RV Holding Tanks Accessories and Cleaning Kits

RV holding and water tanks need periodic cleaning and sanitizing; see useful accessories and kits allowing you to make this process easy and efficient.....


1.    Valterra T58 Twist On Waste Valve RV Replacement Holding Tank Parts

  • The Valterra T58 Twist on valve is a replacement valve for RV waste holding tanks
  • It eliminates the need for professional service to replace old valves of messy DIY repairs
  • The Valterra T58 is easy to install and works like any regular valve
  • It has the advantage of being able to rotate positions so it fits in whichever direction is convenient for the RV tank.

Now let's see the process....

2.    Barker Auto Drain 12V Volt

  • Auto Drain 12V is a switch box that installs on the valve of your water tank and controls its drainage with the push of a button
  • It makes the process of emptying holding tanks easy by automatically dumping the contents
  • It powers the holding tank valve and increases its life by using the same amount of pressure consistently each time the valve is closed or opened

3.    Flojet Portable Waste Pump

  • The Flojet Portable waste pump replaces the 3" Sewer Hose by providing an easier way to dump waste
  • It fits directly onto the waste outlet of RV tanks and can be operated remotely to turn on or off 
  • The waste pump is capable of rinsing with fresh water for easy cleanup
  • It comes with a sturdy storage case for convenient portability and storage

Cleaning Kits

1.    Camco RV 40103 Holding Tank Rinser RV

  • The Camco holding tank rinser is excellent for flushing away stubborn to reach waste and removes odor causing lodged deposits
  • It has multi-directional side jets that rinse out areas that are difficult to reach with regular tank draining
  • It features a quarter-turn valve that enables flow of water control

Rotating head of the Camco Rinser

2.    Camco Dual Flush

  • The Camco Dual Flush allows do both - cleaning and rinsing holding tanks easy  with its twist knob function
  • It has a nozzle that directs the flow of water so it either goes in the tank or out through the sewer hose
  • It’s made out of clear plastic which allows users to see when the holding tank is fully clean

3.    Thetford Valve Cleaning Tool

  • The Thetford valve cleaning tool is specially designed for removing lodged toilet debris and stuck deposits that sometimes prevents the flushing blade from closing fully
  •  It is made to function for Aqua-Magic Permanent toilets or any RV toilets that use a blade for their flushing mechanisms
  • By removing the lodged toilet debris which keep the flushing blade partially open, the valve cleaning tool prevents fresh water from passing openings into the holding tank where it removes the odor barrier

Sanitizing Kits

1.    Camco RhinoFLEX RV Sewer Hose Kit

  • The RhinoFLEX RV Sewer hose kit is a durable hose for sanitizing gray and black water tanks
  • It comes with engineered fittings that are specially designed to connect to the RV tank quickly
  • Its bayonet swivel is also convenient for connecting to the receiving bay of any type of dump station
  • The hose kit’s polyolefin material is resistant to most holding tank chemicals so will last a long time

2.    Thetford Drain Valve Lubricant

  • Thetford Drain Valve Lubricant keeps the holding tank valves operating by preventing wear of valve seals
  • It prevents drain valves from becoming sticky which makes them difficult to sanitize
  • The products provides constant lubrication to drain valves and holding tank systems for easy use
  • It also lubricates the plumbing lines for easier waste emptying from the holding tank

3.    AIDI 12V Maceration Pump

  • The 12V maceration pump by AIDI makes holding tank sanitation easier by suctioning the waste liquids and solid from the tank the grinding them with a rotary cutter as they exit
  • Instead of relying on gravity to empty tanks like most RV systems do, the macerator powers the emptying process for quick results
  • The Macerator pump is able to empty a 30 gallon holding tank in under 3 minutes

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