T@G Basic Teardrop Trailer Mini-campers

T@G Basic teardrop travel trailer with its spacious sleeping area, stargazing window, roomy storage and galley is ideal for short get-away adventures…. 

      The series of T@G Travel Trailers was introduced in 2013 extending Little Guy’s anyhow impressive portfolio of teardrop campers. 

     The series includes Basic and Max versions (same geometry, just more standard features and hence higher weight for Max) as well as larger-footprint models Basic XL and Max XL.  Below we will focus on the T@G Basic, given the fact that it is the lightest one (below 1000lbs) fitting into the class of mini-campers, but at the same time still provides essential camping features like for example galley.

The T@G series is a successor of larger and heavier T@B series and represents the growing perception that the thought “small is beautiful” can be also applied to RVs. 

The shell has two distinctive compartments – the larger one makes the bedroom, while much smaller one at the rear houses accessible from the outside the galley.

T@G Basic travel trailer  

    The bedroom with queen-size mattress and genuine-wood cabinetry on the back wall looks more spacious than it really is. Large optional “stargazing” window at the front brings the outside-in. It’s definitely a brilliant idea as it works 24/7 when you are camping in the middle of an unspoiled nature.

Just in case of clouds or fog you may still have it “your way”, provided you opt for 19” Entertainment Center mounted on the opposite wall.  But given the beauty of the Mother Nature, it should be only the 

“last resort” solution for a rainy day… (well, rain may have its own romantic ”tunes”….)

     The large storage area located under the bed seems to solve the problem with “stuff” you would like to take with you.  3-speeds two-directional vent mounted in the ceiling provides adequate ventilation. Optionally, you can increase the comfort using the optional wall-mounted AC unit. 

T@G Basic camper interior - impressive cabinetry

     The kitchen located at the rear of the trailer is accessible from the outside. It is amazingly well equipped with a combo 2-burner stove and sink w/faucet.  Large worktop area , drawers , shelves and cabinetry can be used  as needed (optional 12V cooler/freezer as well as water tanks w/pump will certainly take some space at the bottom). Extra 110V/12V sockets located in the galley (but also in the bedroom) are ready for use whenever needed (110V provided that you have shore connection).  The upward opening lid provides protection against the rain.

The “stylishly” integrated into the camper cover box located at the tongue houses the LPG bottle and the battery.  

Options include also exterior shower (possibly thanks to city-water hook-up when on the campground).

     The T@G Basic unit certainly is not designed as a luxurious, residential-like mobile home. Although there is nothing wrong with planning longer stays, in essence, the T@G Basic is designed for weekend or short get-away adventures for two (although 2+child may also make it!). 

T@G Basic Travel Trailer: fully equipped rear galley

    It is worth to mention that seen from the outside the T@G series trailers look very stylish. Colorful exterior trims add sophisticated elegance into nostalgic retro style of the teardrop shell.

Summarizing: T@G basic travel trailer (with individually chosen options) will certainly satisfy nature lovers, adventurers regardless their age….. The small size, aerodynamic profile and lite-weight make this camper fuel efficient, easy to maneuver, park and store. Shell made from composite materials (fiberglass) promises low maintenance and long-lasting camping experience! 


Overall length

Floor length (includes galley)

Interior length (sleeping area)

Width (fender-to-fender)

Interior width

Exterior height

Interior height


Curb weight









2,200 lbs

875 lbs


T@G Basic: Impressive front-stargazing window


  • Shell: Laminated Fiberglass
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Chassis: Steel
  • Rear-access galley
  • Stone Guard: yes
  • Rims: Alloy
  • Tires: 175/80/R13
  • 2 opening windows
  • Exterior colors: white or silver (optional trim colors)

T@G Basic: Optional Entertainment Center and AC

Standard Features:

  • 2-burner gas stove (combo w/sink)
  • Single bowl sink w/faucet (combo w/stove)
  • Galley cabinetry
  • 3-speeds, two-directional roof-mounted Fantastic Fan
  • Ikea-style racking system
  • BiFold mattress (58” x 76”)
  • LED lights
  • Exterior 110V/30A socket
  • Exterior City-water hook-up
  • Fixture for spare (underbelly)
  • Window shades and screens
  • Tongue-mounted LPG tank and battery cover
  • Solar prep & Tent-mount kit
  • Battery disconnect

T@G Teardrop camper: shore hook-ups


  • Fire extinguisher
  • Smoke/Co2 detectors


  • Air conditioner
  • 19” Entertainment Center
  • 12V cooler/freezer
  • Bluetooth Stereo
  • Power package (battery, inverter, charger…)
  • Spare wheel
  • Oversized, opening front window
  • Under-bed storage
  • Cup-holders
  • Exterior trim colors: white, silver, cherry-red, mellow-yellow, royal-blue, jet-black
  • Exterior shower
  • Brake package
  • Roof rack

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