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Ultra-lite Travel Trailers

Rove-Lite 14FL (and its EV version) – specifications, construction details, and features of an extremely ultra-lite and very affordable travel trailer designed and manufactured by Travel Lite

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Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL - Ultra-lite travel trailer 

Below, the details regarding the All-Electric version of the camper.

14FLEV: Energy Autonomy
Understandably, given some power-hungry appliances, it all sounds like mission impossible. For practical reasons, the manufacturer provides some estimates, so let’s look at one (most optimistic, assuming a sunny summer day and a fully loaded battery).
Total Stored Power: 400 Ah x 12V = 4800 W
Available Power (85% of stored power) = 4080 W
Estimation of Maximum Runtime for selected appliances:


AC Unit
Induction Cooktop
Fireplace (Heat-Md)
Water heater
Lights, water-pump..

Nominal Power [W]


Runtime [hrs]


       Regarding the battery charge: During sunny summer day, the fixed solar panels (2 x 200W nominal) can provide about 2,200W/day while the optional Solar Blanket (300W nominal) additional 1,620W (altogether about 3,800 W/day. The numbers will be drastically lower during the cloudy days and wintertime (shorter days).

Practical Notes:

  • Induction Cooktop and Water Heater despite their high nominal power will not be a major problem, because typically, they are used for a relatively short time (a few tens of minutes per day). Cooktop (about 750W for 30 minutes of operation), Water Heater (about 800W for 30 minutes of operation)
  • The Microwave (if available), typically runs for just a few minutes, so it should not have big impact on the battery (275W during 15 minutes of operation).
  • The Refrigerator and Lights use relatively little power, however, they run much longer. While the refrigerator operates 24/7, it will be safe to assume that the compressor runs no more than 30% of the time (about 600 W/day), while lights no more than a few hours (so about 120W/day). Add to that the power consumption of continuously running (24/7) Monitoring and Control Systems.
  • Fireplace in “No-heating mode” thanks to its All-LEDs technology should have no major impact on batteries. However, clearly, the 14FLEV definitely does not generate enough power to comfortably operate the Fireplace for the purpose of heating and the AC for cooling.


  • In an “Out-of-grid” environment, on warm sunny days you should be able to enjoy your daily activities and habits, provided you pay attention to energy use;
  • On the campground w/shore connection, you may not be able to save $, because in most cases you are charged a “flat rate” regardless of how much energy you will use (if the “metered” pricing is available, go for it!).
Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL: Water tanks (visible fragments of the aluminum chassis)

Water Autonomy
       So far, the 14FL travel Trailer seems to exceed expectations for this class of campers. But nothing is perfect, and here is its weak spot.
“Out-of-grid” environment also means that suddenly the “water valve” (so convenient on campgrounds) is suddenly closed. The 14FL (in standard and EV versions) comes with 10 gallons freshwater tank, 30 gallons greywater tank, and 5 gallons of blackwater tank. While the greywater tank has decent capacity, the fresh and black water tanks are disappointing.

  • The water-flushed toilet not only consumes a lot of fresh water but also quickly fills the blackwater tank. Practically, the blackwater tank with its 5 gallons capacity will be filled in 1 to maximum 2 days (assuming 2-to-3 users). While on the campground you will mostly use the public toilets and showers, “off the road” you will not have such luxury. The answer seems to be simple: Composting Toilet. Not only that it will not drain your freshwater tank, but its cassette typically “lasts” for 2 to 3 weeks. And in most cases (depending on the local laws), the resulting compost can be buried in the soil!
  • This approach (hopefully adopted by Travel Lite) creates the possibility to increase by 5 gallons the capacity of the freshwater tank without increasing the trailer’s dry weight (although it will decrease the cargo capacity by 42 lbs).

Rove-Lite 14FL: Specifications

Exterior length
Exterior Width w/fenders (1)
Exterior Height (2)
Interior Length
Interior Width
Headroom (3)
Dry Weight (4)
Cargo (5)
Hitch Weight (6)
Hitch Height (7)
Freshwater tank
Greywater tank
Blackwater tank
LPG (8)

≈ 6’
1,846 lbs
654 lbs
220 lbs
2,500 lbs
10 gls
30 gls
5 gls
20 lbs

1. Shell’s width is only 78”
2. Standard Version 14FL (Off-road Version: 9’)
3. Major part of the cabin, including kitchen, bath, and the central area
4. Standard Version 14FL (version FLEV: 2,080 to 2,180 lbs)
5. Standard Version 14FL (Version FLEV about 320 lbs)
6. Standard Version 14FL
7. Standard Version 14FL (Off-road version: 23”)
8. Version 14FL (not available for 14FLEV)

Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL:  the shell ready for the installation of the fiberglass roof 

Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL:  Composite floor glued to the all-aluminum chassis


  • Chassis: all-aluminum, welded
  • Shell: Fully composite w/aluminum reinforcement, gel-coated structure glued with Sikaflex
  • Walls: Composite Azdel
  • Roof: One-piece seamless fiberglass (Bumper-to-Hitch)
  • Floor: Honeycomb composite glued to the chassis
  • Insulation: Hydro-lite Block foam (w/fire-retardant)
  • Axle: Single, 2,500 lbs
  • Suspension: ?
  • Wheels: 13” w/aluminum rims w/electric brakes (15” for Off-road version)
  • Windows: Frameless, sliding
  • Coupling: ? (w/Tuson Sway Control)
  • Design: Teardrop
Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL: Wheels

Tuson Sway Control (TSC) is an intelligent electronic sway control system. By continuously monitoring the trailer’s movement, the system can rapidly detect wobbling (sways), and counteract them by independently applying braking force to either the left or the right wheel (as needed). The TSC is wired directly into the trailer braking system. What may be interesting for nature enthusiasts – the TSC system can improve trailer’s stability even in off-road conditions.

Rove-Lite 14FLEV camper

Rove-Lite 14FLEV: Sofa (note that the under-bed has ventilation grids instead of Furnace grid in the model 14FL) 

Source: CarTruckTrader (Rapid City, SD)

Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL: Overhead cabinets (visible AM/FM Stereo)

Source: CarTruckTrader (Rapid City, SD)


  • Sofa w/soft foam cushions (convertible to a 50” x 74” bed)
  • Dinette (convertible to 24” x 74” bed)
  • 5 x Storage overhead cabinets w/stretching nets,
  • Shelves
  • Soft Shades and Curtain Valances
  • Sliding Windows w/insect screens
  • Entrance door w/window and screen
  • Under-seat storage
Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL: Suburban 2-burner cooktop

Rove-Lite 14FLEV camper

Rove-Lite 14FLEV: 2-burner Induction cooktop

Source: True Induction

Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL (and EV): Stainless steel sink


  • Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink w/High Rise Faucet
  • 12V 3.3 cu ft Refrigerator w/Freezer
  • 2-Burner Stainless Steel Cooktop
  • Cabinets w/solid surface countertop
  • Pantry (floor-to-ceiling)
  • Dinette w/seats for two and Removable Table (on Tripod),
  • Wood Grain Cabinetry

Version EV:

  • 2-burner Induction cooktop (True Induction)
  • 3 cu. ft. Refrigerator w/freezer (12Vdc)


  • Type: Wet
  • Azdel cabin w/door and extra curtain
  • Shower w/hot & cold water
  • Foot Flush Toilet
  • 12V ceiling-mounted Power Vent
  • Shelve
Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL: 20lbs LPG tank and Power Jack

(Source: Tom's Camperland)

Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FLEC: Aluminum Entrance steps

Source: CarTruckTrader (Rapid City, SD)


  • 110” Power Awning (12Vdc Solera, 2000-series)
  • 4 x Stabilizing Jacks (manual)
  • Tongue-mounted 20 lbs LPG tank
  • Aluminum entrance steps
  • Outside Shower
Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL: Battery Disconnect Switch and Fuse Panel

Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FLEV: Battery Monitoring System

Source: CarTruckTrader, (Rapid City, SD)


  • LED lights (Interior, Porch, Running)
  • 40A Converter
  • Battery Disconnect Switch
  • Shore Power Input
  • Detachable 30A Power Cord
  • Monitor & Control System (tanks and battery levels, temperature, switches, Fuse Pannel…)
  • 110Vac outlets (including 1 exterior)
  • UBS Ports
  • Solar Prep

Version EV)

  • 2 x 200W roof-mounted Solar Panels w/ controller
  • 400 Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Renogy 3 kW Inverter
  • Monitor and Control System
Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL:  Propane Water Heater 

Source: Bish's RV on the Quad Cites (YT)

Rove-Lite 14FLEV camper

Rove-Lite 14FLEV:  Electric CampLux Water Heater

Source: CarTruckTrader, (Rapid City, SD)

Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FLEV:  Water inlets (Citi & Fresh). On the right - dual 110Vac outlet

Source: CarTruckTrader, (Rapid City, SD)


  • Shur-Flo Water Pump
  • On-Demand Tankless Hot Water Heater (LPG)
  • Exterior shower
  • Freshwater tank refill
  • City Water
  • Tanks drains


  • HD TV Antenna w/Amplified Signal Wall Plate
  • Stereo-AM/FM Stereo w/Inside & Outside Speakers (optional)
  • Coaxial/Satellite pre-wired
Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL (and FLEV): 5k BTU wall-mounted AC

Source: CarTruckTrader, (Rapid City, SD)

Rove-Lite 14FL camper

Rove-Lite 14FL (and EV): Fantastic Fan

Source: CarTruckTrader, (Rapid City, SD)

Climate Control

  • Side-Mounted 5,000 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 18,000 BTU LPG Furnace (only 14FL)
  • Fantastic Vent

Version EV

  • Electric Fireplace (Greystone, 4,800 BTU, All-LED w/heat and no heat modes) (14FLEV)
Tuson Sway Control

Tuson Sway Controller (Source: Tuson)


  • Fire extinguisher
  • Smoke detector
  • Spare Tire w/mount (optional)
  • Tuson Sway Control (TSC)


  • 300W Solar Blanket w/controller
  • Electric Tongue Jack w/Battery
  • Front Stabilizer Jack
  • Power Awning (9 ft)
  • Offroad Pkg (Includes 15” Tires & Wheels, Raised Suspension, Double Step, Heavy Duty Fender & Spare Tire w/Carrier).
  • Stereo-AM/FM Stereo w/Inside & Outside Speakers
  • TV-32” HDTV w/Mount
  • Spare Tire w/Carrier
  • Bike Rack/Front Mount
  • Roof Rack (Including 2 Mounting Bars)
  • RVIA & CSA Certifications

Summarizing: The Rove-Lite 14FL Travel Trailer (and its EV version) is one of the best designs in its class available on the market. Ultra-Lite thanks to modern construction from aluminum and composite materials, offers a spacious, well-equipped, and “inhabitable” interior. And the best – it’s also affordable!

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