Rockwood Hardside Pop-up Campers

Rockwood hardside pop-up campers are lightweight and folding so easy to tow, easy to set-up, comfortable on camping trip, weather resistant and more durable than tent pop-ups.....

        The Rockwood Hardside pop up camper is offering a unique take on the camper experience. 

First of all these units are only about 2000 pounds so they are comparatively easy on gas. 

They fold down flat to minimize wind resistance. 

They completely eliminate soft sides or canvas, and give you a rock solid, steady, weatherproof comfortable environment to live in while you’re “roughing it”.

    They have a furnace for when you’re Off-Roading it and away from utilities and services; it also has a heat pump for when you’ve got a shore-line for power. 

That is to say, it can be an air conditioner if it’s hot; and it can be a heater if it’s cold to save on your propane gas.

Model A128S: design offering a lot of comfort and beauty


    Of course it has a place to cook – a three-burner propane stove; it has a three way fridge as stock; it has a sink with hot and cold water taps complemented by a 6 gallon water heater, and 20 gallon fresh water supply, unless you’re hooked up to local water pressure.  It even has hot and cold connections on the exterior so you can have an outdoor shower.

      It has a 30 Amp power hookup, twin propane tanks, as well as a battery to run your 12 volt items including a stereo system with external speakers. 

    Unique among trailers is the huge, lockable storage area at the front.  This is where you put your gas powered generator, and fuel so that stuff doesn’t end up in your car making a mess and smelling.  But there’s plenty of room in there for everything that you might want to take with you.

    We’re not done yet…  The jack at the front for raising and lowering the hitch on or off the ball of your vehicle’s hitch mount is electric.  The foot of the jack is a flat disk, but if you’re not comfortable backing your trailer into its spot, it is a simple matter to change it for the wheel and this lightweight trailer can just be pushed into its proper location.  And if you’re hooking up at night it has a light on the hitch to make getting connected easy!

And Best Is Yet To Come

    Do you think you’ve heard all the great things about this trailer?  You’re wrong!  Have a look at this clever gal as she demonstrates how to close and open this trailer. 

       My grandmother could do this all by herself, although it might take her more than 30 seconds like this gal took to complete her tasks.  But think about it from a practical point of view.  You arrive at your campsite late night, in the dark, with no light.  And let’s say it’s raining.  Do you really want to be fussing around with a tent trailer, letting all your gear be exposed and possibly getting the bedding wet while you’re busy trying to get everything working? 

    One person gets out of the car, flips the latches, and raises the counterbalanced roof with one hand; it pops into place then he steps in the door, out of the rain, raises the rear wall, and locks it in place.  He raises the other wall locks it in place and now everybody can get out of the car and come in out of the rain.

Floorplan: Model A128S


    This unit is so light you could pull it behind a small SAAB.  This could very well be the future of camping.  It’s always ready to go; suitable for Grandma and Grandpa, or even small family.  This unit is definitely worth a look.

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