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The most popular RV loan calculators are RVLoanCalculator.com, the KOA RV services calculator, and RV Traders loan calculator.

Buying an RV is going to be one of the biggest investments you will ever make, up there with buying a car and buying a house.

While it’s easy to focus on all the advantages and fun aspects of owning an RV, considering the financial side of purchasing your RV is just as important.

It’s important that you speak to your bank or financial advisor before buying your RV.

However, one of best ways to give yourself estimates on what payments to expect when you buy an RV is to use a loan calculator.

RV loan calculators have become extremely popular with those considering the purchase of an RV. They give you the ability to enter your information to determine what your payments will look like when you purchase the RV.

However, just like everything else, not all loan calculators are created equal. To make sure you get the best information, it’s important to use the best calculator. Below are a few key features to consider when picking an RV loan calculator.


Getting a loan is confusing enough. You’ll want to find a loan calculator that has an easy to use design so you can simply input your information and get the information you need out effortlessly. There are several simple loan calculators out there, though the most popular are RVLoanCalculator.com, the KOA RV services calculator, and RV Traders loan calculator.


You want to make sure your loan calculator is asking for and providing you with the right information. The whole point of these calculators is to give you a rough idea about what your monthly payments will be, so if they don’t provide that, then they’re not doing their job. All the calculators mentioned above ask for the loan amount, interest rate, and term of the loan. They then provide you with how many payments you’ll be making over the course of the loan and how much your monthly payments will be.


If you haven’t decided exactly how much you want to spend on your RV or what your interest rate will be, it helps to put in several different pieces of information so you can compare. RVLoanCalculator is the only one of the above calculators that allows you to compare three different loans side by side. This allows you to see the variables and determine which works best for you.

Extra Services

It’s very handy for the site that provides the loan calculator to also offer financial help. While the KOA and RV Trader sites do not provide these extra services, RVLoanCalculator does. After you’ve calculated what type of loan works for you, you can continue and get pre-approved, fill out an application, or even refinance your existing loan. They also offer warranties, insurance, and lists of RV sales. Having all these services in one place makes it easy and practical to purchase the RV of your dreams.

Purchasing an RV should not be taken lightly. It’s a big financial decision. However, loan calculators can provide you with vital information that will make buying your RV an easier process with less stress.

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