School Bus Camper Conversion

Take a 1980 bus and turn it into a school bus camper conversion to make a nice reliable camper.

Take a 1980 bus and turn it into a school bus camper conversion to make a nice reliable camper.

With the kits, you can expect to convert a school bus into a stylish RV type of camper with many accessories you might find in a custom-built RV motor home. If you live in Oklahoma, you will want to check on the license requirements as to what the proper way is to license this type of vehicle.

No matter where you live, even if it in Ohio or another state, you need to check for the requirements as to licensing a school bus conversion camper. When you start with a bus shell, you need to take all the seats out and start your conversion with an empty shell.

Once you begin paneling the inside and getting everything prepped, you are on your way to owning a very nice camper. You can see school bus camper conversions on the road wherever you go, and they look quite nice inside and outside.

There are many different ways to complete the project, either by designing and building it all yourself, or using a school bus camper conversions kit, which provides systematic instruction.

If you look at some of the campers whether it be a 1981 or another year you can see by the nose of the camper that it was a school bus, for the rest of the bus, it does not appear to be anything more than a beautiful motor home.

Step by step instructions how to convert a school bus into a camper!

A school bus camper conversion bus has room for everything you need in a camper. You can take along a spare trailer for other recreational equipment for added enjoyment. With any design you choose, the school bus camper will travel well and allow you the comfort of an enclosed motor home for traveling.

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