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Lil-Snoozy camper (and its successor Snoozy-2) built from fiberglass w/foam core, thanks to its stylish ultra-aerodynamic shape and well-thought layout offers all you will expect to see in modern travel trailers….


Latest News: The Snoozy is back!

           The bankruptcy of Lil Snoozy LLC (filed on March 15, 2019) put to an end the production of one of the best all-fiberglass travel trailers. Fortunately, quite soon, whatever could be saved from disappearance (IP as well as manufacturing facility (St. Matthews, South Carolina)) was acquired by Wesco Trailers. The new owner representing Marine Industry specializes production of high-quality frames for boats. It brings decennia of experience in the marine business perfectly fitting not only into the construction of long-lasting galvanized frames but also into the production of all-fiberglass shells.

Visually, the Snoozy-2 trailer underwent only very slight modifications compared to its predecessor Lil-Snoozy. The characteristic shape of the shell, interior layout, and furnishing are practically the same. The almost invisible changes include the A-frame, shell’s manufacturing process, and reduced list of available options.

Most of the text below describing the original Lil-Snoozy trailers still holds. Below are underlined vital changes:

Thanks to Wesco the Snoozy-2 is back 

1. Frame

The new Wesco dip-galvanized frame is a bit longer, so the overall trailer’s length is now 19’5” (compared to 19’ for Lil-Snoozy). Part of the extra length is now extended beyond the rear side of the camper acting as a sort of “protective bumper”.

The tongue is equipped with the surge brake (it was also available in the original Lil Snoozy).

What the Surge Brake is?

          It’s a hydraulic system composed of two parts. The front part attached to the hitch can slide along the tongue pushing or pulling the rod depending on the direction of the force exercised by the trailer. The cylinder with the piston attached to the rod is fixed to the tongue. Let’s assume you pull the trailer uphill – the rod extends the distance between two parts of the tongue, the piston releases the hydraulic pressure, and breaks are “deactivated”. However, when you are driving downhill or braking the towing car, the weight of the trailer (inertia) pushes both parts of the mechanism closer, the piston increases the hydraulic pressure, and brakes are activated proportionally to the force exercised by the trailer on the hitch. The brake fluid flows through individual brake lines to the traditional drum brakes in the wheel-axle system.

The advantage of Surge Brake is the elimination of the brake controller and extra electrical wiring. Note that the surge brake is (must be) equipped with a system allowing for backing the trailer (if not, you wouldn’t be able to move it in the reverse direction).

2. Shell

Let’s start with the obvious - not all fiberglass is the same. Wesco uses processes since long well-mastered by the marine industry in the construction of small boats. From what is known, the company applies the Vacuum Infusion Process to drive resins into the laminate. The shell is about ¾” thick and includes a layer of foam insulation (composition of 60% fiberglass/40% air). The whole structure is very strong.

The visible change consists of the new finish with HK Silver Shark Gel Coat (according to the manufacturer, one of the very best gel coats on the market).

Thanks to better fiberglass technology, the Snoozy-2 is lighter and stronger than the original Lil Snoozy trailers.

Beautiful silhouette of the new Snoozy-2  (Source: Wesco)

3. Other Changes/Modifications

a) Axle – Its location was slightly changed compared to that in the original Lil Snoozy trailer.

b) A/C Unit (original 8 kBRUs) was downsized to 6 kBTUs. The unit is physically smaller which allows for a wider entrance door (offered as an option) .

c) Manufacturer limited the original list of available options. This decision was aimed at simplification of the manufacturing process so the new trailers can roll out of the factory door sooner. However, still, the manufacturer offers two versions of the bed: Queen or twins. The factory also offers a couple of versions of mattresses (for example memory foam, etc….).

4. Specifications

         Some specifications of Snoozy-2 were changed compared to the original Lil Snoozy (the changes you can find below in the corresponding table).

Above: Version with queen bed and sofa

Below:  Version with twin beds (no sofa)

Below is the updated original text about the Lil-Snoozy. Most of the text still applies to the new incarnation of the trailer known as Snoozy-2.

      Lil-Snoozy fiberglass travel trailer is a youngest “child” of Alan Smoak – a man with years of experience in fiberglass business (boats, swimming pools….). 

Actually, more accurate will be to call it is his “grand-child” not only because he started RV business after well-deserved retirement, but also due to the love and passion he put behind into the design of the Little-Snoozy camper.  

His motto: “Good Enough is Not Good Enough” may be disputed by seasoned engineers usually preferring an approach that “Better is an enemy of Good Enough” , but after seeing the amazing end-product with its beautiful ultra-aerodynamic shape we can give good amount of credit to Mr. Smoak for his boldness.

Indeed- the continuous effort to make something better makes sense provided that the final product is finished on time and available, and keeps intact the most important parameters:  functionality, reliability and simplicity.

After all, camping adventure means exploring the Mother Nature, and She does not like lavishness nor any excesses (read it – polluting unspoiled nature gadgets). Fortunately it seems that Mr. Smoak was able to keep good balance between both mentioned sayings.

Lil-Snoozy travel trailer looks very attractive

    The Lil-Snoozy travel trailer is manufactured by Smoakin Concept Composites (South Carolina) since about 2012.  The unique manufacturing process proves that not all fiberglass trailers are the same. Smoak, thanks to his experience in fiberglass industry came up with the shell made from five layers of fiberglass with high density foam laminated in between. This manufacturing process called “coring” (fiberglass w/foam core) is used throughout the entire structure including floor and results in improved thermal insulation. This technology differentiates Lil-Snoozy camper from other manufacturers of fiberglass campers.

      All Lil-Snoozy travel trailers are manufactured and built per custom order. The shell can be left “empty” so the camper can be used as a toy-hauler. It even can be sold without the frame (just a box) if that is customer’s wish.  But thanks to Mr. Smoak ingenuity, the company came up with a well-thought standard layout plan offering seemingly impossible: generous living area,  full-size queen bed, folding sofa, galley and wet bath - all that within the walls of let’s face it – small travel trailer. Actually the living space in camper’s standard configuration is so large, that one can carry there a motorcycle.

Little-Snoozy camper - insulated fiberglass shell, stylish shape, large windows and great  layout... these are just some characteristics of the travel trailer 

      The 76" x 60" bed (Wesco Snoozy-2, Lil Snoozy was 79” x 63”) is located at the front of the camper in the round-shaped camper’s nose. The innerspring mattress (instead of typical foam mattresses) promises relaxing comfort.  The jack-knife couch on the driver side of the trailer with small dinner table faces the “unassigned” wall that can be used as an entertainment center (if you really cannot live without it, the flat-TV screen up to 42” can be installed). But the true nature lover will certainly prefer in this place an additional panoramic window (one of available options).  Talking about the windows – it should be noted that all of them are really exceptionally large bringing this beautiful feeling of being inside, but at the same time in the middle of the surrounding nature. 

       The kitchen area includes sink, refrigerator, microwave (optional but standard for Snoozy-2 model) and removable 2-burner electric cooktop (not available for Snoozy-2). The kitchen cabinets, including overhead ones and plenty of drawers offer a lot of cupboard space. What may be surprising, they are fully made from red-oak (traditionally, in campers only doors are made from the real wood, while the rest is manufactured from pressed-wood boards or in the best case – from plywood). I guess, it is not only to improve aesthetics of the camper, but probably also to match the durability of “lasting forever” fiberglass shell.   

Lil-Snoozy travel trailer: floor-plan

       The 7 sq. ft. wet bath across the kitchen (at the back of the camper) includes the shower and porta-potti toilet (Lil-Snoozy). The Snoozy-2 is equipped with the Thetfort Cassette toilet which comes with a removable (from exterior) 4.5 gallons waste tank.  It’s a clever solution because it is much easier to remove the waste-tank (cassette) from the outside compared to porta-potti when the waste-box has to be removed from inside the bath.  Anyhow – both toilets do not need a traditional Black Water Tank so the whole “emptying” process is much cleaner (the portable waste-box can be emptied in any public toilet and you do not need the ”stinking” drain hose.

        Another surprise: the Lil-Snoozy camper was designed and manufactured as LPG-free (factory does not offer optional propane installation). In other words all appliances are electric (compressor-based refrigerator, cooktop (old Lil Snoozy) as well as water heater).  That is quite risky solution, because LPG gas offers much bigger energy autonomy than the electrical battery.  

As one of the solutions to solve the energy problem the company proposes an optional Power Generator that can be installed in front of the camper on the tongue (BTW – the generator can be run even when towing on the road). The main reason why the LPG was eliminated from the camper is obvious – it always brings the danger of propane leaks, especially treacherous in small closed areas. 

One more downside of all-electric camper is hot water availability. While the propane water heater gives instant results, in the case of electric one you may have to wait good few minutes (according to manufacturer about 7 minutes) to heat the water. And the question still has to be answered - what means "hot water".... (as this is a personal perception).

Unfortunately, so far the company did not offer any “built-in” solar solution that hopefully will increase the energy autonomy. We can only hope that it is being seriously considered as an integrated solution!

The spacious storage area is located under the queen-bed with the access from the inside (mirror doors) and from the outside (2 hatches).

While as mentioned earlier, the camper does not have the black water tank, the two remaining – 27 gallons fresh and grey water tanks offer good autonomy when you stay “out of civilization”…

      The interior, despite offering all needed amenities still feels quite spacious. Certainly good interior layout with entrance doors located at the back of the camper as well as wide wheel spacing (no space lost to wheel wells) and very large “reaching-out” windows greatly helps to feel it roomier than it really is.

The AC unit was intentionally mounted on the back wall. Placed in the fiberglass cover, it does not change much aesthetic lines of the camper and does not increase the aerodynamic profile. The roof-mounted AC was intentionally eliminated from the design to keep the exterior height at minimum. Thanks to this decision, the Lil-Snoozy travel trailer can be easily stored in the typical, single-car garage.

The rear bumper is made from steel and can accommodate and extra bike rack. 

Time to see it :-)


Exterior length (1)

Interior length 

Exterior width

Interior width

Exterior height

Interior height

Clearance underneath

GVWR (2)

Dry weight (3) 

Tongue weight

Fresh water tank (4)

Grey water tank (4)

Black water tank (5)

Overall living space


Lil Snoozy







7 ½”


2,500 lbs


35 gallons

31 gallons


95.25 sq.ft.










3,500 llbs

2,300 lbs

240-250 lbs

27 gals

27 gals

4.5 gals



1. 12” ac box included

2. Wesco-built for Snoozy-2

3. w/standard features, w/o water

4. Nominal value (usable capacity is about 25 gallons)

5. cassette toilet

Lil-Snoozy: visible galley (right) and "entertainment center" wall rightfully replaced by an additional (optional) panoramic window. The bottom line - TV cannot bring more live-nature into your camper than this window

Construction (Wesco's Snoozy-2)

  • Fiberglass shell w/laminated insulating foam-core
  • Shell's Finish: HK Silver Shark Gel Coat
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • PEX Plumbing (Flexible, no joints)
  • 3500 spring axles
  • 205/75/14 aluminum wheel w/14" all-seasons tires radial tires
  • Surge activated brakes (no wire required)
  • 1/2" Black Trim lock (this is where the two parts of shell marry together)
  • 28”x 68” rear door (wider available as an option) w/ a screen door and a sliding window.
  • 20”x 12” single pain LCI windows for the small window (has screen, blinds and glass that slide)
  • 30”x 40” single pain LCI windows for the large window (has screen, blinds and glass that slide)
  • Armor Core Vinyl flooring

Snoozy-2: Kitchen

Standard features (Snoozy-2)

  • Sharp, compact Microwave
  • 6,000 BTU back wall-mounted exterior AC unit w/remote ctrl & fiberglass cover
  • 350 electric heater (plugs into one of the 110Vac outlets)
  • Bosh, 4 gallons water heater
  • Willz, dorm-style 3.1 or 3.2 compact fridge (
  • Shower
  • Thetfort cassette toilet w/auto prime & auto flush, 4.5 gallons cassette and rear access door
  • 12V battery
  • Queen-size bed w/76' x 60" custom queen-size mattress 
  • 64”x 36 Jack-Knife sofa
  • 30”x16” removable dining table
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Wooden (read oak) cabinetry w/soft closing hardware, (bumpers and magnets installed in drawers and cabinets)
  • Wilson Art Formica countertop
  • Tongue cover (fiberglass platform)
  • rear stabilizer jacks
  • Front storage w/ exterior access (hatch on both sides of the trailer)
  • Shore hook-up (30 A)
  • 12Vdc/110Vac outlets (110Vac power available only when the trailer is connected to the grid)

Jack-knife sofa with dining table and main sleeping area with queen-size bed and spacious storage underneath

Options Snoozy-2

  • Frame-mounted spare tire rack
  • Sunbrella fabric awning for right side of camper and rear
  • Front stabilizer jacks
  • Wider rear door 
  • Fantastic Fan (on back bathroom wall)
  • Additional large escape “Picture window” (passenger side)

Options Lil Snoozy (obsolete model):

  • Microwave
  • Thetfort cassette toilet plumbed to water system (waste-tank removable from exterior)
  • Honda EU 2000i Generator w/fiberglass cover & Power cord
  • 12V Fantastic Fan (bathroom wall)
  • Additional large escape “Picture window” (passenger side)
  • Additional int/ext outlets
  • Sunbrella side & rear awnings
  • Outdoor shower
  • Folding rear step
  • Spare tire w/side-mounted rack
  • Electric brakes and more….

The long list of options as well as almost unmatched flexibility in customization of the standard layout greatly helps to fit Lil-Snoozy camper to customer needs and budget….

Summarizing: Snoozy-2 continues the tradition of its predecessor Lil Snoozy. It's an example of an all-fiber, extra-light and extremely fuel-efficient travel trailer. 

Source of pictures: Wesco and Lil Snoozy LLC

What's New in the 2023 Model Snoozy-2 Camper

Design and Construction

The design and construction of the Snoozy-2 remain largely unchanged for 2023. It's still a 16-foot travel trailer made entirely of fiberglass, with a modern and sleek design. The fiberglass construction means that it's lightweight and durable, making it easy to tow and resistant to wear and tear. However, the 2023 model year does offer a wider range of exterior colors to choose from, so you can customize your Snoozy-2 to your liking.

Interior Features

The 2023 model year brings a range of new interior features to the Snoozy-2. One of the most notable updates is the addition of a bunk bed. This means that the Snoozy-2 can now comfortably sleep up to three people, making it a great option for small families or groups of friends. The bunk bed can also be folded away when not in use, giving you more space to move around in the camper. The Snoozy-2 also features new LED lighting throughout the interior, which provides bright and efficient illumination while using less energy than traditional lighting.

Additional Features

The 2023 Snoozy-2 also comes with a range of new additional features to make your camping experience even more enjoyable. It has a new electric awning, which provides shade and shelter from the elements while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. The camper also features a new Bluetooth sound system, which allows you to stream your favorite music from your phone or other devices. The Snoozy-2 also has a new 12-volt outlet, which allows you to charge your devices while on the go.


The 2023 Model Snoozy-2 Camper Fiberglass Travel Trailer offers a range of new features and updates to enhance your camping experience. From the new bunk bed and LED lighting to the electric awning and Bluetooth sound system, the Snoozy-2 has everything you need for a comfortable and convenient camping trip. Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple, or a small family, the Snoozy-2 is a great option for your next adventure.

Note:  Check with the manufacturer and / or authorized RV Dealer for the up-to-date list of features, options as well as latest specifications. These written above may not be accurate and certainly are subject to change by the factory. We are not responsible for any inaccuracy, the above text is provided only for the general information.

This review was written based on publicly available information for the benefits of the community of RV-ers. We do not receive any gratification or financial benefits from RV manufacturers, dealers, and any other promoters of RVs. 

We are NOT involved in sale and/or retail of RVs!

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