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Although Rhode Island is a smallest US state, renting an RV to explore its nature and attractions may be a great idea for exciting vacation.

Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in America with only 1,212 square miles of total area, it has one of the longest coastlines covering over 400 miles.

The state known as the “Ocean State” is divided into three regions: Newport & the South Coast, Providence & Northern Rhode Island and Block Island & South County.

Newport is a small but scenic town with narrow streets, historic houses, art galleries and numerous restaurants and shops.

Some of the Newport attractions include: Cliff Walk which is a stunning 3,5 miles long walking path alongside ragged ocean cliffs and shorelines; Naval War College Museum depicting the history of naval warfare and  Newport Mansions which are certainly among the best known attractions in Rhode Island.

 The place consists of nine different homes that were once summer cottages of America’s wealthiest families. Two of the most popular are the Hammersmith Farm, the summer white house of John F. Kennedy’s administration and the Breakers, summer mansion of Cornelius Vanderbilt. The capital of Rhode Island is Providence, a small town but with great cultural institutions, architecture and rich nightlife. The highlights of the town are Waterplace Park and River Walk, nicknamed “Venice of New England”, with gondolas, Venetian style bridges, river walkway and 4 acres of beautiful landscape.

See why Providence was recently named the coolest city in New England

Providence has many art galleries, unique shops, night clubs, restaurants, colleges and many amusement places. Here kids can enjoy Providence Children Museum, an interactive museum with a time travel adventure and water exploration. The Roger Williams Park Zoo is a place for not only the kids but also for their parents. At this marvelous place visitors will see a variety of domestic and exotic animals.

The third region of the state of Rhode Island is a Block Island with wide open spaces and spectacular sites such as Mohegan Bluffs and Rodman Hollow. Mohegan Bluffs are clay cliffs rising to about 200 feet above the sea level and offering panoramic views on the ocean. The main attractions here are unspoiled beaches (officially there are almost 40 beaches). The key highlights at South County are pristine forests, parks, reserves, lakes and rivers. Here you can count on such outdoor activities as hiking, biking, fishing and bird watching…..

Although it is a small state, Rhode Island has plenty to offer especially to those who prefer outdoor activities. That’s why the best option to experience everything that this amazing state provides is to rent a camper at some of the following rental companies.

Cruise America RV Rentals
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