Starcraft Lightweight Travel Trailers

A renowned name in the RV industry, Starcraft answered the popular demand for lightweight travel trailers by introducing AR-One, Launch, Launch Ultra Lite, Travel Star Expandable models....

Starcraft Lightweight campers are widely known and appreciated.

Considered some of the most user-friendly with an affordable price range, Starcraft lightweight travel trailers is a specialty, which attracts many customers.

It boasts of a state of the art technology used to build travel trailers.

High grade materials are used for the construction of the interior and the exterior parts, so as to make it compatible to the continuous wear and tear.

To handle the dire weather conditions on the go is a major concern when building a camper. The walls should be strong enough to resist and block the outside effects.

Starcraft AR One - just 14ft length and 2380 lbs dry weight, but so much more than a standard pop-up camper.....

The flooring is also something that needs to be lightweight yet strong enough to withstand the numerous necessities that a person may require to survive. A visit to the website shows you the dedication and effort to make one totally understand and get the available comforts. The travel trailer can be chosen from among various models, which vary depending upon the usage of a family or group of people.

The floor plans implemented in the campers can be seen and understood before buying the camper. There are a different necessity and preference for each individual or a group of them, and one can understand the full implication by answering some simple basic questions which can be a solution to buy a camper suitable to one’s needs.

Starcraft Ar-One 14RB trailer -floorplan

Potential buyer needs to verify the number of people who are going to travel in the camper, the vehicle with which the camper has to be towed, the price range, and the length of the camper. With these four things clear in one’s mind, the buyer can then proceed to further delve into the details. Camping should be fun and comfortable.

 The Starcraft lightweight travel trailer has a queen-size bed, bunk beds, bath, refrigerator, microwave, overhead cabinets, wardrobe, dinette, pantry, and an LCD option too. There are seven different layouts which are implemented in the models. Expendable and Expendable sport are also available as a more modified versions of the travel trailer.

A renowned name in the RV industry, Starcraft is a family oriented business operating since 1903. Working in this field and having noticed the changes undergone in the camping activity, the revolution from the bulky tents to a lightweight trailer is seen and understood perfectly. A roadside assistance program includes battery service, security from theft, medical, and emergency services which can be accessed up to a year. The variations in the travel trailers are such that it can be towed by an SUV, a middle-sized, and a large-sized truck.

Starcraft Launch - walk-through the model 16RB, a dual-pop-out trailer with off-road capabilities

A lightweight travel trailer is ideal for a family camping trip. Starcraft campers are the most sought after RV’s by people. The light weight campers have four different variations: the AR-One, Launch, Launch Ultra Lite, and Travel Star Expandable.  There are also middleweight travel trailers and premium travel trailers, which also have a range to choose from. One can ensure that Starcraft is sure to provide an extremely comfortable and trustworthy experience.

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