective shelter using whatever we have in our hands and whatever graciously provides Mother Nature.

How to Build a Winter Tarp Shelter For Cold Weather

If you are either stranded or you go camping during the winter, being able to create a shelter with some winter tarp is very important. In order to do this you will have to grab a smaller, yet long pole then tie it between two trees using lashes. It’s important that the poles you use are smooth, otherwise you risk damaging the tarp. After that, place the adjacent poles in such a way so that you will create the form of a tent between the two trees. Use lashes to secure everything.

Now you will have to cover the poles with the tarp and finish up the shelter. Once you complete the whole construction, you should place a blanket in with some cords, as this will help reflect the heat towards you. The next and final step is to start a fire and this will help you stay warm at night.

Let's see the process in a "real environment" step by step.....

Winter camping shelter built with army parachute

Building a camping shelter for the winter can be quite hard to do, however with a lot of commitment you can easily get some impressive results. If by any means you need to sit in the middle of nowhere for a few days, either for hunting or survival purposes, then you should know that you can create such a shelter using an army parachute.

First of all, you will need to find a tree which will serve as your main stationary point, then use some logs in order to create the skeleton of the shelter. After that, add the army parachute onto the logs to cover the area where you intend to live. Since you want to create a safe and warm place, you will have to use the snow as the best means to block the cold air from outside. In order to do that, you will need to add up a large pile of snow and place it on and under the parachute so everything will be tight and no cold air will come underneath.

Inside, you will need to add some pine leaves as these will help keep warm and cozy, not to mention that this way you will avoid touching the snow.

.... in the whole process in "motion"....

Homemade Winter Shelter

Creating a homemade winter shelter is possible if you do have the necessary tools. First of all, find two sturdy trees and place a support log between them, then start clearing all the snow from that area. Once that is done, you will have to drape the canvas on top the support log, but to try to make sure that the outside region is facing outside. Depending on the situation that you face, you might need to add some extra logs for support. After this you need to add triangular logs to both sides of the canvas and align all sides.

In order to secure sides you will need to attach the wire through the grommets, as this will help you create a sturdy shelter. Once you complete this, you will have to dig through the snow until you reach the ground level. Congrats - you successfully managed to create a homemade shelter.

Backyard "dry test".....

The bottom line is - once you find yourself in situation when you have to spend unexpected night in the wilderness you can always find the way to protect yourself under the improvised "roof" of a hand-made improvised shelter...

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