Rockwood Mini Lite Travel Trailers

Rockwood Mini-Lite travel trailers represent the next step in RV-ing targeting those wanting to upgrade their camping experience from tent-trailers to rigid, fully weather-protected campers.

      The mini-lite series offers good comfort, large living space and a lot of amenities.

But most importantly, campers are still light, compact, easy to maneuver and towable by many of typical family cars on the roads today.
The models range in exterior length from 19’11” to 25’8”, exterior height from 8’11” to 9’9”.

The GVWR covers the range from 3894 lbs to 6609 lbs while cargo capacity from correspondingly 653 lbs  to 2280 lbs.  All units are equipped with 36 gallons fresh water tank and 30 gallons each - grey and black water tanks.

Frame (floor, sidewalls and roof) is made from aluminum and is fully laminated. Together with laminated fiberglass sidewalls the design guarantees durability and lightweight.

The thermal insulation factors: R-7 sidewalls, R-12 floor and R-14 roof provides good thermal barrier.  These with the help of ducted furnace and roof A/C extends camper’s usability in typical weather conditions from early spring through summer to late autumn. 
Outside hook-ups for grill, external shower, speakers and large awning greatly extends the living space to “outdoors”.

Model 2504S: Compact, light yet amazingly "homely"

      Internal hickory finish with modern, stylish amenities makes the mini-lite series a great place for comfortable vacations. Bathrooms (some even equipped with bathtub) make these compact trailers a real “Homes away from Home”….

Model 1901

     In case you like camping in two, but sitting in a camp is not among your favorite, a Rockwood trailer might be what you’re looking for. Model 1901 is a beautiful trailer for 2 persons, always ready and waiting for a new adventure. You can either opt for an expandable couch or dinette since both can be transformed into a comfortable sleeping place. A small cooking area is available in the center, with other storage units. The bathroom is large and welcoming, equipped with a tub in case you feel like having a relaxing bath. You have everything you need to travel comfortably.

Model 1905

Camping with your family has never been better. Rockwood created the model 1905 to accommodate comfortably 4 persons without a problem. An extensible sofa and a dinette can be easily made into large sleeping places for 2 people each. The kitchen is fully equipped and in the center, allowing everybody to sit around, especially when the sofa or dinette are not extended. For a trailer of this size, the bathroom is quite generous, being spacious and having a tub where you can relax after an exciting day out. So choose to travel and explore, since you have all the comfort you need to forget you are far away from home.

Model 1907

Perfect for a small family, the model 1907 made by Rockwood is a coquette trailer that will take you in your camping adventures wherever you wish to go. It has one large bed for 2 persons and a dinette, which can be transformed into another bed for the night time. The bathroom is located between these two sleeping areas, allowing persons on both sides of the trailer to access it. The trailer also has a bathtub, which is separated from the toilet and sink area, for a better use of space. The kitchen is placed right next to the dinette, making cooking an activity anyone can enjoy.

Model 1809S

Having a maximum capacity of 3 persons, the model 1809S from Rockwood trailers is really a great trailer for camping. One large bed, for 2 persons, is placed at one end of the trailer. A sofa, found in the center area, where you can also serve meals, is extensible and can be turned into a bed. The kitchen is right across the sofa, so this area is an excellent place to spend time during the day if the weather outside is not that pleasant. In the corner, there is the bathroom, made with a shower for saving space. The exterior storage unit, right behind the sofa, also saves a lot of space, eliminating the need to too many cabinets.

Model 2104S

Do consider this trailer if you wish to have a great time in the outdoors. Rockwood designed the trailer model 2104S to house 3 people in the best available comfort. A large 2 person bed awaits on one side of the trailer. A dinette, placed in an outer extension for more space, can be easily made into a bed if needed. The kitchen is small but has everything you need to cook, even if you are on the road. A bathroom with a shower is located in one corner of the trailer, using at best the space inside.

Model 2109S

Another great trailer made by Rockwood, showing that small trailers can be spacious as well. Model 2109S is made for 3 people groups, having everything you need for the most comfortable camping experiences.

One master bed awaits at one end, to accommodate 2 people during night time. One extendible sofa is found on one side, providing another sleeping place in case you need it. The kitchen is in front of the couch, across the trailer. And together with the table found in front of the sofa, the area turns into a real cooking and dining area. A beautiful bathroom with a shower is placed in the corner, to allow more space in the center.

Model 2304

Rockwood created the model 2304 thinking about the movement space inside the trailer. Thus, everything excepting the master bed, is placed on the side, leaving a long walking space within the trailer. The large bed is placed at one end of the trailer, but can be replaced, at choice, with an extendible sofa, if you wish to gain more space. A dinette is placed on one side, in the center, across of it being the fully equipped kitchen. The dinette can always serve as an extra sleeping place. The bathroom is found on the other end, and it is quite spacious, considering the dimensions of the trailer.

Model 2304K

Edition 2015
Another trailer from the mini-series, which is not that mini after all. Rockwood made the model 2304K to house up to 4 people comfortably. Having a large extendible couch and a dinette, the trailer can at all times offer the sleeping space you need. The kitchen is placed across the dinette, and it is designed as an outer extension, creating an enormous space impression. The bathroom, even if it has a shower, is still spacious, allowing you to move comfortably inside. You have the shelter and comfort you need for an outdoor experience.

 Edition 2016
Made by respecting the same structure of the last year’s version the model 2304K, the 2016 edition, has the same space usage. The sleeping places still consist in an extendible couch and a large dinette. The kitchen is still made as an outer extension, being placed in the center. And the bathroom is still large enough to not make you feel cramped. The difference lies in the appliances, as they are chosen to respect the latest feature and the furnishing, made after the latest trends. So this trailer does have a more contemporary air and utilities.

Model 2306

Great to house 4 people, even 5 if necessary, the model 2306 has an interior designed to serve all purposes. Rockwood really did its best in creating a trailer that is small and convenient, but has a lot of useful spaces. The trailer has a large bed at one end, which can be switched for a sofa when purchasing the trailer, if you wish. In the center area, the dinette in on one side and the kitchen on the other side. Feel free to make the dinette into a comfortable bed if needed. In the other end of the trailer, you will find the bathroom and two more additional sleeping places, for one person each.

Model 2502KS

Perfect for 4, or 5 persons at the best, this trailer has a well-organized space. Rockwood really did it with this trailer, offering the best comfort together with enough movement space. A master bed awaits at one end, large enough for 2 persons. A dinette can easily be turned into an additional sleeping area, and the sofa can offer one more place if needed. The kitchen is set near the couch, allowing you to rest until the food is ready.  And the bathroom is generous enough to have a tub in it. There is nothing else missing to make your adventure more pleasant.

Model 2503S

Rockwood creates a luxurious trailer in this series, which can comfortably house 4 persons and still have plenty of space to enjoy. A large extendible sofa can be turned into a bed for 2 people, allowing enough room in the trailer during the day. The dinette, which is a great dining area during the daytime, makes 2 more sleeping places at night. The kitchen is quite large, granting you the space you need to cook comfortably. And the bathroom is one of the more spacious any trailer will have in the Mini Lite series. So if you’re looking for real comfort while camping, this is what you need.

Model 2504S

Extremely comfortable and spacious, this trailer can house up to 6 persons (even 7 if needed). The model 2504S made by Rockwood is ingenious and uses space in the best way possible. In one end, a sofa and a Murphy bed can be used as sleeping places. Also, a large dinette and two more superposed beds fill in the need for more sleeping space. The bathroom is found at the other end, spacious enough to offer the indulgence of a tub. And the kitchen is made in such way to allow sufficient space to cook, and enough space to move.

Model 2505S

Rockwood created another masterpiece with the type 2505S. It comfortably house 6, even 7, people at once, due to the innovative space usage. In one end of the trailer a Murphy bed awaits. It can be either accompanied by a dinette or a sofa, according to what you need. In the other end, a dinette and two superposed beds will make up for the need of additional sleeping places. The bathroom is in the center, being large enough to have a tub. And the kitchen is found in the center side, being rather small but equipped with what you need.

Rockwood Mini-Lite series with so large selection of various models, floor-plans and available options presents a good choice for aficionados of RV-ing.

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