Top RV Holding Tanks Manufacturers

As long as they work, you do not even know your RV has water holding tanks, but once they start to leak, you should know who manufactures replacement units.....


Short history:

Plastic-Mart is an online wholesale and consumer retailer for plastic storage and containers that has been in this trade since 2004.

Plastic-Mart specializes in retailing of tanks, and has recently expanded into industrial products.

What makes it different than others:

Plastic-Mart has distinguished itself for their faster than average delivery process.

The company offers custom orders and is able to collaborate with buyers in design, construction of molds as well as production of their products. Custom production is either done based off of specifications from buyers or built from scratch by the company’s in-house design team.

Tank Depot

Short history

Tank Depot is both an online retail store and a physical one with 8 locations around the United States. The tank manufacturer opened their first location in 1998 in Pompano Beach, Florida. They specialize in tans of all types including septic, fuel, water and chemical storage tanks.

What makes it different than others

Tank Depot has the lowest costs of all online tank retailers which are kept low by their Total Price Guarantee. The guarantee allows customers who see lower prices on any other website to allow Tank Depot to offer them a better price which brats the other websites.

Elkhart Plastics

Short history

Elkhart Plastics, Inc. is a rotational molding company and custom tank manufacturer that operates from 6 locations in the US. The company has been in business for 25 years and has over 500 employees.  The company does not retail its products online.

What makes it different than others

Elkhart Plastics is the largest tank manufacturer in the United States and makes in excess of 250,000 plastic water and holding tanks annually. The company supplies its tanks to RV manufacturers, the marine industry and clients seeking custom solutions.  Elkhart Plastics has a full in-house design, molding and production staff for its business processes.

D&M Plastics Inc.

Short history

D&M Plastics Inc. is a Canadian rotational molding tank manufacturer with facilities in Lacombe, Alberta. The company started off as an offshoot of its D&M Concrete Products Ltd in 1988 then officially incorporated as D&M Plastics in 1994. The company provides its tank manufacturing services to many industries including agriculture oil, municipal operations.

What makes it different than others

D&M Plastics Inc. retails from its physical location however services multiple markets through its central location on the # 2 highway corridor. The majority of tank designs from D&M Plastics Inc. have CSA Certification which makes them stand out from other non-certified manufacturers.

Ronco Plastics

Short history

Ronco Plastics is a manufacturer of plastic holding tanks that has been in business for over 30 years. The company has a wide range of plastic tanks including over 500 Marine Water Tanks. In addition to this Ronco Plastics offers Auto Detail Tanks, RV Water Tanks, Holding Water Tanks, W-Series Tanks and Inspection Plates.

What makes it different than the other

Unlike other tank suppliers who have many types of products and have branched off into other industries, Ronco Plastics focus only on a few core products then makes variations of them. The company focuses on perfecting their products and providing great customer service. 

INCA Plastics Molding Co., Inc.

Short history

INCA Plastics Molding Co., Inc. has been making holding tanks since the early 1960's. The company is recognized for its Waste and Fresh Water Holding Tanks which it supplies to the RV industry. INCA Plastics also provides fittings, accessories and replacement parts.

What makes it different than the other

Unlike some other manufacturers, INCA Plastics are made from a single piece that is molded out of heavy duty polymer resin. The company also offers factory installation of tank inlet and outlet fittings as well as the alternative to receive the fittings as a Do It Yourself Kit.

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing

Short history

All-Rite Custom Manufacturing is the operational business name for Associated RV Enterprises, Inc. The company was founded in 1974 as a way to consolidate multiple businesses within the RV industry. All-Rite supplies beyond just holding tanks but has services for all other RV supplies including aluminum siding, RV Entry Doors, roofing and paneling.

What makes it different than the other

All-Rite has manufacturers and supplies the most comprehensive selection of custom products needed by the RV, Concession, Marine and Specialty Vehicle industries. The company offers 48 hour building time for its tanks which is one of the fastest in the industry.

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