Jayco Eagle HT 27.5RLTS
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Jayco Eagle HT 27.5RLTS fifth wheel is a medium-size, lightweight (but heavy on elegant features) camper for up to 4 designed for popular “half-ton” trucks….

        Jayco started production of lightweight Eagle fifth-wheels in 1994, and in just 3 years the series became one of the most popular among RV-ers. Following the market trends, in 2008 Jayco introduced super-lite version of Eagle 5th wheels designed for towing by “Half-Ton” pickup trucks.  

For the purpose of this presentation we selected the Eagle fifth wheel model HT 27.5RLTS (where “HT” stands for mentioned above “half-ton”). Just to clarify – the name loosely references to truck’s payload capacity. Given the fact that one US ton = 2000 lbs, “half-ton” trucks are those able to carry 1000 lbs payload (what in the case of RVs “translates” to hitch weight).

Modern pickup trucks (even some medium-size ones) largely exceed this limit, but the name stuck till our days. The bottom line is that we still use this descriptive name half-ton, regardless the fact that now, the “half-ton” means significantly more than just 1,000 lbs. 

      Eagle HT 27.5RLTS fifth wheel camper with its length of 30’11” and dry weight of slightly below 8,000lbs despite its hitch weight of 1,520 lbs still deserves to keep its HT-name. It is designed for towing by modern full-size trucks (for example popular Toyota Tundra 5.7l/V8). 

Jayco Eagle HT 27.5RLTS Fifth Wheel camper

    ... and its floor-plan

      This 3-Slide-outs camper, despite its “relatively” small size and weight combines pretty much everything for what Jayco is recognized. And it is – good reliability, high quality, very practical floor-plan and elegant exterior and interior finish seen mostly in luxurious campers. As Jayco states – while the HT 27.5RLTS is truly lightweight, at the same time it is “heavy” on standard features offering comfort and truly residential ambiance….

While the HT 27.5RLTS is designed to sleep up to four persons, it is somehow “optimized” for just two – either young or senior couples.  The best example of this “scenario” is the dining corner with a free-standing table and just two chairs. OK, do not worry, there are two more chairs matching the design and fabrics, but they are foldable are usually kept away from the table. In fact the dining table has an extension so it can be comfortably used for serving meals for four.

     The bottom line is – the HT 27.5RTS fifth wheel camper despite its modest length thanks to host of mostly standard or mandatory luxury features offers residential-like environment, elegance and comfort.

Master Bedroom

Eagle HT 27.5RLTS Bedroom

Bedroom's slide-out with dresser (here with an open drawer); the leftmost section for linen is in the bathroom

      Walk-around queen-size bed with high quality mattress is promising comfortable sleeping conditions. The hanging cabinets with glass doors and nightstands on both sides of the bed provide convenient space for storing “useful” stuff within the reach when needed. The dual USB charging ports and 120Vac outlets above the nightstand are a handy “sign of time”. You can easily plug your iPad, cell phone(s) and computer – in other words “stay connected” with the world in the privacy of your bedroom.

But the real “star” of the bedroom’s layout is the slide-out wardrobe. On top of traditional sections like closet and linen cabinets (split between the bedroom and bath), this slide-out also offers a dresser with drawers and kind of working space. And the best of it – just above the dresser is the large window opening the interior to the outside world and sunlight….

Easily accessible under-bed box adds tremendous amount of storage space for whatever you do not need on the daily basis.

      The carpet flooring makes your wake-up barefoot walk pleasurable. And finally you have the private sliding door leading to the bath almost like in the Master Suite at your home….

The reading lights above the bed are very practical for reading, but Jaco went further adding also blue nightlight spots  allowing you to safely find your way during the night if needed (similar solution is implemented in the bath).

Note: Jayco advertises that the bedroom is CPAP prep and understandably this causes confusion among RV-ers. So let’s clarify this issue – CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. CPAP-prep means that the bedroom is ready for CPAP device (machine helping persons diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea to breathe more easily during sleep). Well thought! 




      The stylish radius shower cabin with sliding glass doors is the central part of the bath. The vanity with sink and stone backsplash as well as the medicine cabinet with mirror above and electrical outlet on the side wall make this corner convenient for daily use. The porcelain toilet with foot-flush pedal is an obvious (and standard) element of the bath. 

The skylight above the shower brings enough of light during the sunny day. Worth to mention is the standard LED “blue nightlight” on the ceiling so you may easily “navigate” there during the night avoiding the strong lights that will certainly completely wake you up for the rest of the night (or its major part).

The elegant towel bars and hooks complete the bathroom – still spacious enough to serve its purpose.

The extra door leads to the narrow passage between the master bedroom and the living area.


Eagle HT 27.5 RLTS 5th wheel camper - galley

Stainless-steel dual-bowls sink

      The kitchen has  L-shaped layout. The working space (sink, standing and overhead cabinets) are all located along the bath wall. The 8 cubic feet fridge and freezer takes half of the street-side slide-out (sharing it with the sofa). All appliances including mentioned above fridge, 3-burner range with hood, microwave and sink are made from stainless-steel. It’s not only practical and lasting solution, but also very elegant one nicely contributing to the overall stylishness of the integrated living/kitchen/dining area.

The window above the range brings not only sunlight to the kitchen but also offers the “natural” ventilation right where it may be needed.

The sink is under-mounted and covered by lid extending the working space. Well, if not enough, then the large countertop extension can be opened closing the kitchen area in a U-shape form. This is nice addition although frankly quite surprising given the fact that in Eagle HT 27.5RLTS you do not expect large “crowds” ( it may serve rather as  the place for “cold buffet” style meal….).

     The kitchen does not have the pantry, but the storage space in cabinets should easily meet your needs. The under-the-sink cabinetry also offers generous space for “bulky” stuff (like garbage bin) and the section with four drawers.

Dining corner - here with two chairs for lovely "tete-a-tete" meal

And here extended table with all 4 chairs (one open to show the storage)

     The dining corner is located in the curb-side slide-out sharing the place with the entertainment center. As mentioned earlier, you will find there only 2 chairs and obviously a lot of room for serving even more sophisticated meals. But if needed - two folding chairs matching the style and fabrics are readily available (usually stored next to the rear-wall recliners).  

Living Room/Entertainment

Eagle HT 27.5 RLTS 5th wheel - Living area 

Closer look at the Tri-fold "hide-a-bed" sofa

     The Hide-a-bed sofa in the street-side slide-out faces the dining table. Along the rear wall are two recliners. Combined together they offer comfortable place for watching TV, listening to the music, reading or just relaxing. What you may miss however are side tables – nowhere to see neither next to the recliners or sofa. Although you can certainly “live” without them, frankly, they will be  very useful when it comes to books, magazines, to keep your computer on or simply for the glass of wine and something “sweet”….

     The Entertainment Center is placed in the corner of the slide-out at an angle of 45 degrees, so basically the TV screen is well visible from the sofa, recliners and the dinner table. The optional fireplace in the EC cabinetry below the TV will not only “warm-up” the living space but also the “atmosphere”, making the lovely ambiance. 

    Well, thanks to two large slide-outs on the opposite sides of the camper and favorable (L-shaped) kitchen layout the living area feels large and open.  And what is even more important - the nice composition of LED lights, solid hardwood fascia in slide-outs, wood-plank like floor (carpet in dining area) combined with interior décor make it a ”warm”, lovely place…. 

Let’s note also a hardwood handrail along the interior steps leading to the Master Bedroom –it’s rarely seen in medium-size fifth wheels.


Jayco Eagle HT 27.5RLTS fifth wheel seen from the back (note the large panoramic window at the rear wall just behind recliners)

Pass-through storage: note presence of the water pipes (obstructing) and very robust diamond-plate floor 

     The remotely controlled electric awning with LED lights offers opportunity for “close-up and personal” contacts with the Mother Nature. The large pass-through storage has plenty of room for bulky stuff like camping chairs, table, screen room etc…  The optional rear-bumper swing-arm mounted grill (grill prep is standard) is an extra motivation to spend more time in the company of nature.  You will certainly enjoy the opportunity to prepare meals in an open space exposed to fresh breeze instead of interior’s heat in the kitchen.

Exterior marine-grad speakers are mounted below the camper’s walls. It’s double gain, first by mounting them in the skirt, the integrity of camper’s walls is preserver (according to Murthy’s Law all sealed junctions leak (sooner-or later) and that will happened to the mounting holes in the wall). The second one is that thanks to speakers’ location at the level of camping chairs, the music will be truly dedicated to you. You may know from your camping experience how disturbing are high-mounted external loudspeakers (usually at the ceiling level) spreading “big decibels” all over around the campground and even beyond…..

2" rear receiver (on the left seen electrical installation for lights of the pulled trailer)

    The camper comes with a standard rear 2” receiver with (believe or not) – an electrical connector. At the minimum, it is great for the bike’s rack. But it also gives the chance to pull behind a boat (check towing and hitch weight limits). 

The standard Jayco’s Climate Shield offers all-season weather protection (according to the manufacturer it extends the camping seasons and travel zones to “zero-degrees”.  It includes enclosed and heated underbelly with water tanks and valves, as well as robust thermal insulation for roof, floor and slide-out rooms. Just to be clear – the Climate Shield works both ways so it also protect you when temperatures rise to 100oF.

     Eco-oriented RV-ers certainly will appreciate the fact that the Eagle HT 27.5RLTS camper has universal solar prep ports installed on the ground and roof locations as part of standard features.  It’s not only energy independence when camping out of civilization, but also a responsible, green approach to our Mother Nature….


Overall exterior length

Exterior Travel length

Exterior width

Exterior height (w/A/C)

Interior height

Dry weight 

Hitch weight


Cargo capacity

Fresh water tank

Grey water tank

Black water tank





Slide-outs dimensions


30’1” (1)

96”  (2)

142 ¾” (3)

95” (living area)

75” (bedroom)

7,995 lbs (4)

1,520 lbs

9,950 lbs

1,955 lbs (5)

42 gals

2 x 32.5 gals

32,5 gals

2 x 30 lbs


Rear Living/ Front bed


97” x 17 ¼” (bedroom)

120” x 23 ¾” street-side

107” x 35 ¾ curbside

(1) Pin box to bumper

(2) 155 ½” with extended slide-outs

(3) 150 ½” with optional bedroom A/C

(4) w/Standard Features

(5) Includes water and LPG 


  • Frame: Cambered, structural steel I-beam
  • Body: Aluminum-framed, vacuum-bonded, laminated & gel-coated fiberglass walls (includes slide-out ends)
  • Roof: Magnum-Truss w/one-piece seamless DiFlexII
  • Front Cap: high-gloss fiberglass
  • Floor Decking: 5/8” tongue & groove joined plywood
  • Insulation: Double-layer fiberglass ceiling (R-27) and floor (R-29), Double-sided radiant-barrier roof and slide-room floors (standard CS Package), walls (R-5)
  • Underbelly: Fully enclosed, heated (Standard CS Package)
  • Suspension: MOR/Ryde CRE-3000 Rubberized (Mandatory CVP)
  • Wheels: Custom-machined aluminum rims w/Goodyear ST225/75 R15E tires (Mandatory CVP), 
  • Exterior Graphics: Automotive-grade vinyl
  • Windows: Frameless, tinted safety glass


  • Custom Value Package (CVP) Mandatory 
  • Climate Shield – Zero-degree Weather-Protection Package (CSP) - Standard
  • Dry Camping Package - DCP (LP Gen prep and Extra LP capacity) - Optional

Under-bed storage space

Master Bedroom

  • Queen-size bed (60” x 80”) w/under-bed storage
  • Simmons Mattress - (Mandatory CVP)
  • Residential quilted bedspread and pillows
  • Wardrobe, Dresser w/window (slide-out)
  • LED reading lights (w/blue nightlight mode)
  • Dual USB/12Vdc/120ac outlets
  • Private sliding door to the bath
  • Side-cabinets w/glass doors 
  • Side nightstands
  • CPAP-prep 

Roomy linen closet in the bath


  • Radius Shower with glass door
  • Porcelain foot-flushed toilet
  • Vanity w/sink and stone backsplash
  • Rain-proof EZ-Breeze power-vent (Mandatory CVP)
  • Skylight
  • Blue LED-nightlight
  • Linen cabinet (part of bedroom’s Slide-out)
  • Towel bars, hooks…
  • 2 doors (one private sliding)

Stainless-steel 3-burner range

Optional Corian counter-top with lid over the sink

Counter-top extension

Kitchen / Dining

  • 3-burner stainless-steel range w/hood (light, vent)
  • Microwave (Stainless-steel) with exhaust fan (Mandatory CVP)
  • 8-cu. ft. 2-way refrigerator and freezer
  • 2-bowls, stainless-steel sink w/lid and single levier faucet
  • Wooden Cabinets w/shelves, drawers ….
  • Solid-surface counter-tops (with extension) 
  • Free-standing Table w/extension and 4 chairs (2 folding, 2 with storage) 

Open sofa

Living Room

  • Tri-fold “Hide-a-bed” sofa (46” x 76 ½” when open)
  • 2 Recliners
  • Fireplace (optional)
  • Large, panoramic windows / ventilation windows


  • 39” LED HDTV w/HDMI (Mandatory CVP)
  • 12V 3-zones A/V CD/DVD/AM/FM/Stereo w/USB, Bluetooth and HDMI (Mandatory CVP)
  • Digital TV Antenna (roof-mounted)
  • Speakers (Interior /exterior (marine-grade)
  • Satellite cable hook-ups

Interior features

  • Solid hardwood (maple) fascia in slide-outs
  • Maple, glazed cabinets doors and drawers w/full extension steel-bearing guides
  • Flooring: “Wood-Plank” vinyl/Stain-guard R-value carpet
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Central Command Center (awning, slide-outs, water pump, lights, tanks’ monitors…)
  • Pleated windows shades
  • Hardwood handrail along interior steps
  • Décor: Choice of Java, Meadow, Peppercorn and Cashmere

Aluminum entrance steps with anti-slippery grips

2 x 30 lbs LPG bottles

Exterior features

  • Electric landing gear (front)
  • Electric awning w/integrated LED lights (Mandatory CVP)
  • LED lighting package 
  • Rear 2” Receiver w/electric connect (300 lbs tongue weight, 3,000 lbs tow load max) - (Mandatory CVP)
  • Two 30 lbs LPG bottles w/auto-regulator and “Quick Connect”
  • Grill prep
  • Entrance door 30” x 72” w/grab handle
  • Aluminum entrance steps w/anti-slip grip and safety light
  • Pass-through storage w/slam-latch doors, light and 120Vac outlet
  • Universal Docking Center fully enclosed w/LED light (City water, Black tank flush, Exterior shower, Satellite coax connectors, pump switch) 
  • Roof ladder

Universal Docking Center 


  • HELIX Cooling system (roof-mounted 13.5k BTU “Whisper-quite” A/C, insulated ducts, directional/closable vents, return air vents w/filters)
  • 30k BTU furnace 
  • Fireplace (requires 50A service) – Optional
  • Rainproof roof vent

120Vac, 12Vdc and dual UBS charging station


  • Solar prep (rooftop and ground) by Go Power (Mandatory CVP)
  • Wireless remote control system (Mandatory CVP)
  • Control center
  • 30A power service w/detachable shore cord and LED light (50A optional)
  • Dual USB charging ports (kitchen & bedroom)
  • 12V charging station
  • 120V AC outlets (kitchen, Living Room, Pass-through storage)
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Backup camera prep


  • PEX plumbing (standard CSP)
  • 17.8 gals/h, quick-recovery gas/electric DSI Water Heater w/6 gals tank
  • Water heater bypass
  • Exterior shower (UDC)
  • City/tank water (UDC)
  • Black tank flush (UDC)

Keyed Alike lock system


  • Keyed Alike™ lock system 
  • Under-mounted spare
  • Alarms (CO, Propane, smoke)
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Wireless Backup Camera w/Monitor kit (optional)


  • 15k BTU A/C (in place of 13.5kBTU)
  • 50A service with 2nd A/C Prep
  • 2nd ducted A/C (bedroom)
  • Corian countertop (kitchen)
  • Fireplace (requires 50A service)
  • Bumper-mount grill
  • Wireless Backup Camera w/Monitor kit
  • Dual Pane frameless tinted safety glass windows
  • Dry Camping Package (LP Gen prep and Extra LP capacity)
  • ST235/80 R16E MAXXIS tires w/custom rims

Now let's follow the visual presentation of the Eagle HT 27.5RLTS camper

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Summarizing: The 2017 Jayco Eagle HT 27.5RLTS fifth wheel camper easily stands up to expectations. Lightweight, but heavy on features, shorter than luxury campers, but offering similar ambiance and easy to pull by "half-ton trucks...

Note:  Check with the manufacturer and / or authorized RV Dealer for the up-to-date list of features, options as well as latest specifications. These written above may not be accurate and certainly are subject to change by the factory. We are not responsible for any inaccuracy, the above text is provided only for the general information.

This review was written based on publicly available information for the benefits of the community of RV-ers. We do not receive any gratification or financial benefits from RV manufacturers, dealers, and any other promoters of RVs. 

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