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Find here teardrop camper kits at great prices

Teardrop camper kits make it possible for anyone to built their own tear drop camper in just a few easy steps.

These kits are unusually very easy to put together and they offer a great enjoyment.

Having your own teardrop made can be a lot of fun, and you can also save some money this way.

Do It Yourself camper kits can be purchased online and also in some hardware stores. Usually tools are not included in such a kit, but if you have a basic toolkit that should suffice.

A teardrop camper kit contains plywood and hardwood parts that have been cut and are ready to be assembled. They have pre-drilled screw holes so you can just screw them together.

Usually a DIY teardrop camper kit contains main side panels, roof skin and roof lining, floor, sliding doors and sometimes hinges, carpet lining and some other things. There is also a booklet that comes with the kit that shows you step by step ow to assemble the teardrop camper.

Some companies offer to send you ready to assemble kits that are custom made. If you need extra leg space for instance, you can easily get a comfortable teardrop camper of your own. Often you can also choose the color of the teardrop camper before you purchase the kit.

While some kits that you can buy contain basic things (the sides, the doors and other basic wood components) some kits come with a lot of extra facilities such as shelves and cupboards, drawers and so on.

If you don’t want to buy a kit with the basic components, there are some other teardrop camper kits available in RV stores and online. For example you can purchase camper parts kits, electrical component kits and a special hardware kits for teardrop campers. Teardrop camper parts kits usually have hinges, moldings, windows, templates and plans. The electrical kit has battery boxes, outlets, interior and patio lights, vents and more.

Here are some of the websites where you can order teardrop camper kits from: Teardrop Trailer Parts and Big Woody Teardrop Campers. Big Woody is a well known manufacturer of teardrop campers and teardrop camper kits as well. If you are looking for a suitable manufacturer, it is also a good idea to look for companies that make teardrops. Most of these manufacturers also offer teardrop camper kits. Here are the most important teardrop camper manufacturers: American Teardrop, Little Guy and Camp-Inn.

Besides the websites mentioned above, you can look for teardrop camper kits at your local RV store or at the distributor of a certain manufacturer. Usually the websites of teardrop camper manufacturers help you find their shops that are the closest to your location.

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Visitor's Story

Teardrop camper kits come in different designs and materials. The typical size of a Teardrop comes in, are four feet by eight feet. I believe plywood is the same size.

The kits are sold as a do it yourself project and come ready to build a tiny little camper that can even be towed behind a motorcycle.

Since the finished camper only weights about eight hundred pounds, you can pretty much move it around by hand.

How to make your own Teardrop camper with a kit, you get everything, you need to prepare you for this project. Teardrops are still manufactured, but most are built from kits.

If you think about the style and shape of the camper, comparing a 1995 and a 1996 together, there is no difference. The interior décor is different, but nothing else. The kits come with basic plans, so all exteriors will resemble each other.

I heard of one family who wanted more room and a longer length, they took the original kit and actually used the materials, but decided to increase the length by altering the plans. This cost a little more, but turned out to be the size they wanted. Some people might be intimidated by the size and sleeping in such close quarters.

Massachusetts and Michigan, well especially upper Michigan have some nice areas far back in the woods for camping and these little guy trailer campers make for a good choice for off road camping.

The Teardrop camper kits allow everyone to build a trailer shell and then finish off the interior for a nice little traveling unit. If you have a choice between buying or building, you may be surprised as to how easy it is with the kits and some backyard help from the boys and the girls to, if they want to help.

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